HeadBoard ReDo

This summer I found this old worn out Waterbed Headboard at a yard sale and purchased it for $10.00

The instant I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect piece to make a TV stand for my living room out of.













The first thing I did was sand down the entire Piece so that my paint and stain would go on smoothly and look amazing.













Once I had finished sanding everything down, I stained the top and center section with the oval using MINWAX American Chestnut stain.












Here is what the piece looked like after staining the top and center.













The next step was to paint the rest of it using a dove grey chalk paint that I found at Walmart.

After I had the entire piece painted, I applied a brown wax over the paint to give it a soft antique look.

I sanded down the areas of the piece that would naturally have aged over the years to give it that vintage look we all love these days.












This is when the piece really started to come alive for me though…

I added some old barn wood slats that I had in my wood stash.

I wanted the piece to have that “Farmhouse” look that I am using to decorate my home.

I had found this beautiful Turquoise medallion at Hobby Lobby and knew the minute I saw it that it would be the perfect thing to put behind the oval opening to add that touch of “BLING” that would make this piece SPECIAL…













If you look really close, you can see the last thing I added to this piece was some trim that matched the design of the medallion in the oval.

By adding this trim across the entire top and bottom of the headboard, it gave it more of a book shelf look than a headboard look.


I am so happy with the finished piece.













I grabbed all my “TREASURES” and loaded them onto my new TV Shelf, but then realized that my wall now felt very bare.

So I asked my amazing carpenter…My son Tyler if he would make me some Chevron Arrows to hang on my wall.












Once he had them built for me, I painted parts of the arrows the same color I had painted the head board, and then stained the remaining sections with the same color of stain that I had used.












As you can see, I now have a very interesting wall in my living room.












I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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