Our Christmas Decorations for 2015

My oldest son Tyler and I love to decorate our house every year for Christmas.

Each Year we try to out-do ourselves.

We don’t compete with anyone but ourselves.

We do it just for the fun time we have together designing and then creating a “ONE OF A KIND” display for our house.

So this year, we decided to create a fun Ginger Bread House display.

We called our yard Candy Cane Lane, and centered our ideas around that theme.

We hope that you will enjoy the pictures of our 2015 Christmas Display.



xmas house candy cane lane







This Sign that I found at our local Magnuson Lumber  was the inspiration piece that everything else was created around.

If we were going to have a “Candy Cane Lane, we needed to line our walkway with candy cane lights.

(These are so fun at night when they light up.)



So now that the side windows were decorated, I needed to do something fun with the three big windows on the other side of the porch.

So here is what we came up with.

So now that the windows were done, we needed to decorate the front door.

For this, I found some candy striped wrapping paper and just wrapped the front door in it and added ribbons and a bow and a little tag to mimic a gift.

xmas house front door








The last thing that needed to be decorated was the lawn out in front of the house.

I made three little gingerbread people and some large starlight mint candies to go go on either side of our Candy Cane Lane Post.

The last thing we did was to add seven starlight mint candies to the pitch detail on the front of the house and lined the window wells with sugar coated gumdrops.

We then hung over 1,000 lights on the house to illuminate all the decorations.

xmas house candy circles








We hope that all those who drive by will feel the Holiday Spirit that we tried hard to bring to our street.

We love decorating for the holiday and I hope that you enjoy the pictures.






I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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