How can I change the world?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what you must do to create a life that changes the world?

How does a person become an inspiration to others and thereby become someone that humanity remembers for generations?


Do you have to invent something that changes the world?

Or write some brilliant piece of literature?

Paint a work of art?

What is it that makes a person memorable?

The reason I am asking these questions is because my teenage daughter asked me these questions the other day.
I have spent a great deal of time formulating an answer for her.
I wanted to give her an answer that would be of some help to her in the future.

The short answer to her question would be:

The Great Secret of creating a happy Life filled with Inspiration is Becoming a master of  your thoughts, actions, health and spirituality.


I have given the LONG answer in 44 tips.

Why 44, you ask?

Because this month I will turn 44, so I wanted to honor the years of my very own life with the answer to my sweet daughter.

#1: By overcoming your tendencies toward indulgence and bad habits through dedication and self control.

#2: By strengthening your willpower.

#3: By transforming your disposition of character each and every day.

#4: By deliberately doing good things and being helpful to all.

#5: By respecting the life around you and showing compassion to all of nature.

#6: By gaining understanding that all life is connected.

#7: By recognizing that thoughts are manifestations and creations.

#8: By learning from what the past was and what the future can be.

#9: By becoming humble and expressing gratitude for all the blessings you receive.

#10: By loving GOD, yourself, and others.

#11: By becoming wise instead of smart.

#12: By keeping your brain mentally stimulated.

#13: By working in a job that you love to do.

#14: By learning from the innocence of children.

#15: By feeling and connecting with the light that flows forever from your heart.

#16: By having so much faith that you have no room for fear in your mind.

#17: By searching for and FINDING the kingdom of Heaven within.

#18: By becoming kind and loving to plants and animals.

#19: By working as hard in your relationships as you do in your job.

#20: By providing selfless service to others.

#21: By thinking about other people more than you think about yourself.

#22: By talking less and listening more.

#23: By giving more than you receive.

#24: By listening to your body and providing it with clean food and water.

#25: By understanding the divine power within.

#26: By forgiving people who have done you harm.

#27: By living in the present moment.

#28: By following your passions and destiny.

#29: By living as if today is your last day.

#30: By understanding that anger destroys peace, neutralizes love, creates hatred, and causes enemies.

#31: By recognizing, controlling, and releasing your anger efficiently.

#32: By doing things that make you laugh.

#33: By hugging people heart to heart.

#34: By reducing your attachment to material things.

#35: By never criticizing or blaming others, either to their face or behind their back.

#36: By never speaking an unkind word.

#37: By not stealing or telling lies.

#38: By always working on methods of self-improvement.

#39: By recognizing and controlling the ego.

#40: By acknowledging your mistakes and trying not to make the same ones in the future.

#41: By not bragging about how much money or possessions you have.

#42: By spending time each and every day in prayer.

#43: By honoring your parents and the lessons they instilled in your life.

#44: By realizing that all of the above can be accomplished with the power and practice of love!


Hopefully a few of these tips will make it onto her top 10 list, where she will choose to use them daily to create a life for herself that is memorable and inspiring to others.

I hope that you too will find a few of these tips helpful in creating your own beautiful life!


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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