If I could leave one piece of wisdom to the people on this planet before I go it would be…

That we always have a choice.

We have a choice of not only what we put in our mouths for nutrition…

But, have you taken the time to STOP and consider that you also have a CHOICE about what you put into  your minds.

You actually have a SAY in how you decide to live your life.

So much emphasis is placed on exercise and physical health, and that is indeed important.

But we have to remember our emotional/spiritual health as well.

We must choose to only accept POSITIVE THOUGHTS,


And remember with every exhale we have the ability to make a different choice.

And with every choice we have the ability to create a different opportunity.

And with different opportunities comes different realities for ourselves.

Let’s think of it this way…

In the medical world if you were given a life-changing diagnosis, You would most likely get a second opinion before deciding how to proceed from here…

(Unless there is some pressing issue that must run you into the emergency room or operating room right now)

You would naturally want to  explore other options.

One of those other options might be to use alternative medicine for example.

But here again… The same thing would apply to the alternative medicine practices.

The point I am trying to make here is simply this:

There is always another method,

another person,

another philosophy

that may help you.

Sometimes we feel so stuck.

So trapped in the patterns that we have known since childhood and beyond.
but today, I want to remind you that,
in reality,
we create everything that is around us.

We can CHANGE our stress response, for example.
(since we can’t actually stop the stress).
Stress is inevitable.

Things external to ourselves, outside of our control are going to happen.

The only thing we can control is our response to that stress.


We do have a say in the thoughts that we have about it.

We are in complete control over our reaction to it.

This is within our ability to influence and eventually learn to  control.

And it is purely and unequivocally a choice!

So decide right now that as you move forward in your life you WILL take the risk to make a different choice and to live a different life.

I mean…

What is the point of having a bucket list that just sits there with nothing ever crossed off?

Why are you saving the good China for the special company?

Use it on everyday occasions to celebrate the opportunity to eat a meal with your loved ones.

Or the beautiful lingerie for that special night?

Why not add spice to your marriage and surprise him for no reason at all?

I know it sounds cliche…



You never know when your life is going to change and you will no longer have the opportunities to do these things.

This point has been brought home to me this past year in a very powerful and often painful way.

My Dad has always been extremely active.

When I was young he usually worked two, sometimes three jobs to provide for us.

In addition to all that, he also had a 40 acre farm that needed his care.

But last year he suffered a stroke that has almost rendered him immobile.

He can still get around a little bit with the help of a cane, but he is not able to stand for more than a few minutes at a time before his legs buckle underneath him.

Watching his life change so drastically in LITERALLY one day, has been a powerful reminder to me to take each day and wring as much love, happiness and pleasure out of it as I possibly can.

I have recommitted to loving my family so well that they will NEVER have to wonder if I cared.

I perform my duties at work as if my life depended on them.

And I enjoy my hobbies and relish the fact that they are my lifeline, my passion, my joy!

 People are impressed and inspired by what I do.

And when they express that sentiment to me… I encourage them to go out and find their own passion.

I assure them that they have greatness inside of themselves too.


Start today to discover what one thing that is outside of your comfort zone just might be the catalyst that will propel you forward in life.

Make a different choice to live.



make choices,

create change.




I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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