To my Sweet Child…

I have entered a brand new phase in my journey through motherhood.

I am now the mother of an adult child!

me and tyler 1





Actually I have been for two years now,
lately it seems that I have finally “accepted” the fact that my oldest child is a twenty year old man.

That realization has brought on a whole new set of questions for me to ponder.

How do I help and offer guidance to him now that he is an adult who is capable of making his own decisions?

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But the real challenge for me has been wondering if I really conveyed to him just how special and wonderful he really is to me.

Does he know how much he means to me?

Did I teach him enough about consequences to allow him to make good decisions for his life?

Yesterday, we had a really good talk.

I was in tears.
He was holding his back…because he is a big boy now. 

Yesterday, I just wanted him to know a few things.

I needed to make SURE that he knew what he means to me.

So, today, I am going to share a few of the things I told him yesterday.

Maybe they will help another mother who, like me, is trying to figure out how to transition from a “mom” to a “mom of adult children

Here is our conversation:

Tyler, I long for you to know the beauty I see in you.

I want you to know that you are enough just as you are.

That you are loved beyond measure and capable of anything.

I long for you to know that you are an infinite soul here simply to have the human experience, to share your gifts and find your way back home to God’s perfect love.

There is no place you need to worry about except but right here, right now.

There is no time but right now.

You chose this brave life.

You have handled your abuse like a true hero.

You are amazing.

You have arrived at adulthood in one piece, despite the many people who doubted that we could ever accomplish that feat.

Release the striving for more, YOU are the more.

Never compare yourself with others.

Because, you are not separate from your brothers and sisters, they are you and you are they and you are all  perfect, whole and complete.

We are a family.

We are ONE unit.

Release the need to judge and escape this world in favor of some realm you deem better, higher, purer.

You came here to be HERE.

So be here.

Smell every flower,

cry every tear,

touch the earth,

get messy, moved and mad.

Feel it all.

Embrace it.

Love it.

Bathe in the sensations, especially the intense ones, soak it all in, drink in the dark times as much as the delights.

Because, if there is one thing I can promise you about this world…it is that you will get hurt.

You will be betrayed.


Taking the chance to love is worth it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Don’t fight it.

Feel it.

It’s all life.

It’s all you.

It’s all LOVE.

Falling apart is normal.

Do not fear it.

Feel it.

Ride those waves.

Allow light, life and love to crack you open.

Embrace the unknown.

It’s okay not to know all the answers.
Do not hide who you are.

Your truth and courage will empower others in ways you cannot imagine.

Do not hide the light that can ease the darkness of this world.



Be brave.

You are loved.

You are not alone.

You are worthy of every blessing.

You will get through the dark times.

You are the hero of your own life.

Leave it all on the field.

Regret nothing.

Leave nothing in your heart unsaid, leave no one unloved, especially you.

And then when your day is done and you turn to look back along the path you walked and the people you loved, you will know you did this thing, with bells on, you sucked the juice out of every moment, felt it all, gave it all, loved it all.

I long for you to know the beauty I see in you, to know that you are enough just as you are, that you are loved beyond measure and capable of anything.

I long for you to know that you are an infinite soul here simply to have the human experience, to share your gifts and find your way home to love.

Being a mother has been the greatest adventure of my life.

My children have all brought with them their own special gifts that have taught me lessons about life that I probably have never learned without them there to teach me.









I love them with a deep and tender love that can never be changed, altered, or destroyed by anything they do.
My love is forever.
My prayer is that I was a good mother to them and they I am sending them out into this world prepared to fight the good fight!

The Wonder of Motherhood

Let’s be like a child for a moment and pretend that we have just enrolled in a very special and unique classroom.


 This classroom is where we will learn lessons that will transform us in ways we cannot possibly comprehend.

Are you ready to explore learning in a whole new way?

No tests?

No lists?

No meaningless homework?

In this classroom there will  always be an opportunity for one more chance.

In this classroom you never have to experience failure because you are allowed to proceed at your very own pace, and your mistakes are forgiven by a loving and kind teacher.


Would you agree to attend a school where there was no tuition, no commuting,

no schedules,

no degree requirements?

What if at this school you could enjoy recess all day long if you wanted and the teacher played and celebrated right along side of you?

In this special school, the teacher is fun and forgiving.

And in her classroom you can look into her eyes and find love and acceptance unmatched by any other guide on Earth?

This classroom is a learning space where you can let your spirit soar.

You are not required to stay quiet.

