Valentine Porch Decorations For Our Shop.

We have had so much fun designing

these bright and cheerful porch decorations.

They will be a really great way to Welcome

Your guests into your home during this season of LOVE…

valentine porch decor background



This is the first coat that I put on the backgrounds to make them look hip and funky.






valentine porch decor 1st beginning





Here is the base coat on the hearts.






valentine porch decor 3rd base coat



Here is another one of the boards with the hearts base coated. I did 4 total and they are all different.







valentine porch decor 3rd finished 1




Here is that same board with the details painted onto the hearts.






valentine porch decor heart balloon finished






All Finished.







valentine porch decor 1st middle heart up close

valentine porch decor 3 hearts finishedvalentine porch decor 3 hearts door hanger

Here is the 2nd board all finished. To add a little EXTRA fun,

I made a door hanger that exactly matches one of the hearts on each board.










valentine porch decor welcome finishedvalentine porch decor welcome heart door hanger


Here is the third set.











valentine porch decor floating hearts finished



valentine porch decor floating hearts door hanger

Here is the fourth set.








Last Nights Project…Reclaimed Wooden Chair

I have had this chair for Years…

I finally decided it was time to Reclaim it, and give it a brand new look.

Here are the pictures.

flower chair flowers blocked in









The first thing I did was to paint the entire chair with a high gloss black paint.

Then I drew the three flowers and base coated one yellow, one blue, and one red.

Then I took black paint and painted in a basic zentangle design on the flower that I would then add color to.

flower chair 1st flower finished close up



flower chair yellow flower colored








Here is what the yellow flower looks like all finished.

Now lets look at the process on the blue flower.

flower chair blue flower pattern blocked in





flower chair 2nd flower pattern









flower chair 2nd flower finished











Here is the finished blue flower.


The last one is the red flower on the back of the chair.

I didn’t take pics of the process because I didn’t add lots of zentangle designs, so the finished flower is pretty self-explanatory.

flower chair back flower finished









And here at last is the entire chair all painted

and ready to be sold in our shop.

flower chair finished 1




















Halloween Zentangle Pictures

I need you to vote on your favorite

Halloween Zentangle

because the winner will be the

Zentangle that I award to the Winner

of the drawing that I help for anyone who

Re-blogged my






zentangle haunted house












#1 Haunted House





zentangle bats











#2 Bat Couple





zentangle halloween quilt block











#3 Halloween quilt block





zentangle spider












#4 Spider






zentangle witches shoe












#5 Witches Shoe





photo 1












#6 Pumpkin





photo 2












#7 Halloween Scene






photo 3















#8 Frankenstein






photo 4















#9 Sexy Witch




Make sure to place your vote in the comment


I will continue to tally the votes until Wednsday.

On Thursday

I will announce the winner of the drawing

and also the winning Picture.


Thanks again to everyone for your support. My essay was a hit on and I owe it all to you, my friends, my family, and my followers.






My latest Zentangle Pictures.

I love owls.

So most of these recent zentangles are of Owls.

photo 1 (1)










photo 2 (1)











photo 5 (2)











photo 4 (2)












photo 3 (2)












photo 2 (2)













photo 1 (2)








photo 5 (1)












photo 4 (1)













photo 3 (1)