How Farming taught me to CULTIVATE an AMAZING Life

Claim the Power Over Troubled Thoughts and Feelings by Imagining a Beautifully Cultivated Garden:


As a teenager I had several friends who loved to Barrel race with their horses in local rodeos.

They taught me that a horse is very intuitive and can literally sense your emotions and will respond to them like a human.

From those early days playing around horses I learned something very profound about life, and finding contentment in my life:

I learned that when I follow the lead of people in my life who are anxious…and find myself feeling overwhelmed because I got caught up in their drama… Well,  that is exactly like letting the horse I am about to ride to convince me that I should be the one that is wearing the saddle!

The second thing that I learned growing up on a farm is how to prepare the land for seeds.

There is a very specific process that farmers follow before they ever plant those expensive seeds in the ground. 

They need to make sure that the ground in prepared and ready for the seeds so that they can be sure of a good crop once the seeds mature and grow.

As humans, we are just like those precious seeds that the farmer so carefully prepares to plant.

We are created by God with the intention to discover the truth of ourselves within ourselves.

Our lives — and all of the relationships that we are currently engaged with in the present moment — are the ground we must plow.

These “soils” in our life are seeded with our intention to be kind and true to one another.

We grow as our ability to give up our selfish ways becomes a priority in order to “grow” our relationships.

It is then that we can willingly begin to embrace whatever life lessons we need to further our inner development.

So what does it take for us to begin softening this “ground” within ourselves so that the truth within us may flower?

Before we can stand on the GROUND OF OUR LIVES we first need to understand that LOVE is the secret stuff of Reality.

The first step in preparing the soil in our lives is learning to love ourselves.

We spend more time with our-self than we will ever spend with anyone else,

And… if that relationship is toxic, your  “soil” can’t help but be contaminated as well.

We must learn to be with ourselves

To quietly be who and what we are in the NOW.

We need to see the futility of trying to be anything other than who our nature is guiding us to be RIGHT NOW, Today.

To do this we must learn to let go of those parts of our personalities that are never quite satisfied. never satisfied

We all suffer in areas of our lives that we just can’t accept.

We are forever wasting our precious moments trying to change the future.

So lets get back to our analogy of the Farmer Preparing the Soil…

So… once the farmer has the soil all tilled up and ready to start making the furrows where the water will flow down the land, the next thing he will do is to add nutrients to the soil to further ensure the health of the seeds.


So in the same way, you can add nutrients to your life by catching the negative thoughts or feeling that says,

“I am anxious,”

“I am scared,”

“I am mad,”


“I am in so much pain”

— the FIRST thing to do when these thoughts begin to surface is to come wide awake to yourself.

By taking the following inner action, you can deliberately snap yourself out of that dark shadow that is trying to darken the garden of your life and weave itself into your identity.

Rather than allowing yourself to be drawn into all the reasons that have appeared in your mind to justify why you should be



or cry,

reach instead for the shelter of surrender to a higher power.

Once you have checked in with the Lord and reassured yourself that you are held in the hands of your Creator…





Acknowledge that this negative state is present and pressing you to identify with its weak little life.

You must work diligently and consciously to drop everything  in that negative feeling except for the awareness of:

In other words…

Let go of any dark definition of yourself that may be trying to be draped over you.

Just stand there, in the Now, within the light of your awareness and allow your relationship with God to give you a new identity.


Then be still; just watch.

Be the new you that sees the moment as it is —

INSTEAD of being deceived into “seeing” whatever your negative beliefs want you to see so that it can go on stealing your life!

Your awareness of these troubled thoughts and feelings roaming through you will become the “nutrients in the soil” that will form the power that will keep their harmful and self-limiting influences from destroying your bountiful harvest and letting them take control over you.

Just as weeds can destroy a garden, so can negativity destroy your life!

Picture a garden that is full of weeds and the plants are being denied the light and water they need because of the stranglehold the weeds have on them.

Negative thoughts are no different than weeds.

Their aim is to get you to define yourself by identifying with their dark and defiling energies.

To literally block the light from ever reaching you, and providing you with the nourishment you need to thrive.


Your aim is to remember that who you really are cannot be confined by dark thoughts or feelings any more than the light from a bulb can be contained in its glass.

Stop giving so much attention to any setbacks that you may experience as you put forth these new inner efforts.

Whenever you find yourself a captive in the dark little kingdom of some anxious, unkind, troubled thought or feeling,

Just remember right then… your wish to be…

Grab that weed by the root and rip it our of your garden.

Pull out that weed that would have otherwise tried to define and limit you BY bringing yourself back into the peace and safety of your Surrender to the Lord.

That’s your part as the FARMER in your very own life.

The truth will handle the rest.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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