Your ideas and feelings and needs count.

You can laugh and sing and dance and love as much as you want.

You have probably already guessed that the classroom is called “MOTHERHOOD”,

You are the student…


Your child is the teacher.

That is why it is such a loving and safe place for you to be in.


Heed this warning all you who enter this classroom…

This is not a classroom for the faint of heart or spirit.

It is a place with a few very strict requirements –

ones that will involve courage,


painful discoveries,






and smells,


and, yes,

even some sleepless nights.

In order to learn the lessons that are being taught in this classroom you need to be willing to take full responsibility for yourself.

You have to be willing to open up to new ideas and patterns.

Because when you enter the classroom of MOTHERHOOD you are embarking on a journey where there is NO TURNING BACK even when the destination is so terrifying that you don’t know how you will survive it.

So while this can be a tough classroom, if you are willing to keep your eyes, ears, and hearts wide open your teacher will show you how to dance as if nobody is watching.

To work as if you don’t need the money.

Image result for intensity of a child

And to love as if you have never been hurt.

Children, whether our own or those we encounter along our way, create an exhilarating new opportunity for our own transformations.

They are one of the greatest factors in our own personal growth.

They offer us the chance to learn the lessons we missed before in our lives.

They show us how to live, love, play and forgive.

Their marvelous sense of wonder and sheer excitement in living reminds us to look at each new day, every single minute with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

Their innate sense of love and compassion and acceptance inspire us to engage with life at new and deeper levels.

Their love of learning and their courage to keep trying despite any setback, or supposed failure, encourages us to keep asking, keep daring, and to always take one more step forward in the direction of our goals.

Their natural instincts allow them to easily forgive. When I see the forgiving nature of my children it reminds me that I too need to learn to let go of my old patterns and old grievances.

I love the sheer magic that you can see in their sparkling eyes. Their true essence gives me every reason I need to greet each and every day as another peek inside the magic and mystery of life.

By responding to the opportunities that children provide, we learn anew how to reengage in life.

We are reminded how easy it really is to get un-stuck from our monotonous patterns where we do the same things, in the same way every day.

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They show us how to move on from a mistake and how to not repeat old miseries that have been keeping us from realizing our hopes and dreams.

This has been especially true when I talk to my own mother about her beloved grandchildren.






She seems to understand better than I ever could just how precious a child really is.

She has told me that with each new grandchild that has been added to her family she has seen a new opportunity to reengage with the divine spark of life.

They bring the sense of unconditional love straight from Heaven into our homes and give us a second chance to make things right in our own lives.



Children give us one of the most precious gifts we can ever receive –

An invitation to learn and grow and bloom ourselves in a classroom unlike any other we have ever known.

So if MOTHERHOOD is a classroom…

How important is it to learn the lessons that our children are teaching us?



If your interested in Learning some fantastic Life Lessons…Become a Parent!

If I had to stop and really decide what one factor had influenced my life the most,

I would have to say that Hands Down…


Literally EVERYTHING about the world I lived in changed the day I became a mother.

Nature was now a wondrous experience that I deeply desired to share with my child.





Unconditional love was now something that I was able to comprehend and experience.

(And once you feel love that deeply it changes the way you love everyone else in your life.)

me and tyler 1




The one thing I know for sure is that:

If you’re interested in learning some incredible life lessons…


Being a parent is filled with daily chances to learn some of life’s most important lessons.

Here are my TOP 5 Parenting Lessons:

#1: Just Go For It

The first thing I learned was that I was never going to feel prepared to have a child.

I had been married for nearly seven years before I had my first child.

I eventually realized that if I wanted children, I would simply have to take a leap of faith that it would all work out somehow.

I really had no idea what having a baby encompassed…

The never-ending work,

The inconsolable crying,

Being sleep deprived …

And falling so deeply in love that I would do whatever it took for that baby.

As a mother I have learned that when faced with those decisions of the heart that life always brings to your doorstep…
It is better not to analyze the situation too carefully before just going for it!


#2: Behave the Way You Want Others to Behave

When I realized how carefully my children were watching my every move and often imitating me, I was motivated to become the best role model I could be.

This lesson really hit home when my son said a naughty word at school.

I had been his only parent since he was three, so I really had nobody to blame but myself.

I went home that day determined to do a better job at being a example to my children.

Since that day I have really internalized these truths:

When I treat my children with respect and then in turn teach them to treat me with respect,

I noticed that they treated their friends and teachers with respect.

