Is it all a bad dream…OR is this REALLY Life?

Have you ever experienced one of those dreams where you are the last person alive on the planet?

Your wandering alone, hungry and afraid, with no one around to share your burden, or ease your fears.

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I hate the way you feel when you wake up from a dream like that!

The sad thing for me is that I have actually lived for years at a time feeling THAT alone and scared.

Have you ever felt so alone that you were convinced that if you died, nobody would even notice or care?

I have!

It was never true, of course. I have the most amazing parents and siblings, and they would have noticed,

my kids would have noticed…

But I was so mired in depression that I guess, I was the one who wouldn’t have noticed.

But things are so different now for me.

Depression has lost it’s hold on my life because I now understand that we are life itself.

That understanding has literally freed me from the unconscious terror that used to permeate my life, and made me feel so alone.

If you can somehow learn to develop an awareness that you are the very breath that sustains the body that you inhabit…

You will finally be able to hear the notes that will allow you to sing your unique symphony with life’s beautiful sounds and consciously hear the music of the entire orchestra.

With self-love and discipline, comes an acceptance of life as it is, with all its imperfections and glorious moments.

This acceptance literally has the power to release you from attachment to outcome.




Once you have experienced this level of acceptance, you no longer see people as competitors, or threats.

You stop judging their weaknesses, and start to connect with others from the heart.
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The willingness to intend, passionately, can be viewed as the compass of life.











Yesterday, I said that our heart is God’s compass for our lives.

Print a picture of a compass and use it as a reminder that you are always loved and protected by your creator.

With faith, love and intention, your compass will always point you in the direction of your very own “TRUE NORTH”.

It can remind you of your purpose.

Viewing life from the perch of loving intention broadens your vision and frees you from the need to make others wrong in order to be right.

By living out your own individual intentions in the present moment, you WILL create the probability of future based upon our conscious desire.

One of the most extra-ordinary experiences in life is the offering and accepting of forgiveness.

This has been HUGE for me on my journey from pain to love.

Forgiveness is hands down the most restorative process that exists to help you reclaim your innocence.

In an intimate loving interchange of forgiveness, the voice of condemnation is silenced.

It can no longer torment you once you have accepted responsibility for your own actions and the result of those actions.

Because in that sacred interchange of forgiveness, shame loses its power to keep us prisoner in the fortress of our own guilt for one more minute.

We are set free to love and be loved once more.

It REALLY is a privilege to offer forgiveness to another.

I understand better than most how difficult it can be to even CONSIDER forgiving a person who has abused you and caused irreparable damage to your soul.

But I beg you to trust me when I say:

In the giving of forgiveness you will receive the joy of liberation from judgment and guilt for your own contribution to any painful situation.

The universe celebrates every prodigal child who has returned from the self imposed exile of judgment.

When I was able to extend forgiveness to the men who had abused me, I found myself feeling almost as if I was a participant in some strange cosmic celebration.

My freedom from guilt and shame was GLORIOUS!

I then realized that the more I forgave, then more I was able to celebrate, and the more joyful I become.

In the past, I was the one who had made life very complicated.

I had allowed one bad choice to lead to others, and before I knew it I was mired in abuse and pain.

Back then the task of remembering that I was “life itself”, with the creative energy to intend miracles or heartache, seemed so daunting.

But forgiveness reconnected me to my roots and I now want to share this truth with you today:

It is so vitally important for you to be willing to take this restorative process of reclaiming your innocence one moment at a time.

Start by forgiving yourself for the choices you made that have led you to this place of pain.

Once you have begun the process of forgiving yourself, the next step of forgiving others is not quite as difficult as it once seemed.

And always Remember to celebrate each step you take along the road to recovery.

You are not alone, there are millions of others walking right beside you on this journey we call LIFE!


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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