This Weeks Projects.

Here is a custom order that I made for a customer. It is made out of an old pallet that I cut apart and sanded to create this picket fence with coat hooks to hang on the wall.








This is one of the Crosses that I created for a customer. It stands 18″ tall  on the stand. The cross alone is 16″ tall.

easter cross 1









Here is another order that I had for a different style of Cross that I created for a customer.

easter cross 2







I had a friend ask if I could make her these picture frames, one in blue, and one in red.

blue cross frame








red cross frame








The final project for this week was not ordered by anyone. I just painted it “Because” I am so thankful for the sacrifice that we celebrate this time of year that has removed my chains.

Amazing Grace!

chains are gone



















The Road To Nowhere

J. Wallace Hamilton tells a story in one of his sermons about a bunch of unemployed men during the Great Depression.

These men were given a job to build a road in the wilderness. They were ecstatic to have a job and enthusiastically began to build the road.

Their enthusiasm began to dim when they realized that the road they were building led to “NOWHERE”

J. Wallace Hamilton, concluded that

“Roads to nowhere are difficult to build.”

When we are not living out our purpose in life, we often find ourselves walking down one of these infamous

“Roads To Nowhere”

You may be working extra hard so you can get ahead in life.

Image result for executive


You might think that your purpose is to look good, so you spend your time in the gym, only to later realize that you were fighting a battle that nobody can hope to win.

Image result for working hard to get ahead

Roads like that are hard to build.

So what is the purpose of life then?

If it isn’t about getting ahead,


Looking better than everyone else.

This is the question that everyone asks.

Most of us will spend our entire lives trying to discover the answer to that question.

For myself, as I have gotten older, (and hopefully wiser), I find myself wondering if it is even possible to understand the purpose of life.

Yesterday, I was reading through some scriptures in the New Testament about the final week of the life of Christ.

As I was reading the story about Jesus and his Disciples at the Last Supper, It hit me.



I mean it really hit me, right between the eyes.

But before I tell you what I finally realized, I want to go back to the time when the Jews were slaves to Egypt.

God sent 9 supernatural plagues upon Egypt to persuade them to release the Jews from bondage.

But Pharaoh REFUSED.

So God sent a final plague.

He sent the Angel of Death to descend upon Egypt and take the life of every single first born son.

But God provided the Jews with a protection from this judgement.


One without blemish or defect.

The Jews were ordered by Moses to sacrifice the lamb and to paint their door post with the blood of that lamb. When the Angel of Death saw that blood, it would pass over that house.

The blood of that lamb would LITERALLY shield them from God’s wrath.

That lamb gave it’s life so they could be saved!

Now let’s jump back to the night of the Last Supper.

Jesus has gathered his Disciples together to celebrate the Feast of the Passover.

Imagine how profound and sacred this particular Passover feast must have been to Jesus that year.

He walks in to the room to find the disciples arguing over who among them was the greatest.

Jesus knows his time is almost up, and that there was no time for a mere sermon.

He needed to MAKE them understand how they were going to have to walk among the people after his death in order to spread the gospel.


He needed to SHOW them how to be a sheep among wolves.

So The God of creation, got down on his knees and washed the feet of His Disciples.

He even did something that is unthinkable to me.

He even washed the feet of his betrayer.

I am positive that there is not a human who has ever lived that would be strong enough and possess enough humility to wash the feet of the person who would in just a few hours deliver them to their enemies to be tortured and murdered, but that is exactly what Jesus did.

Are you like the disciples?

Do you fight and struggle to prove that you are the greatest among men?

Do you live your life acting as if the purpose of life is all about you?

Most of us, myself included have the tendency to put the focus on ourselves, and assume that we DESERVE the “Best seat at the Table”

That night the disciples were caught up in a fight that 2000 years later we are still fighting.

In 2000 years nothing has really changed in the human heart.

Now lets put our focus back on the washing of the feet because I don’t want you to miss the importance of this act of service.

The “washing of the Feet” was a job reserved for the very lowest servant in the house.

Yet Jesus lovingly took this disgusting job upon Himself just to SHOW His disciples what service LOOKED like.

So they could know what unconditional love FELT like.

And to have a perfect example of how one is to live a life of humility in service of others.

He modeled for them the perfect way to live a life of


While the disciples were busy fighting over who deserved the Highest Position…

The God of All Creation quietly takes the lowest.

He demonstrated a completely different way to live that night.

Every single day of my life I am given the opportunity to live a life of humility.

Some times I choose wisely and take the road of kindness and service.

But other days,

I fight over my right to have the best seat in the house.

The world wants us to believe that the PURPOSE of LIFE is to obtain all the power and prestige that is humanly possible while we are alive…


If that is truly the meaning of life, then why have the rates of


drug addiction,


and suicide risen so drastically in the last 50 yrs?

Image result for depression

The road that we have been called to build is not the road that leads us to NOWHERE…

God has called us to build a road to a place of HUMILITY where we can finally discover our Purpose and Meaning.

Image result for Road to humility



So, what I realized while reading the story of the “Last Supper” was that the true purpose of life is:

To love others.

To put their needs ahead of my own.

To be a “Foot Washer”

Can a question change your life?

