Your Life Starts NOW!!!

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”
~Annie Dillard

I absolutely LOVE this quote.

This one sentence contains so much wisdom and truth.

Today I will attempt to dissect this quote and show how our lives are determined by how we spend our days.


Lets take a moment and repeat that quote,

And just allow it to really sink deeply into your mind.

It’s so true isn’t it?

The moments turn into days.

The days into weeks.

The weeks into months.

The months into years.

So it goes.

Our daily life is our real life.

Finding the everyday sacred is the key to creating a life you love.


And yet so often we feel inspired to make big changes in our minds and hearts…

But then fail to fully distill it down to the daily actions and commitments that will create the transformation.

And then we wonder why the change doesn’t stick or another year flies by and we feel like WE MISSED IT.



I have learned the powerful truth of this.

It took losing my son to convince me that tomorrow might not be a gift the Lord bestows on me. 

His death taught me to live each and every day as if it would be my last one.

Because of Victor,


I love deeper.

I laugh more often.

I express my creativity daily.

wolf zentangle

I honor the Lord constantly.

I am the mother I want to be.






Today I am encouraging all of you, my dear readers, to begin to investigate and get really CURIOUS and REAL about how to create a daily and weekly flow to honor your 2015.

Figure out for yourself exactly what it would look like if you were to bring your dreams into your daily life.

To make the change real!

When Victor died I was finally able to recognize some things that I had not been aware of before.

Things like;

How desperately hungry I was for a new rhythm that honors my time with my children.

My time with my beloved.

My time with my friends.

My time with myself.

And my time for my Great Work in the world. 

Don’t get me wrong…

Sometimes I feel like a “Juggler Gone Crazy”

Instead of the “Present and Tuned In” woman I long to be.

But today I am asking…

Will you join me and commit to taking some time to work ON your life, instead of IN your life?

The way that I have been able to accomplish this in my life was to create a Weekly flow schedule for myself.

Here’s a few of the items on my “flow” schedule:

  • daily walks.
  • a four-hour Sacred Space chunk on Sunday mornings to allow for worship, study, flow and spontaneity (THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!)
  • Twice a month date nights with my beloved (YES!!)
  • Mondays are my Mom Day where I spend quality time with my 4 children discussing their dreams and goals for the week. Then we follow this up with a spiritual lesson for the week.
  • Once a month taking one of my children out on a Date Night all by themselves.
  • Solid times dedicated to my art.

The truth is that if it isn’t in my calendar these days, it ain’t happening!

If I don’t put in time for myself
and time for exercise
and sacred time with my kiddos and my Beloved,
it just doesn’t happen.
And those things are the most important thing to me.

I have found such peace and rest since I started to accept the truth that the way I spend my day, is LITERALLY the way I will spend my life.

This realization has taught me how to live each day as if it were my last.

To set reasonable goals that I can work toward daily and see results quickly so that I can remain motivated and focused.

It has given me permission to take time out to:





I would love to hear comments on how you have personally incorporated thsi idea into your life.
So please share your ideas in the comment section below.

Today IS The BEST Day of Your Life!

Today it all gets better…


Today everything is working out for you. 
Today thins are going your way
Today your life is getting better


Today you’re on your way to having
and getting what you want…

You have dreams, 

You have hopes,
You have ambitions,


There are things you wan to do,
There are things you want in life.



And you just want things to get
better, you just need some changes.



You hope, you pray, you wish, and
you think maybe one day things will
get better.


They will and today’s that day.


Today you take charge of your life
and you start getting what you want.

Today you make those hopes, dreams
and wishes come true.


Matthew 11:28 

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

When you push the button on FAITH

and say YES to the Lord and all his promises

you are then and ONLY then able to… 

 Stay focused on what you want,

You can stop feeling guilty about the things that you don’t want

or what went wrong or didn’t work out.

You are able to REST in the knowledge that

He came to provide rest for the weary.

Isn’t it true that when you are well rested and comfortable you are better able to see life more clearly.

You can finally focus and think deeply about what you really want.

When your needs are fulfilled, you are free to then tell yourself you have what you want.
Tell yourself everything is working out for you and
you’re on the way to getting and having what you want.

Now direct your inner thoughts to see what purpose you have in this life that the Lord can use to further his message of hope.


You can do that by trusting your instincts.

The day I finally understood this idea, was the exact same day I stepped into my power.

I learned to guide and influence my surroundings by controlling my thoughts.

I would tell them that I trusted them to bring me exactly
what my heart desired.

I learned how to recognize truth.


The real secret to all of this is Faith.

