As I was contemplating what I was going to write about today, it occurred to me that most of my posts are about the lessons I have learned during my lifetime.

I share them with you, from my heart, in hopes that my words can somehow make life easier for those who read my blog everyday.

That’s when it hit me…

I have over 2,000 followers that have found my content worth reading on a regular basis.

I have been published in a book where I shared the power of Love to heal our lives.

(“Love Heals” by Mary Tupy)

I have been asked to be a featured speaker at several events…

And all of this would NEVER have been possible if I had never taken the chance and began to open my heart up to total strangers!

So today I want all of you to know how important it is to NEVER underestimate the power of your heart.

Be bold.

Be daring.

Be courageous—shatter the mold.

Be your Self.

The world needs you.

You are Infinite.

You know this… yes?

You feel it in your bones.

Now, make it your reality.

Let your Highest Self dance in every ordinary moment and especially in those precious sacred times we all experience..

The same way I have learned to do…

By opening yourself to Wholeness, unashamed and unafraid.

Let others see your scars.


Know that you have valuable lessons to offer to the world.

Offer them in love, not judgement or condemnation,

Just be willing to share because that very willingness just might make life beautiful for someone you have never even met.

Allow your divinity to move into the moment and watch as it transforms your life, simply through your observation.

Have you ever played in the ocean and allowed yourself to act like those lazy seals?

They lay wherever they find a perch and just absorb all that glorious sunshine.

Have you ever allowed yourself to soak up the nourishing beams of divine light that is coming from the sun to just seep into your skin—it feels amazing!

Play in nature as often as you possibly can!

It will give new birth to that innocent child that still lives inside of you.


One of the greatest miracles that I discovered once I allowed my heart to be open and free was…

That my higher self had this amazing ability to transform my life.

Give your Highest Self permission to transform you.

If you give your Highest Self free reign over of your life, you will be handed creation in return.

Nearly eight years ago, I wrote a letter to my future husband.

In that letter I thanked him for everything he was. 

It was my intention at the time I wrote that letter to create the perfect situation where the man I was describing in that letter would cross paths with me, and we would meet and fall in love.

It took over 8 years to happen…but it did happen. Jeff is exactly like the future husband I wrote to all those years ago.

me and jeff








So from that experience, I learned that the genius behind this manifesting universe was, “Me in partnership with God.”

The trick to unleashing this power of co-creation lies in your ability to COMPLETELY surrender to the power and love of God.

The surrender is internal.


We all carry the spark of the divine within us.

God is the best parts of you that you are longing to be.

Enlightenment is the freedom that you crave so intensely, you can taste it…

It’s the embrace that no earthly lover (alone) can satisfy.

Let God’s love run rampant in your life.

Then sit back and watch as life gives you so many things to love, and be grateful for.

Speak aloud the permission for God to break down every boundary you have set up in a vain attempt to protect yourself.

If God could create this world, don’t you think it only makes sense to trust Him with your life?

Demand infinite love to forge new paths.

Like a great forest fire,

let this love burn through obstacles currently hindering your life.


If you do, I promise you… you will wake up and realize the options are limitless.

Then, with fresh eyes beaming with devotion and clarity, allow your heart to move you through this world.

Your heart is God’s compass.

You will feel as infinity feels (within this human body.)

Don’t be ashamed that you are human, or feel imperfect—that you live in a society with many injustices, and so few solutions.

Simply love your small self like a mother loves her child: with great care and acceptance.

Once you learn this self-love you will become a lighthouse for the people who cross your path.

You will have the internal strength to shift the tides in your life.
Then you will begin to experience every moment of human life with Presence and care.

You will have discovered how to feel the emotions echoing in your body, and be free to allow these powerful feelings to be honored and felt.

Watch as these feelings become the formless dance you have committed to with Divinity.

Allow them to move you, un-judged.

For once you have felt the range of human emotions you can look at the lives of others with unyielding compassion and understanding.

Meditate, pray and unplug from collective un-consciousness as much as you are able.

Then share what you have learned with as many people as you can, because then, in some small way you are contributing to the healing of our world.

Be diligent.

Be balanced.

Awaken yourself first.

The rest will follow.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

Talk to you again soon!


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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