5 ways to INSTANTLY improve your life.

Would you like to FINALLY Start Giving Yourself What You Really Want?

Today I am going to give you   fail proof tips that are  to improve your life



That is a pretty big promise, but it is one that I am extremely comfortable making to you.



I have tested all of these tips in my very own life and know with out a doubt that they are powerful, and life changing.

I wanted to share them with you because the Holiday where we celebrate love is quickly approaching and if there is one thing I have discovered, it is that you CANNOT accept love from another person, if you aren’t already in love with yourself.

So today, I am giving you some powerful tips that will jump start your love life and have you ready for the BEST Valentines Day of your life.

It’s a little-known secret that the things that we are experiencing in life, in any given moment, are a direct reflection of what we are actually valuing in that exact same moment.

We may deny this unsettling truth.

When it comes to all of the many people and things that we are in relationship with both inwardly and outwardly, actions speak louder than words —

AND, seen or not, all actions are a CHOICE of one kind or another.

Nothing in the entire world can force us to choose to act against ourselves.

What do I mean by that?

When we   to act against ourselves, we make the  to Live in sorrow,

Live with anger,

OR refuse to let go of the regrets from a bad choice we have made.

These negative attitudes NEVER dance alone;

They must have a partner to produce their pain.

 Which brings me to this good news:


You can be set free from the painful embrace of any unhappy thought or feeling in the same moment you see that you have been tricked into dancing that troubled tango.


 I am going to now share my  TIPS so that you will have the tools you need to choose to live your life with a higher self-awareness.

That higher self awareness will naturally help you choose a dance partner that will show you how truly effortless it is to start giving yourself what you really want.

So now let’s get to those  Tips I promised you, Shall We?


When you finally want peace within yourself MORE THAN you want to feel agitated over unwanted events taking place around you… 

Then you will know the serenity for which you long.

Think about that for just a moment…

If Inner Peace is your ,

Then the little things you encounter every day will not have the ability to upset you like they did before.

You will begin to see that inside your Beautiful Day, there are small annoyances…and that is all they will be, an annoyance, nothing more.

Your day no longer needs to be ruined by a small problem that can be solved in minutes and then forgotten.

Image result for small problem

TIP #2: 

When you want to be at Ease with yourself around friends and strangers alike MORE THAN you want that uneasy feeling that comes with desperately trying to win their approval…

Then you will know the quiet self-command for which you long.

How many times have you worried yourself sick about some upcoming event?

How many times have you made yourself miserable at a party worrying about what everyone is thinking about you?

If you NEVER want that to happen again remember this one simple truth:

If you can just accept that you are doing the best you can with what you have in this moment, you will find that EASE you so badly desire.

And the bonus with this tip is that Self-Confidence is one of the sexiest qualities a human can possess. It makes you irresistible to people, so focus on liking yourself and people won’t be able to resist you!


TIP #3:

When you want to be patient with others MORE THAN you want to feel frustrated over their inability to please you…

Then you will enjoy the tolerance that will give you peace.


When someone says or does something hurtful to me, I have made it a habit to let it go the first time and just chalk it up to the fact that they were distracted or having a bad day, and it has nothing to do with me…

I do not react to someones behavior until I see that behavior repeated at least three times, then I KNOW it actually does have something to do with me.

I respond accordingly… and then I LET IT GO!


TIP #4: 

When you want authority over yourself MORE THAN you want the conflict that comes with trying to control others’ behavior…

Then you will know the self-control for which you long.

 self control







With this tip you simply have to acknowledge that the only person you have any control over is yourself.




Let go of the need to CHANGE others, and focus on changing the one person who you can actually control…YOU!


TIP #5: 

When you want to bask in the fullness of the present moment MORE THAN you want the sinking feeling that you’re missing out on life…

Then you will know the unshakable sense of wholeness for which you long.

This one is !

You will NEVER have peace if you are living in the past OR the future.

Life is made beautiful by the little things that are happening RIGHT NOW, and if you are missing out on those, your life will feel flat and meaningless.

So choose to be  and watch your life  bloom!


SO there you have it…

My  tips  to improve your life.

Go out and start getting yourself ready for the BEST Valentines Day ever!



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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