The Backdrop for “Off Their Rockers” a school play that my kids are performing in.

My daughters teacher approached me and asked me if I would be willing to paint the backdrop for their upcoming school play. They are doing the musical, “Off their Rockers” in March, so the teacher needed a backdrop that would look like the inside of a rest home. So I purchased two canvas drop cloths that were each 6′ x 9′ and started to paint. Here are the pictures of the process and the finished project. I will post a follow up when they actually do the program and have all the kids in place with the backdrop. But for now. Here is the REST HOME COMMON ROOM.   IMG_0068             You have to look close, but you can see how I have used a charcoal pencil to trace the picture onto the canvas.   IMG_0070           The next step when I am painting a mural of this size is to paint the biggest areas first. For me, it’s just a “mind” trick. I feel like I have made a ton of progress when I get the big areas in, because you can start to see the picture emerge around the painted areas. IMG_0054             Once you start to fill in the images, the project starts to get fun. IMG_0057               If you look close you can see that I have painted the glass in the fireplace surround, and the light in the corner now has some color on it too. IMG_0058               Now we have the rocks on the fireplace, the hearth is blocked in, and the rug has the boarder completed. The vases on the mantle are also starting to take shape. IMG_0067               This is the first of the two canvases to be finished. If you look close in the bottom left corner, you can see the shape of part of the coffee table. That is just there to make sure that I line up the two canvases correctly when we sew them together to make one big 6′ x 18′ mural of the Rest Home.   So… Now lets watch the second canvas take shape…   IMG_0072             Here is the couch that will be facing the fireplace when the two pieces are sewn together. You can also see that the French Doors in the background are blocked in and just awaiting the detail to be added. IMG_0075             I just finished the coffee table and the sofa table behind the couch. The beauty in the picture is my daughter helping me paint the squares on the boarder of the rug. IMG_0077               We are almost finished. I need to decide what kind of art work I will put in the frames on the walls, and then I need to add the details to the room around the corner that will add even more dimension to this mural. IMG_0081               Here is the second canvas all finished. Now lets see them side by side. They are not sewn together yet, and still need a few touch ups now that they are side by side, but for the most part this project is finished… and it only took me 18 hrs. IMG_0084               Don’t mind the clutter, I tend to get a little spread out when I do these murals. But, that’s all just part of the creative process! I would love to hear your thoughts about this project in the comment section below.          


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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