Our Christmas Decorations for 2015

My oldest son Tyler and I love to decorate our house every year for Christmas.

Each Year we try to out-do ourselves.

We don’t compete with anyone but ourselves.

We do it just for the fun time we have together designing and then creating a “ONE OF A KIND” display for our house.

So this year, we decided to create a fun Ginger Bread House display.

We called our yard Candy Cane Lane, and centered our ideas around that theme.

We hope that you will enjoy the pictures of our 2015 Christmas Display.



xmas house candy cane lane







This Sign that I found at our local Magnuson Lumber  was the inspiration piece that everything else was created around.

If we were going to have a “Candy Cane Lane, we needed to line our walkway with candy cane lights.

(These are so fun at night when they light up.)



So now that the side windows were decorated, I needed to do something fun with the three big windows on the other side of the porch.

So here is what we came up with.

So now that the windows were done, we needed to decorate the front door.

For this, I found some candy striped wrapping paper and just wrapped the front door in it and added ribbons and a bow and a little tag to mimic a gift.

xmas house front door








The last thing that needed to be decorated was the lawn out in front of the house.

I made three little gingerbread people and some large starlight mint candies to go go on either side of our Candy Cane Lane Post.

The last thing we did was to add seven starlight mint candies to the pitch detail on the front of the house and lined the window wells with sugar coated gumdrops.

We then hung over 1,000 lights on the house to illuminate all the decorations.

xmas house candy circles








We hope that all those who drive by will feel the Holiday Spirit that we tried hard to bring to our street.

We love decorating for the holiday and I hope that you enjoy the pictures.





How the Grinch Collects Food For Christmas

This year at my school, the lunch ladies wanted to organize a food drive to collect food for our local Food Bank.

They want to help feed the needy people in our area.

So they asked me for help to create a focal point that would encourage the kids to participate and really donate BIG!

Our  lunch ladies thought that if they used the Grinch, it would make a big statement and really help in collecting lots of food for the Food Bank.

They have told the kids that they get to help the Grinch grow his heart even bigger this year.


So enjoy the pictures and watch as I turn plain old cardboard into some of the season’s most beloved characters.


cindy and max on cardboard









This is Cindy Lou and Max. As you can see they began as a cardboard box, but now they are starting to take shape.


cindy and amx painted









Here they are all painted. Cindy Lou stands 2′ 4″. and Max with his antlers is as tall as her.


grinch on cardboard









Here is the Grinch.

Now all he needs is some color.

grinch painted









Here he is in all his glory. He stands 5′ tall.


grinch and crew all painted






Here they all are standing next to my 12 yr old. This gives you a really good idea of their size.


grinch sled painted








Here is the Grinch’s Sled. We will put this on either side of a large pallet to collect the food on.


grinch set up at school











Here they are all set up and as you can see, his sled is already filling up fast.





The truth about our SCARS…

Today I want to talk about a very difficult subject.

This subject is particularly difficult for me to talk about because it is something that I have lived through.

Something I survived.

The thing that I want to talk about today is the  that comes from abuse.











I want to share with you all this amazing truth:

There is a beautiful life waiting for you on the other side of this pain you might be feeling right now.

There is someone out there who will love you so much that all the cracks you have on your heart, will be to them, just beautiful reminders of how strong and resilient you really are.

Because let’s face it:

There are days when the pain is a lot to carry.

When you honestly feel like you are literally going to break apart into a million little pieces.

And the ones who are the ones who are supposed to love you,  are the ones who end up hurting you the most.

When everything inside you wants to run
To hide
To escape.


And that is how you learn to cover up the pain.

But that’s not how scars work.

They run deep.

So how do you go about living a life that appears to be normal when your life is an utter mess?

For most abuse victims, we get really good at pretending that everything is okay.

But the pain doesn’t stop.

I have found out the hard way that pretending just makes it  worse.

When I was determined to “HIDE” my abuse, I was alone in every sense of the word.

I had nobody in my life that I could trust with my secret, so I carried the weight of it all by myself.

My husband just kept getting more and more cruel because there was never anyone who would question his actions.

I just suffered alone in silence…

So I thought!

But I was not the only one who was being affected by this abuse.

My children were also being hurt in ways that would forever change who and what they were.

It took the death of my sweet son to wake me up to this cold, hard truth.

Victor Miera

CLEVELAND- Victor Leon Miera, you left us too soon. But now you can be the “wizard” you were always meant to be.

Victor was very special with his unique dreams and on Sept. 18, 2006, he decided to reach for the stars and move on to a new life.

Victor was born May 27, 1992 in Payson, Utah to Samuel Victor and Rebecca Campbell Miera.

