Goodbye to my Sweet Uncle Clifton



uncle cliff







Funeral Poems for Dad | the poem we used for my dad's funeral | quotes:




I read this poem last night and wanted to share it with my friends and family.

Yesterday, my dad’s oldest brother Clifton was laid to rest.

He was a great man who loved his life as a cowboy.

He loved to farm,

And to manage his herd of cows,

He was hands down the BEST mechanic I have ever known.

There was nothing my uncle could not fix…except for the cancer that took his life.

He has left behind a beautiful legacy that will carry us through these hard days.

He was a Soldier, who received his military honors from the American Legion.

When they dedicated his grave and thanked him for his service to our country, then fired his 21 gun salute, followed by a rendition of Taps…

There was not a dry eye in the crowd.

He was a family man through and through!


That was so evident yesterday at his funeral.

He had well over a hundred family members and friends there to mark his passing.


We shared fond memories with each other.

We shared some tears.

But most of all we shared a great love for an amazing man.

So, till we meet again Uncle Clifton, I will be looking for you in your beloved sunsets.

Love you!



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