Reset Your GPS (Gratitude Positioning System) For Cloud 9

One of the things I love the most about our modern technology is the invention of the GPS device.

No matter where you are in the world, it will give you PRECISE directions that will allow you to drive directly to your chosen destination.

Have you ever wished that someone would invent a GPS that would help you navigate through the emotional twists and turns in life like the GPS?

I know that I would pay really good money for that device!

But lets stop for just a moment and really think about this idea because I believe that we already possess inside ourselves this very device.


It is powered by Gratitude.

When you encounter situations that make you feel YUCKY…

That is a good indicator that you have taken a wrong turn, and that you require a course correction.

And when you encounter moments of pure bliss, you are obviously on the right road.

Our inner GPS is probably just as accurate as the man made device, we just don’t trust the inner GPS like we do the man made one.

But what if you could learn to trust your inner wisdom more?

How do you think that would affect your daily experiences?

Imagine for a moment that you walk into a room and feel that strange sense of foreboding…

But instead of ignoring it like you would have in the past, you take that as a sign that you might need to take a detour before you end up off course,
so you immediately begin to “hone in” on the reason for your unease.
You spot a friend that is always dragging you into her drama,
( and you have promised yourself that you will no longer be her unwitting victim.)
You instantly know that the uneasy feeling is because you know that there will be an encounter with her.
You have two options.
#1 Leave the room.
#2 Decide to face this problem and make any necessary course corrections that will once and for all eliminate this “bump in the road” from your life.


Learning to listen to your own inner GPS is a skill that will literally take your life from uncertainty to cloud 9 almost over night.

From birth to this point in your life, you are an beautiful blend of your combined life experiences.

They are the events and interactions with others that have defined you,

from childhood games of playing house in cardboard boxes

to tumultuous adult bedroom alliances.

Each scene of your life blends with the others to create your road map–or at least the map that defines you.

It is kind of like the story that you’ve scripted so far.

Your story is, in fact, just a story.

The beauty of the life you live is that you can “COURSE CORRECT” your story any time you want!

You are the cartographer of every scene in your life.

are the one who gets to choose how want to be in your story.

Which direction want the story to take,

And how want to interpret it.

In other words, your entire life is based on your scene translations.

Unfortunately, you can’t see into your own future.

So it is not always clear what the consequences of your decisions will be or how you will hold the resulting outcomes or stories in your mind.

Like many people, you probably define the subsequent experiences as either “good” or “bad.”

You judge yourself as “wrong” or as having made a mistake if things don’t work out the way you intended.

This is where listening to your inner GPS can make your life blissful…


A GPS navigation unit on a road leading to a question mark symbolizing finding a route


Defining events that occur as good or bad presupposes that you are a casualty rather than a power player in your own life.

The truth is there are no mistakes in life, but there are choices.

Admittedly, some of your choices have been or will be better than others, but the beauty of having the ability to choose is that you are in charge of what happens to you.


And with every choice you make, for better or worse, there are lessons to be learned and personal growth to be attained.

That is really what your life and being in relationship are all about.

The more you learn and grow, the more confident a person you will become.

Take time to reflect on your key life experiences.

These events and your responses (or thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately, choices) to these events have led you to become who you are today.

Your thoughts became your beliefs, and your beliefs became your life path.

Now it’s your choice to redefine the experiences and if necessary, make a few course corrections and begin a whole new journey to create the enviable new life you desire.

Reset Your GPS for could 9!


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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