Follow your INTUITION and let it escort you,

Sometimes life is hard…


It can still be filled with joy and happiness!

I love that line from the famous Harry Potter movies. There is such Wisdom in Dumbledore’s statement to Harry.

As you recall in the movie, Harry was doubting his abilities to defeat his enemies when his mentor spoke these words to him.

It is in our darkest moments that we need to remember that WE alone are the sole creator of the reality that we experience each and every day.

You may not always get what you think you want.

But trust me, when you grow older and look back on your life, you will see that you got what you needed.

You will look back and see how the pieces of your life seem to almost magically slip together in an awe-inspiring manner.

While we all strive to find happiness, we must also accept that there is a natural ebb and flow to it.

We will experience hard times.

Those trials allow us to experience more profound joy.

We cannot have one without the other!

So my advice to you today is this:

Sink deeply into bliss and use sorrow to enhance your appreciation of all joys.

To fully appreciate the happiness in our lives, we must teach ourselves to open up to it.

I always tell my kids that I can be having the BEST day, and still feel upset over some broken pipe that needs fixed at the school.

I want them to know that you can be happy no matter what outside situation you are dealing with.

Happiness is a choice that you must make OVER and OVER all day long!

We must learn to cherish the moments as we live them.

Happiness is all around us but we must train our brains to see what it is we seek.

It can be found in the cloud formations that you take the time to stop and appreciate.

It can be found in the hug from your beloved.

It can be found in your very own heart, just choose to SEE it, and it will appear everywhere.

You have total control over how you do this.


Should you ever find yourself in a state of ,
you can find comfort knowing that the mere state of desperation has the power to open you up to new solutions.
When you have exhausted all resources and feel you have nowhere else to go…
 will ALWAYS gift you with the opportunity to surrender to new ideas,
new emotions,
new actions,
and change out of nothing other than necessity.

Without desperation, the hand of change would seldom take ours to lead us somewhere new.

This glorious life you have been gifted is completely yours to design.

Life is full of choices but they all belong to you.

You must accept full responsibility for your life and understand that only when you are absolutely true to your heart’s desire, can you access your power source fully.

You came here to fulfill a purpose, if you do not know what that is yet, let your emotions guide you.

They are well in tune with your thoughts, even the ones buried deep within you that may never have been spoken out loud.

Follow your intuition and let it escort you, because it knows what your purpose is.

It is pushing you gently towards authenticity and bliss but you need to pay attention.


Accept responsibility for your thoughts and your mindsets – the good ones and the bad ones.

Accept responsibility for your emotions and listen carefully to what they tell you about your life as you live it.

Accept responsibility for your actions and do your best to align your thoughts,

Your emotions,

and your actions

From the HEAD DOWN and the HEART OUT.

Remember, it is never too late to adjust your sails and change direction.


When you come across fear…
And you will.
Pay attention to its message-

Then remember that when fear is paired with some type of positive action,

You can create confidence in the void that once held nothing but uncertainty and anxiety about what might be next.

Be brave.

Be Bold.

You have one life —

What are you going to do with it?

I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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