I noticed that by showing compassion to them, they showed others compassion.

I saw my behavior reflected in their behavior.

And that has kept me strong.

I want them to be amazing adults, but in order for that to happen, I need to be one myself first!

Allow children’s constant surveillance to bring out your finest behavior!

#3: Enjoy What You Have When You Have It.

Image result for live in the moment

The days are sometimes long but the years go by fast.

Nowhere is this truer than raising children.


When my oldest was a baby, he had problems going to sleep.

I remember how rocking my crying baby until the wee hours of the night often seemed to stretch on forever.

Yet it seems in the blink of an eye that same baby was headed off to kindergarten.

He is now a 20 yr. old man. The time literally passed before my eyes!

Here is a fun video that illustrates this point in a very clever way.

So this is one lesson that I really cannot stress enough:
Enjoy every stage because it will be gone before you know it.
There’s no going back, so delight in every moment!


#4: Seek Wise Guidance


wise council







Parenting is challenging in many ways.

However, there is a lot of help available.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel or go it alone.

By reaching out to other parents I learned that almost everyone is struggling with similar issues.

By reading books, taking classes and attending seminars, I learned effective parenting skills.

My own mother was a valuable resource in parenting. Her help and assistance was literally my lifeline.

I have also found that other people are usually happy to share what they’ve learned when asked!

We all love to talk about our children.

Every mother understands the need to give their child the very best, so ask for help.
You will be amazed at how willing other mothers will be to help you when asked.

#5: Focus on Long Term Results.

Parenting can sometimes be tricky because what works in the short term may cause problems later on.

For example, bribing children with candy to leave you alone when you’re on the phone may work in the short term but it will also encourage more interruptions in the future.



Avoid short cuts that lead to undesirable long term results.

The relationships we develop with our children affect us for the rest of our lives.

There are loving parents who bent over backwards for their children only to have adult children who treat them poorly.

We teach our children how to treat us; let’s teach them to treat us well.

I always try to remember that I am not just raising my child, I am actually raising the adult who will be the parent of my grandchildren.
The time and energy put into parenting pays back for the rest of your life!


Those are the                  lessons I have learned so far.

But I think the one thing we can all agree on is this: Parenthood is not easy; the challenges we must rise above are many.

But its rewards are undoubtedly great, especially when we view parenthood as a spiritual experience.

Being a parent is unique in that it provides so many opportunities for spiritual growth.

Children… they can make you go insane with impatience.

They will push you to the brink of unimaginable physical exhaustion.

They can make your heart burst with love.

And they can bring you together with other people in ways never previously thought possible.

I want to end today with one of my very favorite quotes by Angela Schwindt.

20 Years ago today my life was changed FOREVER!!!

Twenty years ago today I became a mother for the first time.

baby tyler







This is my baby Tyler, with my brother Tyler.      
(He was named after his uncle)

Today my oldest child is turning twenty.

I have to admit that it does make me feel a little bit old myself.
It is a very surreal feeling because internally I still feel like a twenty-something myself…


When I look in the mirror in the morning and see another NEW wrinkle,
or another gray hair,
I know that it is my BODY reminding me that I am actually over forty now.

But the main thoughts  that I have running through my head right now are thoughts about the day that I gave birth to Tyler.

I wondered to myself as I was driving to work today…

How would I describe motherhood to a woman about ready to deliver her first baby?

Well I would have to say that it is a lot like taking a road trip completely alone.

And on this trip you are going to drive clear across America at speeds of over 100 miles per hour on the freeway…while trying to read the map at the same time.

You have no idea how to get where you’re supposed to go.

And you will be required to get there fast.

That is exactly how intense and exciting motherhood has been for me.

Tyler was born 20 years ago at 8:47 a.m.

That is the official moment documented on his birth certificate for when I first became a parent.  

But as I look back, I don’t believe it’s when I became a real mother.

I became a REAL mother later.

I had been in labor with Tyler for 18 hrs.

I was exhausted,


and hated everyone in the world right then.

I had never felt pain like I did each and every time my body had a contraction.

I was NOT enjoying this child birth experience at all!


I will always maintain that childbirth is a little bit like an exorcism.

But once the doctor finally gave me the epidural, I was a happy camper!

I relaxed and was finally able to willingly participate in the process of bringing my baby into this world.

I will NEVER forget the overwhelming feelings of shock and awe that I felt when they first laid my son on my tummy.

