Today, I wanted to show you some pictures of a broken dresser that I had.

I was ready to throw it out, but I figured that since I needed this dresser in my bedroom, I would see if I could save us money by RESCUING it instead of throwing it out.

I wanted it to look good with the Arches National Park theme in my master bedroom, so I sketched out a design that would match my room.

Please let me know what you think of the transformation in the comments below.











SO…Here is what the dresser looked like when I started.

As you can see it has one drawer that has completely broken out of it and cannot be repaired.

(Which is the reason why I was going to throw it away.)

But wait till you see how I saved this dresser.












The first thing I did was sand the entire surface so that the new paint would stick.

Then I painted the body of the dresser with a turquoise blue color.









The next thing I did was take some old brown paper ( the kind from grocery bags) and used MOD PODGE to glue it to the top of the dresser to give the top the look of old leather.

Then I added a second layer of MOD PODGE to the top of the paper and while it was still wet, I painted the top with  a mahogany colored wood stain.











Now that I had the top and body all repainted, it was time to choose a design.

I cut out a diamond from a piece of cardboard to use as a template then found the exact center of each drawer and traced the diamond on each drawer.

I then got out my level and made the straight lines, and then used the diamond template again on the edged of each drawer.














Now that I have the pattern on the drawer, I just need to decide what colors to paint each section.















Now that I have it all base coated, I thought that it might look  better if I made the center diamond match the top of the dresser with the old leather look.

So I cut out three pieces of brown paper using the cardboard template, then glued it to the drawer using Modge Podge, then painted it with the wood stain.












I like it better with the “leather look” diamonds.

It has a older, more western look to it now.











The next thing I did to the dresser was add some graphics to the stripes next to the diamond. I did not paint these on, I used a graphic that I had printed on my ink jet printer and just Modge Podged it to the drawer like I had the brown paper.











The last thing I did to the drawers was to add nail head tacks to the outline the diamonds, and make it look like the leather diamonds had been nailed onto the drawers.


But what about that broken drawer?

Well… I cut a piece of 1/4″ MDF board the eaxt size of the opening, then covered it with the paper and made it look exactly like the top of the dresser then inserted it as a shelf using 4 L brackets to hold it up.


And here is the finished dresser.















Here are the side by side pictures of the BEFORE and AFTER.






I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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