Here are the 4 room groups We refinished for the Home, Garden and Outdoor Expo in Price, Utah this weekend.

Here is the Flyer for the event.

home and Garden










“Little Buckaroo Bedroom”

little buckaroo bedroom pillows


1957 wonder horse on coat rack


little buckaroo bedroom bench 1

little buckaroo bedroom teal stand


little buckaroo bedroom red dresser



little buckaroo mirror





We found an old barn door and the 1957 Wonder Horse and used them for inspiration to design the entire room around.

The dresser and nightstand were thrift store finds. The dresser had a drawer that was broken beyond repair, so we improvised and turned it into a shelf to store games on.

The tops of both of them were pretty water damaged so we sanded off the damage and then covered them both in leather with the nail head detail to add that special cowboy flair.

We used the same leather on the bench and pillows to give the room a designer feel.

The mirror is a 16″x 20″ custom frame made from reclaimed oak that had been sitting outside for years. We added a small space at the bottom for pinning up notes or pictures.

I have already posted pictures of the Wonder Horse Coat rack, but here it is again in the room it was made for.



The next room we refinished for the expo is our


We built this room around an antique wooden box with grain carved on the kitchen cupboard accessories



We found an old beat up table at a thrift store, It was in really bad shape. We weren’t even sure we could make it look good it was that bad. But my sweetheart Jeff and his dad  took pity on us and did some carpentry magic for us and the final product is beautiful.

The next piece in this room is a sideboard that a friend gave us. It was in pretty good shape, it just needed to be painted and have some character added to make it special.

So, now we had a table and a sideboard, but we needed some chairs to go with the table. We found those in a thrift store and now we were set.

We began the tedious process of sanding and priming so that we could do the “FUN” part. Painting them to look like an old vintage fame set.

Here are the pictures of the finished kitchen set.

country kitchen all pieces together country kitchen canvas rooster country kitchen chair out country kitchen cupboard accessories country kitchen cupboard country kitchen table decorated country kitchen table molding close up w accessories country kitchen table molding country kitchen













The third room group we re-finished was a bathroom set.

In this group we found a really unique table that was in really bad shape at a thrift store. It had great bones, and we immediately thought of an old table that had been sitting on a deck by the ocean.

So we searched for just the perfect graphic to put on the table and once we had found it, we designed the entire room around that graphic.


Here are the pictures of our


beach cottage bathroom 2


beach cottage bathroom 1

beach cottage bathroom







Our final room group was a computer desk that we found at a thrift store. It had seen better days. It had broken drawers that were mismatched, and the top was pretty beat up.

(But I think our solution to the problem top was pretty genius.)

We fixed the drawers and drew giant daisies on the top and painted around them with high gloss black paint then added 3 coats of polyurethane to give it a bullet proof finish that will withstand any beating the lucky person who purchases it can give it.

daisy computer desk

daisy computer desk 1 daisy computer desk and chair 1 daisy computer desk and chair



Here are the pictures of our “DAISY DESK AND CHAIR”








I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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