Survived by his parents, Sam (Melanie) Miera, Cleveland; mother, Rebecca Campbell, Spanish Fork; four sisters and two brothers, Carmen and Anna Miera, both of Spanish Fork; Tyler, Mina, Russel and Sarah Miera, all of Cleveland; grandparents, Sam (Mary) Miera, of St. George,
and Julia Campbell, of Salt Lake City.

I had to lose a child before I was able to see just how damaged my entire family was because of the abuse.

Ironically it was that very thing that finally gave me the courage to speak the truth about my life.

To ask for help.

To finally realize that I was not alone.

By opening up and talking to other women, I found that there were a lot of people who have been living in silence just like I was.

I discovered that other people are broken too.

And They need someone to help.

Someone who knows what it feels like

Someone who has walked through it to.


The pain can scar you.

But if  you let it, the pain can also change the way you look around the world.

The way you see yourself.

The way you look at other people.

Once I was finally able to speak openly about my abuse, I found that my scars were beginning to heal.

I discovered that nobody is too broken for grace.

Not even ME!

That’s what makes it GRACE!

It is a free gift that none of us earn or deserve.

It has the power to set things straight in your life.

It has the power to heal.

The power to transform.

I now know firsthand the power of community.

The blessings that can come from a friend who really cares.

And today, as we approach the holidays, I want to just let anyone out there who might need comfort know that you are NOT alone.

Take that first step outside of your comfort zone and speak to a stranger…

Or to that lady down the street or at work that you have been meaning to introduce yourself to.

Find a support group where you can let go of the pain in a supportive environment.

As I look back, I can see so clearly how it was the community that surrounded me during the time immediately following Victor’s suicide that allowed me to finally break free from the abuse, and start to live a life that was free.

A life where me and my children could begin the long and often difficult process of healing.

And as I sit here before you today, nine years later, I want to let you know that there is Hope.

There is love.

There is a beautiful life waiting for you to enjoy.



Custom Painted Halloween T-Shirt

I had a request from the PTO president at my school to paint her a T-Shirt for the Halloween carnival at our school.

She had a very specific design in mind so we got together and

I drew a picture, she approved the picture, and then I got busy painting.


Here are the pictures of the finished T-Shirt.

t shirt






Here is the design drawn onto the T-Shirt.

(I hope you can see it.)

If not the next picture will bring the design out for you.



t shirt 1








So as you can now see… she wanted a Bat Girl design. 🙂


t shirt 2








Now I have the painting all done and the glitter applied. Now all that is left is to glue on the rhinestones to really make it SPARKLE…


t shirt 3










Here is the finished T-Shirt.



Haunted House Decoration made out of cardboard

I was asked to make another haunted house out of cardboard. But this time the client requested a more traditional, whimsical house. SO here are the step by step photos of the second 5′ tall cardboard haunted house this year.


haunted house







Here is the house all cut out and ready to start painting and adding the details.


haunted house 1







I started by spray painting it a navy blue color.



haunted house 2










Next step was to start cutting small pieces of cardboard and creating window frames and shutters. I will also cut hundreds of small pieces for the tiles on the roof tops.




haunted house 3







Here is the house with all the windows framed in and the tiles on the roof tops.




haunted house 4








I took some twine string and made a spider web and hung a spider from the web.



haunted house 5








Here is a close up look of the tiles. I deliberately cut them in very random sizes and attached them in a haphazard fashion to create the illusion of age.

I also added some old creepy purple fabric to all the windows for tattered curtains. I also added “Googlie eyes” to each window in the house.




haunted house 6








And here is the finished house.



I hope is the focal point that were hoping it would be.


Happy Halloween!



Weekend Project Barn Wood Door and Painted Owls

I got this gorgeous barn door off the Barn Jeff and I are tearing down at his farm.

The minute I saw it two years ago, I fell in love.

So of course We salvaged it when we tore the barn down.

It is now painted and sealed and sitting proudly in my front yard.

I put a barbed wire wreath on a nail in the door, and placed a bale of hay in front of it to hold my two wooden owls and farm sign I painted last week in my painting class.

Here are the pictures.

Valentine Porch Decorations For Our Shop.

We have had so much fun designing

these bright and cheerful porch decorations.

