Watch me transform my bedroom into Arches National Park…

When Jeff and I were first dating we had our first “ALL DAY” date at Arches National Park. We spent the day hiking and taking amazing pictures, but mostly we spent the day falling in love with each other.

As we have looked back on our history together, we have both agreed several times that it was on that day that we both knew that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Then last year on November 15, 2014. Jeff un-officially purposed to me in Moab as we were hiking around the Arches in the area.

So I wanted to do something really special for him to commemorate the mile-stones we shared together under the arches in Moab.

So this weekend I set to work creating a mural that would be the focal point of our bedroom at home.

Now each night as we fall asleep together we can be reminded of the day that we fell in love and also of the day that we committed to spending the rest of our lives together.


Enjoy the pictures as you watch me transform our room into a scene from Arches National Park.

bedroom inspiration picture






This is the inspiration picture that I will use as a guide for this mural.


bedroom before







Here is the wall in the room that I will be painting the mural on… In all of it’s boring white nothingness…

bedroom with the sky blocked in







In this picture, I have blocked in the area will the sky will be.

bedroom wall with arch on but walls white







Next step was to use some drywall mud to create the texture that will make this arch look like actual rocks when I am finished.

bedroom with entire arch




bedroom with the arch detail mudded on






Here is a look at the entire Arch and a close up view of the details I added with the drywall mud.

bedroom with window wall painted

bedroom with walls painted but arch wet











These two pictures show the light sandstone color that I painted the other 3 walls in the bedroom with.

bedroom with the arch base coated






After I had let the Arch dry overnight, I was now ready to start the exciting process of turning my room into a scene from Arches National Park.

In this picture, I am base coating the arch with a warm nutmeg color.



bedroom with arch wall base coated






Here you can see the entire Arch wall is base coated, now I will start to add the details that will make this wall look real.




bedroom with a side view of arch detail










You can see how I am using a dark shade of burgundy to accentuate the rocks that I formed yesterday with the drywall mud.



bedroom with arch up close






In this picture you can see how I am adding the shelf at the top of the arch that you could see in the inspiration picture. I am doing this by using both the dark burgundy, and black paint.




bedroom with details starting on arch






I just continue to add layers of paint and gradually the rocks will begin to mimic real rocks.




bedroom with arch detail almost finished






So as you can see, the Arch now has a three dimensional look on the wall. I am happy with it and am ready to bring back in the furniture and decorate the room and surprise Jeff.




bedroom with desk








This is a desk that I found at a second hand store and refinished to compliment the room.

(I will post the “before” and “after” pictures of the desk next.)



bedroom finished 1






Here is the finished wall with my bed in front of it. Now we can sleep under our special Arch.



bedroom finished 2








Here is the view from a different angle.


I would love to hear your thoughts.

Please post comments below.











2 thoughts on “Watch me transform my bedroom into Arches National Park…

  1. I’ve been to Arches, spending a few days in Moab. The thing that surprised me after seeing the beautiful, pristine photo, was actually getting there and being shocked by the reality of hundreds of people under and around the arch. Getting a photo of my own without people under it was a little more difficult!

    Seeing it at sunrise, however, was worth it the effort of the hike.

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