How I updated a wall with 4 old pallets from a coal mine

I have a wall in my house that I really wanted to add old rustic wood to. I love the look and feel of old wood that if full of holes and character.

I have a friend who asked her hubby to bring me some pallets from his work at the coal mine.

When I saw the wood, I was BEYOND excited!

It was perfect for what I had in mind.

I have seen pallet walls all over PINTEREST, and loved the look of them, but what really sold me on them was when a friend asked us to paint her babies nursery and they had installed a pallet wall in her nursery.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was in real life.

Right then and there, I decided I just HAD to have one of my own.

So here are the pictures of the pallet wall in my house.

wall before






Here is what the wall looked like before we got started.

wall getting started






In this picture we have got three rows nailed up and have the wood ready for the fourth row.

wall all nailed up






So here is the wall all nailed up. I am so excited to see it with the different stain colors on it.

For this wall I will be using three colors of stain.

I have chosen Golden Oak, Mahogany, and Maple.

wall starting to stain






Here is the wall after I applied the mahogany stain to a few of the boards.

wall up close







Here is a close up look at the wall after all three colors have been applied.

finished wall







Here is a view of the finished wall.

different view finished wall






Just a different view of the finished wall.


wall all decorated







Here it  is with my Headboard Bench and Western Star trunk in front of it.

I am thrilled with the finished wall and so glad that I decided to make my very own PALLET WALL.










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