I remember crying in that moment as I became Tyler’s mom.

He was screaming the way only a new born baby can scream.

The sound went straight into my soul.

I wanted so desperately to comfort him, but knew that there was nothing I could do for him except hold his little tiny hand.

So, I reached down to pick up his hand, and the moment my hand touched his, he immediately stopped crying and we made eye contact.

It was the most precious moment in my life!

My heart immediately swelled up with so much emotion and love. I literally could not contain the emotions I was feeling, they were INTENSE to say the least!

I turned to my mom who was standing right there next to me during this precious moment in time..

And I said,

” Look mom, he knows I am his mommy”

I was sobbing,

my mom was sobbing,

my husband had tears in his eyes,

Because I think that everyone there in that moment knew that they were witnesses to me becoming Tyler’s mother.

Like I said I officially gave birth at 8:47, but I became a mother the moment my hand touched his!



What is a mother exactly?


Mothering really has nothing to do with birthing plans, c-sections, or adoptions.

These are merely a few of  the vehicles through which one may become a mother.

Mothering is when you are convinced that you can accomplish the unlikely and the impossible because of the burning love you feel in your heart for a child.


A mother is a person who will forgo any and all earthly pleasures just to ensure that her child is SAFE, LOVED, and PROTECTED.

A mother is her child’s strongest defender, she can be more assertive and physically strong then she ever knew was possible when she is defending her child.

A mother is a child’s first love.

A mother is a constant connection for her child to the true love of God. Because God is the only one who could possibly love her child more than she does.

It really is a wondrous, holy, and all encompassing love that is the miracle that creates a mother.

 And that love changes your life forever.

me and tyler 1






Tyler has taught me more about life,


And God

Than any other person in this world ever has.

I tell people that he is my soul-mate.

He is the person in my life that has shown me who I really am.

What I am really capable of.

And how special I actually am, in his eyes and in the eyes of the Lord.

Life with Tyler has not always been easy, in fact there were YEARS when life with him was downright painful!

If any of you have ever had a child who has been abused, you will be able to relate to the gut wrenching  job it is to try and restore some balance and normalcy to a child who has been hurt.

But through it all, He has surpassed the expectations of all the professionals I have enlisted to help us along the way.

He is a walking miracle, and he is mine. 








Today, and every day I thank God for the miracle he has been in my life.

I love you my sweet boy!


A mother under construction




“When I learned I was going to have another baby, I rebelled against God.

My health was not good and I looked upon having another child with great sorrow and unhappiness.”

   My  story poignantly demonstrates God’s hand of providence in the unplanned pregnancy of my daughter Sarah, and also of my struggle to understand my calling as a mother.



    But before I tell you our story, I would like to ask a question.

How many of today’s mothers have similar thoughts and feelings about their own motherhood?

How many mothers-even Christian mothers-identify with my negative emotions at the beginning of my pregnancy?

Have you had times when you too looked upon motherhood with great sorrow and unhappiness?

I know that at one time I did.

As I reflect on my own past struggles with motherhood, I can’t help but believe these unpleasant emotions are probably more common than we mothers care to, or even dare to, admit.
    So how do we overcome them?

We must remember that contrary to how we may feel at times, motherhood was, and still is, God’s idea.

According to His Word, it is a calling that is priceless in value, privileged in service, and promised with a blessing.

   First of all, God wants us to understand the value of our calling.

Contrary to the clamor of our present culture, God deems the worth of a mother priceless.

How do I know?

Because in  (Genesis chapter 3) God tells of the very first mother, Eve, and that through her seed a Savior would come.

God Incarnate came to this earth through the womb of a woman, and that gave motherhood a price too high to be counted.


baby jesus










It was God’s stamp of approval that motherhood is very significant.

    Think about it for a moment.

Eve, deceived into a sinful act that brought God’s judgement into the world, now had a part–a unique part–in bringing grace and mercy to that same world through childbearing.

Through her seed, the lost ground would be recovered and the doom of evil would be reversed.

For Eve, childbearing wasn’t an option.

It was a chance to be a vessel of value, a chance to be the mother of a godly and priceless seed. That seed, sent from above, would save the world.

And so Eve became, as her name means, the mother of all living.

To be a mother is indeed, a priceless calling.

I will never forget the day that God opened my eyes to the blessing of raising my own children.

(At this time in our lives, I had only been a single mother for a few weeks. My divorce papers hadn’t even been completed yet. I was still in shock that my marriage had fallen apart, and that I was going to have to find the strength and courage to raise my four children alone.)

