The path of least resistance…aka. “The Road to NOWHERE”

When I saw this quote this morning I knew I had to write about our tendency to take the easy way out in almost every area of our lives.

We often make this choice,

Then lament the fact that our life is flat and boring.

I would love to live like the river, it just tumbles over any ROCK that gets in it’s way, almost as if it wasn’t even there at all.

I want to ask a question and have you think about it throughout the day.

Where is the excitement in walking down an already established path?

There are few surprises.

Few unknown variables…

and no chance to test your strength and discover just how amazing you really are.

We rarely ever even realize that we are taking the path of least resistance in life – that low road that today I want to call  “The Road to Nowhere” –

Why do you think that is?

Is it because of how immediately we identify with the legion of thoughts and feelings that always appear in that exact same moment that we begin to suffer so we justify the “choices” we make to escape it?


Today I want to challenge you to…Risk Doing What is True for you.

So much of our daily direction seems to come out of default.

It seems that when we really want to do — or to be — something truly new and different, we almost always wind up doing just the opposite.

Instead of meeting the greater challenge, we find ourselves taking the path of least resistance.

We blame someone or something for our condition or sadly resent ourselves for our own weakness.

Right now in my own life, I am making this choice in a specific area that needs to be dealt with and handled, but day after day, I choose to just “hide” from the situation and hope that eventually it will just go away!

I am hoping that with determination, and a deliberate mental exercise, I will be able to discover how to become master, of the strong and subtle energies that actually decide my life choices.

I am a very introspective person.

So when life hands me a situation that brings up FEAR, I have learned that ignoring it will NOT make it go away…


Here I am once again allowing fear to chase me back into my shell and hide.


But thankfully, I am introspective,
so… I know that I will keep ruminating on this problem until I find the solution to it.


I am pretty sure the solution will be found in the hundreds of seemingly random life choices I make each and every day.

Becoming conscious of the inner influences that determine my decisions will allow me to have the necessary tools to take the reins of my destiny into my very own hands.

Taking a conscious risk involves making a choice to do what’s true, in spite of what that choice may cost you.

And that is where the FEAR comes from.

I think deep down we all know that there will be a price to pay, and we are afraid that we won’t be able to “pay the bill”

I am trying really hard in this situation to remind myself that  who I really am, is a daughter of the Most High God, and because of that I have nothing to fear.

I recently came across this story as I was helping my 14 yr old with a history report.

The story made me start to think of a way that I might be able to re-frame this current problem so that I can eventually find the courage to face it head on.

Here is a brief summery of the story:

“In earlier times, prospectors searched for gold along riverbanks and in the exposed beds of mountain streams. Besides knowing how to look for the right geological formations, where it was likely gold nuggets lay hidden just under the sandy gravel, the best prospectors also had a special trick up their sleeve that helped shift the odds of finding gold in their favor.

As they walked along the water’s edge, they placed themselves with the sun to their back and watched for a slight glint or golden flash in the sand. They knew from experience that where there were flakes of gold, there were also chunks.

It is my hope that by following a similar approach in my search for “inner gold”, I will eventually succeed in this exercise of taking conscious risks.”

So here is what I am going to start doing today,

(and I hope you will join me and work through your fears the same way.)


Watch yourself,

All the time,

Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing.

Watch for that telltale FLASH of resistance, anger, frustration, anxiety, or fear.

Then let your intuition lead you to the prize of a lifetime…










Since my usual reaction to any negative emotion is to avoid the condition or person I think is responsible for this feeling…

My mental exercise will be to…

Walk directly toward that very thing.

Even as I type those words, I can feel the panic and dread welling up in my chest.

But I will start with baby steps, and stop walking AWAY from what I perceive as being the source of my fear.

Starting today I will willingly walk toward it,

TREMBLING if I have to!

I will take the road less traveled.

I will Risk It!

I have faced many fears and obstacles in my Past so I KNOW for a fact, that the priceless inner gold of a fearless life is waiting there just under the surface of my weaknesses.

It is mine for the taking,

but first I have to step off the “Road to Nowhere”

And onto the unknown path and $$$ pay the price for my peace of mind.



2 thoughts on “The path of least resistance…aka. “The Road to NOWHERE”

  1. Ohh, this is a very positive post and positive look at our lives! You gave me a reason to think…although in my life everything is a real challenge, sometimes even I would not like to have it…but I definitely do not lead a boring life…

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