They will be a really great way to Welcome

Your guests into your home during this season of LOVE…

valentine porch decor background



This is the first coat that I put on the backgrounds to make them look hip and funky.






valentine porch decor 1st beginning





Here is the base coat on the hearts.






valentine porch decor 3rd base coat



Here is another one of the boards with the hearts base coated. I did 4 total and they are all different.







valentine porch decor 3rd finished 1




Here is that same board with the details painted onto the hearts.






valentine porch decor heart balloon finished






All Finished.







valentine porch decor 1st middle heart up close

valentine porch decor 3 hearts finishedvalentine porch decor 3 hearts door hanger

Here is the 2nd board all finished. To add a little EXTRA fun,

I made a door hanger that exactly matches one of the hearts on each board.










valentine porch decor welcome finishedvalentine porch decor welcome heart door hanger


Here is the third set.











valentine porch decor floating hearts finished



valentine porch decor floating hearts door hanger

Here is the fourth set.








The Right, Bright side of Life.

We all create the person we become by our choices as we go through life.

In a real sense,

by the time we are adults,

we are the sum total of the choices we have made.

Each of us grows physically without any real inner struggle on our part.

Our bodies mature.

We learn to tie our shoes, and dance, and do gymnastics.

Social skills develop naturally.

We grow in our mental abilities as well:

We learn a new language,

expand our knowledge to grasp a scientific theory,

or learn a set of mathematical axioms.

This, too, is natural.


So why is it that learning emotionally for instance, seems to be almost impossible at times?

Sure, we may develop better ways of covering up the turmoil in our hearts and minds,  but we never can seem to completely outgrow our fears and angers, the same doubts and worries.

Is there a reason why we don’t?




I have found that unlike my physical self which, is under the mechanical laws of evolution, and just naturally realizes its eventual maturity virtually without any effort on my part whatsoever…

The development of my spiritual self is not evolutionary.

It is voluntary.


Make no mistake.

Spiritual growth requires a conscious choice and effort on our part.


It is probably the single most important choice you CAN make in your efforts to find happiness.


Genuine inner growth is the pearl of great price,

the journey of a thousand steps,

the quest of a lifetime.

Every one of us is given the opportunity to embark on this great adventure within.

We were blessed with the ultimate example in the person of Jesus Christ.

But before we can even hope to mature spiritually,

We must first and foremost recognize the necessity of it for a complete and fulfilling life.

We must fervently desire it.

Then we must be willing to go through the necessary self-shocks that this special kind of growth requires.


As I look back over my life, it was during those moments of intense, soul crushing pain that I was forced to either mature spiritually or die, that the greatest growth occured in my life.

That is why I often say, that the thing I am the most grateful for are the trials in my life.


Without them, I would not be the woman I am today.

A woman who is strong, stable, confident and capable of loving others unconditionally.

I can support my friends and not feel the need to judge their decisions, because, I know that they will survive whatever decision they make, and probably come out of this trial a stronger, better version of themselves.


Learning to develop a new self-knowledge will ultimately enable you to win in life in a new way.


No longer will you be easily lulled back into the comfort that can be found when you retreat into your old familiar reactions and beliefs.

You will DESIRE more than that.

You will want to experience growth and maturity.

And that is the ultimate gift that our Savior came to deliver to us… An example of how to learn and grow spiritually.

The ultimate Christmas Miracle can be discovered when we are facing the necessary life lessons,

And instead of running away and trying to explain the conflict to ourselves in terms of our old knowledge, we instead face it head-on and learn to conquer it boldly.


My Christmas gift to you is this:

I wish for you to KNOW that you need no longer experience defeat at your own hands.

A way out does exist,

but it begins with developing a new approach to life based faith in the Lord and a higher self-knowledge.

Facebook Online Fall Expo

Are you plannig a Halloween or Thanksgiving party at your house?
Would’nt you like to have the Party that everyone will be talking about for weeks?


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We make these fun “Hillbilly Aprons” in any size you need. We have even taken custom orders and used fabric from a shirt worn at a special rodeo for a mom’s christmas present.
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Let us make your shoppin easy this Christmas and have a custom apron made for the woman in your life. You could add a cookbook and some fun kitchen gadgets for a well thought out gift for her.
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Here is a baby quilt and some artwork that would be a great start to a customized nursery.
You can also hire us to paint your nursey for you.
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This is an example of one of our completed “STADIUM QUILTS”.

They fold up and have handles to make them easy to carry into your favorite game or event.
We do take custom orders on these quilts so that you can have one with your favorite team or colors.
This would make an awesome gift for the Sports Fan in your life.

These are a fun twist on the beer bottle decorating ideas.
These would be the perfect centerpiece on the table where your drinks are being served.


These are a few of the Pumpkin themed projects we have that you can decorate your yard, or interior for the Holidays.


Here is another version of the glass vase centerpieces that you can fill with your choice of condiments.


We have several styles of these glass vases. They are perfect for filling with your favorite dip, cheese ball, or candy. They would be a wonderful addition to your Halloween Table Decorations.