Exhausted from my two-year-olds persistence to read her a book, I sat down and hurried begrudgingly through the book (there were so many more important things to do!).

It was a pop-out book about ants.

As I sat reading about the ants to my daughter, all of a sudden the Lord got my attention.

To my amazement, I discovered something the queen ant did before she laid her eggs.

What did she do?

She bit off her wings!

Yes, the queen ant bites off her wings so that she can tend to her new children and not fly away from the nest.

And there it was…

As I sat looking at a huge pop-out ant, staring me in the face,  the Lord told me He needed to clip off my wings.

“How can you raise godly children,” He said, “without giving them your time and attention?” 

I could not hold back the tears.

My little Sarah then asked me, “Are you afraid of the big pop-out ant, Mommy?”

“I’m okay,” I reassured her.

But I was better than okay, for the first time in years, I think I finally understood just how much my children needed me.

 He clipped my wings so I would not fly away from my nest.

queen ant



As a single mother, I was acting out both roles for my children, mother and father…and feeling very overwhelmed.

That day, I realized that I didn’t need to struggle so hard, I just needed to do what comes so naturally for us mom’s and nurture and love my precious children.

    I  love my children deeply, but as the years go by, I continue to be a mother under construction.









Yet, by the grace of God, it has now become my privilege to be with my children.

As the old adage goes, there really is “no place like home” for me anymore.

The Lord also wants women to understand that the faithful mother can expect the promise of blessing to come, not only to them, but to their entire family as well.

    One blessing a mother can experience is a deeper work of change in her life-a change that makes her more Christ-like.

Angela Guffey, in her book Tender Mercy for a Mother’s Soul, writes that:

“Motherhood is an ongoing, penetrating lesson in grace.”

She says that mothers begin with just a measure of grace but are soon led to abundant blessings.

“God comes into our lives through our babies and begins the powerful work of change.”

Through my children, He has taken me by the hand and led me to a selfless place where I could have never gone by myself.

Is this not a blessing?

What godly changes has God wrought in your life through the lives of your children?

I started todays blog with a somewhat shocking statement about my feelings when I discovered I was pregnant with my 4th child.

Following the delivery of my 3rd child, I underwent surgery to have my tubes tied, so that I would not ever get pregnant again. I had suffered complications during delivery, and decided I needed to be done having children.

So you can only imagine my surprise, when I discovered, that despite the surgery, I was in fact pregnant.

When I received the news, I was filled with sorrow and frustration, because I knew that this meant nine months of bed-rest for me in order to carry this child to term.

I had a 4 yr old, and a 2 yr old, in addition to Victor who was 13, and Tyler who was 11.

How was I ever going to manage all my responsibilities when I was going to be flat in bed for nine months?

But God had a plan for my life.

The day my step son Victor ended his life, Sarah was eight months old.

The night that Victor died, I was afraid to go to sleep.

I didn’t know how to wake up and live in a world without Victor.

But…Eventually, I did fall asleep…

And the next morning, I was awaked by the cries of my beautiful little Sarah.

She was a tiny, helpless, infant that NEEDED me to get up.

She could not feed herself, and her diaper needed to be changed.

My other children were old enough that I could have easily slipped into a depression that I may never have recovered from.

But God, in his wisdom, had sent me a little Angel that would pull me through this time in ways that were nothing short of miraculous.

Sarah was a gift from God.

Her life is the very thing that set me on the path of Faith.

She is a child of wonder and imagination.

She sees the world as a place filled with beauty.

She is a kindred spirit to every animal that she encounters, even snakes!

She has an artistic ability that far exceeds her 8 yrs.

And a natural beauty and grace that will serve her well in her lifetime.




So, I may have been angry, and filled with sorrow when I discovered that I was pregnant, but now I thank God every single day for giving me my daughter…

She truly is ONE IN A MILLION!

She will someday grow up and MOVE MOUNTAINS!



The world Greatest Hero…Mother

Today I want to talk about MOTHERHOOD…

This time of year seems to always cause me to reflect on this subject for several reasons.

The first is because of the Mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

As I look at the pictures of the Nativity, I can’t help but wonder what was going through her mind as she looked into the eyes of her newborn baby. He was Mary-Jesus11simultaneously her infant child, and the God of Creation.

What an overwhelming realization that must have been for her.

The other reason that this time of year causes me to reflect on motherhood is because of the worldly aspect of the season.

