The Wonder of Motherhood

Let’s be like a child for a moment and pretend that we have just enrolled in a very special and unique classroom.


 This classroom is where we will learn lessons that will transform us in ways we cannot possibly comprehend.

Are you ready to explore learning in a whole new way?

No tests?

No lists?

No meaningless homework?

In this classroom there will  always be an opportunity for one more chance.

In this classroom you never have to experience failure because you are allowed to proceed at your very own pace, and your mistakes are forgiven by a loving and kind teacher.


Would you agree to attend a school where there was no tuition, no commuting,

no schedules,

no degree requirements?

What if at this school you could enjoy recess all day long if you wanted and the teacher played and celebrated right along side of you?

In this special school, the teacher is fun and forgiving.

And in her classroom you can look into her eyes and find love and acceptance unmatched by any other guide on Earth?

This classroom is a learning space where you can let your spirit soar.

You are not required to stay quiet.

Your ideas and feelings and needs count.

You can laugh and sing and dance and love as much as you want.

You have probably already guessed that the classroom is called “MOTHERHOOD”,

You are the student…


Your child is the teacher.

That is why it is such a loving and safe place for you to be in.


Heed this warning all you who enter this classroom…

This is not a classroom for the faint of heart or spirit.

It is a place with a few very strict requirements –

ones that will involve courage,


painful discoveries,






and smells,


and, yes,

even some sleepless nights.

In order to learn the lessons that are being taught in this classroom you need to be willing to take full responsibility for yourself.

You have to be willing to open up to new ideas and patterns.

Because when you enter the classroom of MOTHERHOOD you are embarking on a journey where there is NO TURNING BACK even when the destination is so terrifying that you don’t know how you will survive it.

So while this can be a tough classroom, if you are willing to keep your eyes, ears, and hearts wide open your teacher will show you how to dance as if nobody is watching.

To work as if you don’t need the money.

Image result for intensity of a child

And to love as if you have never been hurt.

Children, whether our own or those we encounter along our way, create an exhilarating new opportunity for our own transformations.

They are one of the greatest factors in our own personal growth.

They offer us the chance to learn the lessons we missed before in our lives.

They show us how to live, love, play and forgive.

Their marvelous sense of wonder and sheer excitement in living reminds us to look at each new day, every single minute with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

Their innate sense of love and compassion and acceptance inspire us to engage with life at new and deeper levels.

Their love of learning and their courage to keep trying despite any setback, or supposed failure, encourages us to keep asking, keep daring, and to always take one more step forward in the direction of our goals.

Their natural instincts allow them to easily forgive. When I see the forgiving nature of my children it reminds me that I too need to learn to let go of my old patterns and old grievances.

I love the sheer magic that you can see in their sparkling eyes. Their true essence gives me every reason I need to greet each and every day as another peek inside the magic and mystery of life.

By responding to the opportunities that children provide, we learn anew how to reengage in life.

We are reminded how easy it really is to get un-stuck from our monotonous patterns where we do the same things, in the same way every day.

Image result for re-engage with life

They show us how to move on from a mistake and how to not repeat old miseries that have been keeping us from realizing our hopes and dreams.

This has been especially true when I talk to my own mother about her beloved grandchildren.






She seems to understand better than I ever could just how precious a child really is.

She has told me that with each new grandchild that has been added to her family she has seen a new opportunity to reengage with the divine spark of life.

They bring the sense of unconditional love straight from Heaven into our homes and give us a second chance to make things right in our own lives.



Children give us one of the most precious gifts we can ever receive –

An invitation to learn and grow and bloom ourselves in a classroom unlike any other we have ever known.

So if MOTHERHOOD is a classroom…

How important is it to learn the lessons that our children are teaching us?




I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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