My Pantry Redo with Dollar Tree Baskets

I have this AMAZING walk in Pantry in my house that I have been wanting to repaint and organize.

I finally had a long weekend to do just that.

I had seen these amazing hammered iron baskets on Pottery Barn for $35.00, and didn’t want to spend that much, but really wanted to have that look in my pantry.

So I went to the local Dollar Tree and purchased 8 of their baskets.

I then went to the paint store and bought 4 cans of KRYLON Hammered Iron spray paint.

The next thing I did was go to Walmart and buy a set of their chalkboard labels to put on my finished baskets.

Now that I had all my supplies ready, I couldn’t wait to get the project started.

Here are the pictures of my progress.

So as you can see…They are a very bright blue color.

This was NOT going to give me the look I was craving, so I laid out a giant tarp and started spray painting.

The next step, once the baskets were all painted was to paint the pantry itself.

I wanted it to be bright, but now just plain white. So I choose a light dove gray color to paint the walls and shelves.

pantry before







You can see the slight difference in the color on the walls as I am cutting in the corners with the gray.

So now…Here is the picture of the finished pantry..

pantry after










I love how it turned out. But I have to say, the BEST part was that this entire transformation only cost me $32.00. That is LESS THAN the cost of ONE basket from Pottery Barn.



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