As a single mother of four, this year brings with it almost more stress and pressure than I can handle.

My job as the Custodian provides me with just enough money to barely pay the bills…nothing more!

So when I have months like this one where my children need extra things, I have no choice but to work myself to death. To literally push my body to the very brink of exhaustion, to earn the extra money required to purchase the items on their “WISH LISTS”

I wake up each morning around 3am so that I can clean the house before I get ready for work. Then after working my 8hr shift at the school, I come home and get dinner started, and do the homework for the day with the kids. Then my second job begins. I usually paint late into the night so that I can complete the projects that have been ordered on time. Most nights I crawl into bed around 10:30pm, so tired that I can barely hold up my own head. Get a few hours of rest so that I can wake up and start it all over again…


What is it about motherhood that allows us to possess the strength of body and mind to push ourselves this hard?

When I ask myself this question, it is usually followed by another question which is, “If it is this stressful to raise my children, what was it like for Mary?”

I can’t help but think of Mary and her child.

What was she like?

What were her talents and passions?

Who was the woman who God chose to be the earthly mother of his only begotten child?

The woman who gave birth to, and reared day by day, the One who would open the gate of salvation to humankind.

Mary stands out during this time of the year in many Christmas Nativity decorations. She is seen looking into the manger together with the privileged few who witnessed the Lord’s first hours. Something in me believes this is how she would have wanted it.

When my babies were born, I was only comfortable with a few people at a time around my infant. This makes me imagine how much more threatened she would have felt had there been a large crowd gathered around instead of just the small one that came.

I am positive that the size of the crowd was directly a result of God protecting the feelings of the woman he had chosen for this miraculous birth. He knew the thoughts in her heart and I am positive he was protecting her as well as her child.

When I became a mother, I began to appreciate the child more, by appreciating his mother…       an idea that is both biblical and Christlike.

No doubt Jesus was a loving son who held his mother in high regard.

Isn’t is curious that some Christians choose to do otherwise?

As I was looking at images of art on the internet the other day, I came across a very beautiful picture of Mary and her small baby. It was almost like a candid picture that you would find in a yearbook. The painting was painted by a French artist by the name of Luc-Olivier Merson.

In the painting Mary balances the baby Jesus in her arms, as she herself leans against a stone wall. She stares off into the distance vacantly an expression that any woman who has ever experienced late nights with her infant can completely relate to and understand. There is absolutely nothing ceremonious about her depictions no angels in attendance, no gathered assembly kneeling before her.

So what did I find so extraordinary about this painting?

The thing that struck me was how ordinary the scene was. It could have easily been any young mother and her child. And yet, it isn’t. It is the Son of God and the woman chosen to contain in her womb the one who cannot be contained.

As I ponder this, I’m meditating on the loftiness of the nativity, but also on the Earthiness of the day. That Christ was taught to eat, speak, pray, and worship in the context of an ordinary human relationship.

This simple fact reminds me as a mother, that the family unit, the responsibilities of motherhood, are so precious to God, that he sent his Only Begotten Son to Earth to live and be protected, loved and supported by the family unit…by a mother!

For some time now, I’ve noted a peculiar effect on my perceptions of my friends AFTER I meet their parents. Somehow, after you meet someones parents, that person becomes more whole to you.  I am able to see new dimensions of their lives that were previously hidden from me. Aspects of their personality finally have an origin. They just seem to make more sense to you after you meet their parents.

The same is true of Jesus!

We get to know him best by spending one-on-one time in his presence.


you can also learn something by “meeting” his mother.

Scripture offers us the opportunity to look again at that scene under a starry sky-the manger child, yes, but also his mother. You’ll know her when you see her. She will be the one standing quietly nearby, with a beautiful expression of adoration covering her entire countenance. The look of adoration that ONLY a mother can have.

So, I guess the answer to my earlier question of how is it possible for a mother to muster the strength necessary to provide for the many needs of her children, is a simple answer…

We get our SUPER HERO POWER from the most basic place…the love in our hearts!

So this year during the Christmas Season, let’s make sure to remember the Mother who made the season possible. The woman who was so faithful, that she was trusted to raise our Savior to be the man who would eventually provide us with Salvation.

Lets also remember the women in our lives, our own mothers, our friends mothers, our mother-in-laws, etc, all the women in our lives who have shaped us into the people we are. This year, tell them how much they mean to you. Thank them for their sacrifices. Just give them a hug…thats what every mother really wants!