So often, as I engage in conversations with the people in my life, I can’t help but notice the negative tone of almost every single conversation.

It seems like we are all incapable of seeing the blessings that surround us in our lives.

Instead we insist on focusing on all the negativity that we can possible GLUM onto, and then begin to desperately try to make that negativity “mean something” about our lives.

I know for me personally, I used to be STUCK in this very same spiral of self pity and negativity.

I would exaggerate my situation to make it seem even more traumatic than it actually was.

I guess I was hoping that if I could convince enough people that my life was painful, and that I was an innocent victim who did not deserve any of this because of how wonderful and good I was…


Someone would come charging in , sward drawn and rescue me from my life of intense pain and stop IMMEDIATELY all the injustices that I was suffering from.

Problem was…There was no knight in shining armor that was EVER going to come and MAGICALLY solve all my problems…

My problems were a result of my choices, and my attitude.

I was bringing into my life the EXACT experiences that I so desperately wanted to escape from by my constant story telling, and negative emotions.

I hated my life, and life was hating me right back! 

life hates me








But thankfully, I had the presence of mind to study books written by people who are happy, in an attempt to discover their secret.

What I learned was this:

You are not diminished by your pain.
Your spirituality is not measured by the presence or absence of difficulty in your life.
Challenge is not a punishment or a reward.
It is not a reflection of your value to the world.
it is, however, a reflection of your choice to grow and learn and make mistakes.
Although your thoughts and attitudes attract and create your life, you are not your thoughts.

I learned these powerful truths in the book  by Paul Williams, REMEMBER YOUR ESSENCE.

One of my favorite quotes from that book is this:

“Your thoughts control your experience of reality. But your thoughts cannot affect, or change, or control, or even touch who you are.”

Remembering your essence, that we are all creations of God, with the ability to literally house His spirit within ourselves, can’t help but make you feel more powerful.

Think about that for just one second:

You have the ability to be one with your creator through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

This knowledge alone has the power to awaken you to the realization that humans are magnificent beings with unlimited potential.

Challenge yourself to look beyond the circumstances of your life and recognize the truly magnificent soul inside.

Then, look beyond the circumstances of every person you meet and see his or her essence.


We are all children of God.

Allow that awareness to change the way you interact with life.

In the book The Game of Life and How to Play It, Florence Scovel Shinn proposes that if one person holds another in a vision of wholeness, that person cannot fail.

Do you hold yourself in a vision of wholeness?

How do you see the people around you:

your parents,




Is the first thought you have of them about their failures?

Or, can you be the one person who sees them in the wholeness of their path as a person with divine essence, growing, and learning what it means to be a divine creation?

If you turn on the news, it becomes obvious that we are in a planetary time of transition.

In 2012 we were inundated with talk of Ancient cultures like the Maya who have said this is a time of expansion when the old will crumble to make way for the new.

Certainly the old is crumbling as economies, governments and religious institutions fail.

The planet itself is in flux: earthquakes, volcanoes, and extreme weather occur more frequently.

In this transition, I believe that we have the unique opportunity to embrace the implication that everything is connected to everything else.


What if you choose to access your unlimited potential instead of living life as a small, negative thinking person?

This amazing change in your life can easily occur if you simply choose to engage with the Divine Energy that supports all life.

Through the act of controlling your thoughts with your mind and heart, you can’t help but shift your entire life experience to a more positive one.

In this time of uncertainty and upheaval it is more important than  ever to choose to live your life in a positive direction.

To be willing to set an example for the people that you interact with daily about the power of positive thinking.

What we do depends on our beliefs about reality and on what we hold as precious.
It’s time to define what we believe and what we treasure.

It’s time to engage life from the realm of the Divine and create our highest vision of wholeness.

Ultimately, we are all in this together.

In the transition underway, none of us makes it unless all of us do.

Enjoy life,

Enjoy this process of expansion,

And choose love.

Move beyond the polarity of good and bad,

Of US vs THEM,

And walk into the Divine knowledge of love.

Because that one decision will literally change EVERYTHING about your life.




I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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