Which Neighborhood do you live in?

There seems to be two neighborhoods people live their lives in –


In the Scarcity Neighborhood people find themselves
full of doubt,
lacking passion,
and often
just going through the motions.
They are rarely living their dreams.
In the Abundance Neighborhood people still have some problems,
they also have gratitude,
and they can see the resources that they need to move them into the life they want.
They take action and move closer to living the life of their dreams everyday.

Which Neighborhood Do You Want to Live In?


Maybe you’re not sure which neighborhood you even live in.

Your inner dialogue is the best indicator of where you are. 
If you are in the Scarcity Neighborhood you probably believe you aren’t enough, that you don’t deserve to have the money you want, that maybe no one will really love you…
If you’re in the Abundance Neighborhood your inner voices will be consistently cheering you on, letting you know you are amazing and guiding you to the path that brings more abundance.
Maybe it’s time for you to move.
It’s pretty difficult to keep a place in both neighborhoods.
We develop habits of mind and heart that keep us in one or the other.
So choose today which side of life your going to live on and then take the necessary steps to make the move!

I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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