Cultivating Hope

As I was watching the news this morning,

I heard a story of a stand off that led to the death of a canine officer.



The robbery of a bank.

The battles over which bathroom to use



And the immature rantings of the presidential candidates.


I felt overwhelmed with worry about the future of our nation.

Have you ever felt the same way.

INSTEAD of focusing our attention on all of this negativity, and allowing ourselves to become discouraged by all the discord we see in the world,

We changed our focus to the one change that changes everything:


We each hold in our very own hands the key to move beyond Hope and INTO transformational change by looking at life differently and making different choices.

We frequently use the
as if they mean the same thing.

They don’t.

We lead people.

We manage things,


Leading is about our humanness,

Our relationships

And our interactions with each other.

Leaders are those who choose to make the shift from success – (acquiring and accumulating material things)

To significance,

And in doing so they naturally make a positive difference in everyone’s life.


Some people believe they have earned the right to be leaders.

Some are confident our experience or our education means we deserve to be leaders.

Some of us think we have inherited leadership from our ancestors.

Some people see themselves as having the personality or the ambition it takes to be a leader.

Some of us understand our leadership as coming from planning, or communication, or vision.

Some people want to lead by tapping into primal emotions, or by making a reasonable, logical case.

The leaders who inspire me,

whose examples I REMEMBER,

Cultivated in my heart a .


The leaders I am eager to follow are not merely angry at injustices,
experienced and qualified.
The leaders I want to follow appreciate where we want to go
how we can get there together.


The leaders who inspire me have manged to somehow persuade me there is reason to .


The leaders in my life who have made the biggest impact are those leaders who were convinced I had the potential to make a contribution, and they reminded me of that belief often.

They knew my dreams and aspirations, even when I wasn’t very clear about them myself.

They cared about what I was doing and how it would eventually make a real difference in significant ways.

The leaders who inspire me show me,

again and again,

where my hope meets the world’s needs.

The leaders I remember with the most fondness however, are my parents.

me and the folks




At a very young age they began to plant seeds in me that they KNEW I had the perfect soil for those seeds to grow in.
They were not worried that it may take a long time for those seeds to grow and produce, they planted and cultivated them anyway.
Like persistent farmers, my parents knew that the ability to cultivate hope would produce fruit for years to come in my life.


A few of the seeds that they planted in my heart were:

#1: Leading is about possibility and potential.

#2: Leadership is about creativity and innovation.

#3: A good leader knows that their role is about maintaining the well-being and fulfillment and generating common good in the people around them.

#4: A leader knows how to focuses on a purpose and meaning, by using others connection and contributions.

#5: A leader knows how to collaborate and cooperate to solve common problems.

#6: Leading is about diminishing our three universal fears of not having support, not being in control and not feeling adequate, so that everyone thrives and realizes their potential.

#7: A good leader understands that leading with love means that we respond with care, understanding and respect.

It is living your life with the belief that love makes a leader a leader.

Leading with love is how I choose to live my life.

Leading with love is a state of being.

It is a philosophy.

A unique approach to life that permeates all that we do.

Leading with love is an art that we should all practicing and attempt to master.

So, if you are in a leadership role, I ask you to consider just exactly what it is that you are standing for.

Be constantly aware of how you appear when you stand for your cause and how you show up.

If you are a “follower”, I ask you to consider if the leaders you follow are there to support the common good and help each and every one of us to be the best we can be and have the life we want.

In this way, if you make this choice, you too will be leading with love.

We can change the world by changing our personal beliefs about this one thing:

What makes a leader a leader?


who you work with,

how you vote,

what you buy

makes a difference.

Remember this criterion: Love makes a leader a leader.

A great leader will naturally care for and understand the people they serve.

They will show a genuine respect for everyone and everything in life.

So, let’s join hands during this tumultuous time and plant seeds that will begin to cultivate HOPE.



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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