Thank you For Your COURAGE and STRENGTH

I love this song because it speaks so powerfully about the dedication and sacrifice that our brave Soldiers exude on a daily basis and most of the time they don’t even give it a second thought.

This bravery is just WHO THEY ARE!

I am very passionate about the soldiers that protect us both home and abroad.

I was raised by a mother who lost her little brother in the Vietnam War.

Despite the fact that she understands the reality of Military Service more than most, she raised all seven of us with such pride for our Nation that she had two of her 5 son’s go on to serve our Nation proudly in the Military.

My sweet husband Jeff also served our Nation proudly in the Navy.










Today I want to personally Thank all the men and women who have or are currently serving our country.

You are ALL MY Hero’s!

I love you and want you to know just how much I love and appreciate all that you have willingly sacrificed to maintain the freedoms that we enjoy.

God Bless Our Troops.

We salute you!



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