I love my life as a Farmers Wife

I grew up on a farm.

We had 40 acres in Elmo that was our very own “Little Patch of Heaven”.

I enjoyed a very happy and secure childhood on that farm. But I left my small town life immediately after I graduated from High School.

I got married the first time 2 weeks after graduating.

I lived in the city for 14 yrs. I loved the busyness of the city, and the convenience of having stores and businesses so close. I loved having museums and libraries within walking distance. I could attend the theater, and go to the ballet. There was a lot to love about city life!

But 11 years ago, my marriage was falling apart, and I knew that I was going to need the help of my family to raise my four small children so… I moved back home to Emery County, Utah.

For the past 11 years, I have been able to raise my children in the same small town that I grew up in.

It is wonderful to be surrounded by so many familiar and loving people.

My kids are living in a world where they believe that most people are “GOOD”, and there are only a few that are bad. I love that. They get to stay innocent for a few years longer than they would have if I had stayed in the city.

This past June when I married Jeff, I once again became a “Farm Dweller.” He has a small farm that has been in his family for generations that he works. Me and the kids have had so much fun the past few years helping him haul hay, feed his animals and work the land.

My life has come full circle and I have to say…

It feels pretty good being a Farmers Wife!



Here is the prettiest tractor driver EVER…She just won’t ever turn to the camera and let you get a picture.

Our September 2015 Hike to search for Indian Writings

As most of you all know, Jeff and I love to hike in the mountain and Desert areas in Emery County and search for Indian Writings, abandoned villages and any type of proof that this area was once occupied by ancient tribes.

Here are a few pictures from our September Hike.

The picture we found is called “The Juggler”

I am also adding a link to the video Jeff made of a few of the other hikes we have taken and some of the Rock Art we found on them.

I am truly blessed to live where I do surrounded by such history and beauty.

Enjoy the pictures and the video.

Leave Jeff a comment on his you tube channel and let him know what you thought of his video.


Sorry I have not been Writing…

I finally had five minutes to spend on my blog.

I am so sorry that I have not posted a blog for two weeks. Brenda and I have been literally swamped with Christmas Decorating orders.

I thought I would show you a few of the latest projects that we have been hired to create.

Tomorrow I will post even more.

We have 4 orders that we will be finishing tonight and I will post the Pictures when they are finished.


Here is the projects that have kept me from blogging. I hope you enjoy them.











This little Owl is painted on a 16×20 canvas.













Here is the 1st in a set of three snowmen yard stakes.












2nd snowman in the set










3rd snowman for the set.













Snowman scene painted on 16×20 canvas.












Winter scene wrapped in ribbons on 16x 20 Canvas.



I hope you will all forgive me for not having the time to write lately.

Between being a mom to 4 kids,

working a full time job,

and spending another 40 hrs/wk on orders,

I just simply don’t have enough hours in the day.

But I promise that I will be back to my writing as soon as I possibly can.

I miss all of the comments and interactions from my readers.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for your loyalty and support.

God Bless!







Day 21: Hopium Dependency: Trusting a Higher Power and the Natural Process

It is easy to forget how dark darkness can be.

dark road








Most people today live in places where real darkness is rare. 

Our dark times are diluted with night lights,

 lights over the door,

street lights,

 lighted signs,

 and other things that glow in the dark.

We turn our eyes toward lighted screens, hiding our faces from the power of darkness.


The place that I live is extremely remote and rural.

My home town only has 320 residents living there.

The cows out number the humans by a ratio of 8-1

(Not really, but if you were to drive through my hometown, you would probably agree.  😉 )


Where I live, the darkness is really dark.

 Driving home at night after dark the only light anywhere is the headlights of your car.

They are literally the only thing you have to cut through the darkness.

There are no street lights,

no businesses with lighted parking lots…

there is NOTHING to illuminate the darkness at night in my hometown.

 Every so often, in the distance, you can glimpse the lights from a barn or the window of a farmhouse and they seem to shine like stars.

One of the many things that I love about my hometown, along with the beauty and the silence is the rich darkness.

When I step out onto the porch of my home at night, it is dark.

You can hear faint sounds of the cows and other animals in the distance,

you can feel the wind,

and… my favorite part about home is the fact that you

can see all the stars.

The sky is filled with stars.


Connecting with your higher power is to me, like the light from a distant farm;

like a star shining in the dark night.

It is easy for us to forget that our spiritual life is usually born in the darkness.

It comes to us during those difficult times  when we find ourselves surrounded by the darkness of confusion, or pain, or loss.

We do not know where we are.

We cannot ever seem to find our way.

We are afraid we may be lost and never find home again.

It is during those times when it seems there is no hope, no future, and no repentance

That the light begins to shine in the darkness.

We are finally able to realize that we have been wasting time looking for ways to dilute our darkness.

How often do we forget that the fruits of our spiritual life shine brightest where our darkness is the deepest?