I wrote this post last year, but thought it needed to be reblogged today.



 A good student of psychology knows this:

questions have an almost miraculous power to 
change behavior – for better or worse.

For example, next time you experience anything that appears to be misfortune, instead of asking …

“Why is this happening to me?” (an astoundingly 
dis-empowering question)

… ask:

“What can I do to improve this situation?”

really love this quote by Joe Sugarman, he said “In every apparent misfortune can be found the seeds of a greater good.”

What is that greater good this time?”

My success can be explained by a small handful of 
well-phrased questions.

Immediately following my second divorce, I started to ask myself what I had done to create this situation in my life.

I made the decision to NOT date at all until I felt that I had figured out why I was unable to hold a marriage together.

Divorce is such a…

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What I have Learned from the Doors I have walked through so far….

Up to this point in my life, if someone were to stop me and ask me if I thought life was fair, I would answer them with a resounding YES!


Ten years ago, my answer to that very same question would have been a completely different answer.

Ten years ago, I DEFINITELY believed that life was anything BUT fair. Life was out to get me. I was totally convinced of that fact.

One of the things that I truly detest at work is when I hear a child utter the statement, “That’s not fair.”

The reason I cringe when I hear that is because while life may not always SEEM to be fair…

In the end I believe that life has a magical way of working itself out.


Like I discussed last week…

Closed doors are necessary in order for new ones to open.

It is not usually fun to experience a closing door.

Humans as a general rule detest change, and a closing door in your life almost always means change.

But along the way, as I have been in the business of living, I have learned a few tricks that make those closing and opening doors a  little easier to cope with and that is what I want to share with you today.

It is my belief that the most important things in life, are the lessons we learn while we are here.


Through our passion,and Our willingness to take risks,

We can develop the assurance that it is OKAY to fail,

along with deep love and heartfelt relationships,

we learn the most important lessons in life.

A lifetime filled with lessons is your e-ticket ride to living passionately, with a sense of un-stoppability, and the deep desire to go for your dreams and chase what you love.


If you are not faced with tests throughout your life, there is no way to defend and clarify what you truly believe in.

These lessons teach you what is important to you, and you alone.

Simply put: They help you define your destiny.

So what have some of my lessons been?

First off, the secret to a life filled with happiness is to continually learn to

“Expect the UN-expected.”

Yes, try as I might, I can make plans, but I learned a long time ago that I am simply not in control of the outcome.


So instead of being upset about the unexpected, I’ve learned to embrace it.


I learned that by embracing and exploring the unknown, not only do I get the pleasure of walking down a new path, I get a new chance of discovery.

How exciting!

Where I once used to be paralyzed by the fear of the unknown, I am now free to enjoy a life that is guaranteed to be filled with endless opportunities to challenge and test me and lead me into new areas of life that would never have opened up if I had made the choice to stay stuck in fear.

Another lesson I’ve learned is to “let go.”

Sounds corny I know, but it is true.

For years, I would worry because I so desperately wanted to have the power to control everything. Since that power does not exist, I was constantly feeling frustrated and powerless.

I wanted to control the outcome.

I wanted things to be “right” or “perfect.”

One of the most beautiful days of my life was the day I woke up and realized that there was no such thing as “right”,

no “perfect.”

I realized that who I was and what I had to offer was enough.

Yes, that I, Melanie  Miera, was enough.

When I learned that lesson, I knew that I was on my way to truly understanding my self-worth.



I didn’t need Glamour magazine, or Business weekly’s definition of perfect, but mine.

I no longer had to be better,

or try harder,

or learn how to be.

I was enough.

And that my friends… is my greatest lesson of all.

And I urge you to look into the mirror today, and shout, scream, and holler, “I AM ENOUGH AS I AM.”


You know why?

Because you are.


I had a story published in a book!

I was asked last year to be part of a book written by Michelle Tupy where she compiled different love stories from people around the nation.

I was asked to write a chapter based on my experiences with love.

The book is finished and on sale.

So go out and get your copy and let me know what you think about my first published article.


Here is a copy of the email that Michelle sent me and it also contains all the links to purchase your own copy:

(Here is the entire email)

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Love Alters project is coming up to completion and I thank you all for your stories and for your patience.

You can now find the e-book published on Amazon ( with the paperback soon to follow.  I will provide a link as soon as I have one for you.
Feel free to keep up to date with everything on our Facebook page:
In order to claim your free copy, please note that the e-book will be offered free of charge on Amazon from the 23 of January until the 25 January so keep an eye on the above link.
For those who would be interested in submitting another story for our second volume, I am taking submissions although please note it will not be scheduled for publication until 2016 as I have quite a few things on including travelling from South America to North America in a VW Kombi with my family (but that’s a whole other story).  The subject of the second volume will be “the kindness of strangers”.  Situations where you (or others) may have found yourselves in need and help miraculously came to hand – with no expectation of money or assistance required in return.  If you know of anyone who may be interested in contributing then feel free to share my next project with your contacts or writer’s circles – the more the merrier.
I thank you again for your contribution.
If you have any questions or queries, please don’t  hesitate to get in touch.
Kind regards
Michelle Tupy