Vintage Game Boards

I had so much fun creating 6 vintage game boards this weekend for our shop at the Balace Rock Eatery and Pub.

 I have some very fond memories involving these old game boards.

My dads mother ( Grandma Willson) used to have a bunch of them at her house.

During family get-togethers, all of us kids would get them down and sit around her kitchen table and spend hours playing board games together.

So as the weather turned cold, I was reminded of these cold days at Grandmas house, and couldn’t help myself. I had to make some for our shop.

Here is the checker board from start to finish.

vintage game board checkers base coat



In this picture, I have penciled in the graph that will become my checker board,

and added some red to the areas that will become the border.




vintage game board checkers finished





Here is the finished Checker Board.







Next The Parcheesi Board

vintage game boards sorry base coat




Here it is with the design base coated, and a few of the details started.





vintage game boards sorry finished





Parcheesi Boad Finished.






Now for Chinese Checkers.


vintage game board chinese checkers pattern



In this picture, I have sketched out the overall design so I can start to paint.






vintage game boards chinese checkers base coat




Here it is with the base coat paint finished.





vintage game boards chinese checkers finished






All Finished.







Next was the BINGO board.

vintage game boards bingo base coat



Here is the BINGO board with the graph penciled in and the boarder painted burgandy.






vintage game board bingo finished


















The next game board I painted was the game TOCK.

vintage game board base coat close p



Here it is base coated.







vintage game boards x base coat






Here it is with the color details.





The last board is a game I do not know the name of but the graphics on the board were stunning so I made it anyway. 😉


vintage game boards ofline base coat



Here it is base coated.







vintage game boards some details












vintage game boards 3 finished












vintage game boards three more finished
















Here they are on display

and ready to sell.

vintage game boards at shop














If you are interested and would like to purchase them, you can go directly to the Balance Rock Eatery and Pub in Helper, Utah,


Leave your name and shipping information below and I will send them out.

We have priced them at $25.00 ea.

(If we ship them there will be charges added for the cost of shipping.)










2 thoughts on “Vintage Game Boards

  1. These games are classic – and works of art! I never noticed when I was younger that the Bingo board followed a pattern though – each column had a set span of numbers. For instance, a number 1 or 2 would only be under the B in the first column. This leads me to ask if this board is another version? Just curious – I’m not set on always playing by original rules – in our home, it’s House Rules!

    1. I am not sure. It is just a replica of my grandmas old board…
      And thank you for pointing that out. I am NOT a number person, I literally cannot see or remember numbers.
      I can remember facts from book I read 20 yrs ago, but can barely remember my best friends phone number.
      The day speed dial was invented was the best day of my life…;) lol.
      You made my day by pointing this out to me.
      And YES, I totally agree it is “house Rules” in our home as well.

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