Where are the dark places that your spiritual life has been shining

brightest for you lately?


How does spiritual life help you find your way?


Let me put it a different way:

When I was in the process of giving birth to each of my four children, I was terrified, in pain, and uncertain of how the next few hours were going to play out.

I was in the DARKNESS, so to speak.

But at the end of that road was a beautiful little baby that was my very own creation.

I had birthed that little person literally by the sweat of my brow.

Birthing is a celebration. It’s beautiful and sacred.

Giving birth to four children has been the most powerful and spiritual experience of my life.

It has deeply impacted my view of life and my work.

Why then is birthing considered to be hard and painful?

Because when you have fear, you contract.

Your baby gets stuck in the womb.

It then takes hours or days of labor and pushing.

The same is true for birthing a book, reinventing yourself, or trying to attain a goal.

Connecting to a higher power gives you faith, hope, and understanding.

It is literally a LIGHT in the DARKNESS.

It enables you to relax and lessen the

pain of the contractions.


Without faith, life for me would be utterly hopeless and impossible.

It would be devoid of any joy or purpose and meaning.

Learning to trust the natural process of life has made

my life into a beautiful work of art.











Let me equate life to the process of painting a picture.

I often find myself stuck. The painting is off somehow, and I

cannot quite decide what or where the problem is.

I literally have to stop painting completely, and step away

from it, and sit in a chair

so that I can study the painting itself to discover where the problem is.

Then and only then, am I finally able to see where the problem

area is and fix the painting.

birch mural forest blocked in






Once I have taken the time to observe and contemplate I can

then continue creating the painting that I had originally


Life is exactly like that!

We all want to live lives filled with joy and satisfaction, to be fulfilled and go from triumph to triumph.

We recognize that challenges teach us important lessons.

We recognize we will be able to look back on these struggles with gratitude.

But the thing that I believe that we all really desire is to have already learned the lessons and be beyond the challenges.

We want the assurance that life will all work the way we hope it will.

We read books and see movies that tell us, over and over again, that “our lives will work out”.

We wait as patiently as we can, hoping it will not be too painful,

nor take too long, to give birth to the life that we dream of.

What can we do besides work hard, follow the rules,

and wait for things to work out for good?

I believe in finding the passion in my heart’s deepest desire and working to put them into practice.

At the same time, I know that not all the people who really want something will make it happen.

Even with myself, there are things that I desire, but do not yet have the courage or confidence to try.

I still lack the faith necessary to go with the flow in certain areas of my life.

But I am a work in progress,

and so are you.

The master is still adding more color to you, his creation.

He is still defining areas of my life, by adding shadows and highlights in order to create more depth in my soul…

My Life’s painting is not complete.

gun range cross








We all know people who have worked hard for a long time, but never gotten where they so desperately wanted to go.

For a long time, my reality was that life was not working the way it was supposed to work.

Deciding what to do when life does not work takes a lot of time and effort.

It is hard work.

Encouragement and support make a real difference.

Finding someone who will listen, ask insightful questions, and help you laugh is a big step.











(Thank you Brenda)

And I honestly believe that having a connection to a Higher Power will enable you to flow easily with the natural process of life.


Please share some of the ways that you employ to connect to a higher power in your life.

Let’s assist each other in this journey, shall we?








Emery County Fair Rock Wall. Created by Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic

Brenda and I have been on the staff for the Emery County Fair Planning Board for two years now.

This year the theme for our fair is “Home Grown Energy”.

Our community is mostly supported by the coal industry.

The coal mines supply coal to two Power Plants where the electricity that we all enjoy is produced.

The coal industry creates a ripple effect of jobs in our community.

We need machine shops to repair and service the mine equipment.

We have trucking companies that exist because of the need to haul the coal.

And on and on it goes.

Without these industries our county could very possibly cease to exist.

We also have lots of natural gas, helium, iron, and uranium deposits here that sustain us as well.

We are proud of our county, and love our small town life.


As anyone who reads the news knows, the government is threatening to shut down the coal mines and power plants.

So this year we decided to highlight the benefits of these industries.

We feel that our side of the story needs to be heard too.

Our way of life deserves to be defended.

This year, we as a committee, are hoping to do just that!


So As a staff we decided to decorate the Exhibition Hall in a way that would honor each area of HOME GROWN ENERGY we supply in EMERY COUNTY, UTAH.

Brenda and I built a 13’x10’rock wall to replicate the portal to a coal mine.

Here are the pictures of our latest mural creation.


rock wall1










Here is the finished wall.

rock wall 2









Our local Sheriff Dept brought over inmates to assist us with the installation. The rock wall weighted approx 900lbs, luckily we built it in sections so that a human could install it. 😉


rock wall 3









Its hard to see it in the pictures, but I also painted train tracks on the floor so that the coal dumpster could ride the rails right into the portal.