That means you have to remove the doubts,

get rid of the fears,

eliminate the negative thinking.


Don’t give up on your dreams,
Don’t give up on your desires.


Believe in yourself, believe you can get
what you really want.

You just have to work with your inner thoughts and give them the
right instructions.



Your powers and your subconscious mind are
always at work, they’re always creating and
shaping your life.

You just have to tell  them exactly what you want,

you just have to give them the right instructions.


And it all starts with believing that you can
and will enjoy the life you want and deserve.

Yes you can.

So today – take charge.
Today you begin living the life you want

Let’s make this your best year ever…

Wishing you tremendous success…


One of my friends purchased a set of angel wings that I had made, and when she did she said, “You know why I love Angel Wings.”

humptys boutique 2




Unfortunately, I know all too well why she loves Angel Wings. 

We have both had to stand at the gravesite and say “goodbye” to one of our children.

That is a pain that no mother should ever have to live through. But, as we all know, millions of mothers experience this every day somewhere in the world.

So this conversation has led me to ponder on life.

Some lives seem riddled with sadness and even tragedy.

Many live a life of grief and despair.

And yet there are others who experience similar lives who somehow become stronger and decide to make a difference in the world.

What is it that determines a persons attitude during and after a tragedy?

I believe we have total control over how we respond to things that happen to us.

We can choose to remain a victim


After we have worked through our grief, we can decide to come out swinging.

I have had my fair share of sadness in my life –

Some from mistakes I’ve made,

Others from mistakes others have made.

The thing that will never cease to amaze me is how those tragedies have become the very thing that led me in the direction in my life that I am currently traveling.

 It was those mistakes and the pain have given me purpose and direction.

I have come to understand that the worst thing any of us can do is to begin to  measure ourselves according to our “possibilities”.


The reason I say this is because all such estimations of ourselves are always based in some secretly embraced evaluations of our own past.

And the one thing I know is that our past is tainted with emotions that prevent us from seeing ourselves clearly.

Memories can fade and gain a rosy glow, tainted by the passage of time and the vagaries of the mind.

People remember things with both fondness and regret.


I have found that when I am able to give myself over to what seems impossible to me…

Those are the moments when I am able to feel truly fulfilled in this life.

That was the very power that I utilized to transcend who I had been!

Never believe in any negative thought or feeling that would have you believe, “There’s no way!”

Always remember instead that real life is a secret and vital flux of possibilities rising up from the ground of what seems improbable.

What do I mean by this?

Think of how a spring flower manages to bloom in a once frozen field.

Only those who never give up, who persist with their wish to find and fulfill the promise of themselves, make this truly self-liberating discovery:

Places once seemed like they were impassable barriers to happiness  will magically become the very bridges you will cross to find your purpose and meaning in life.

BUT only if they are welcomed as a part of the journey.

Let me close with some sayings that have helped me throughout life:

Be kind to everyone no matter how they treat you. You don’t know what kind of day/life they have had.

The most important thing to look for in a partner is kindness and honesty.

Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. It doesn’t matter the cut of the cloth – we are all the same.

Very few things are emergencies. Take a deep breath and don’t chase after it. It will be there tomorrow.

Fix the problem, not the blame.

Whenever I look at an elderly person I try to think of how I can help them. Usually it is just a smile and a friendly conversation. Sometimes it is more. I might be the only person who talks to them all day. I feel better and so do they.

Every morning I am happy to have another day. I smile and am aware of how lucky I am.

Whenever I see someone who is hurting, who is homeless, who is afraid, I think, “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.” I don’t see them as different. I see them as someone who is just like me and who is carrying burdens I’m fortunate enough not to have to carry.

Figure out what you want on your tombstone. THAT will decide your purpose, the legacy you want to leave. I hope mine will be “She earned her rent on earth.”

You know you really love someone when you would take on all their pain if you could. How many times have I pled, “Please, God. If something bad is going to happen to one of my children today, let it be me instead.”

Today’s post is dedicated to Deborah for leading my thoughts in this direction today.

It is also dedicated to anyone who has ever had a broken heart.


I have had so much fun today painting two Carousel Horse projects for our shop…

Here are the pictures.

carousel horse before







We found a 1957 Wonder Bouncing Horse that had been taken off the mounts for a really good price, so we brought it home so we could brighten up the paint and make it into something wonderful.



carousel horse saddle flowers finished


Here is the saddle after I re-painted it.


carousel horse WONDER label


The WONDER brand




carousel horse finished face up close



Here is the face after re-painting.



carousel horse saddle flowers up close




So here is a HINT of the finished project. We drilled a hole in the center of the saddle so we could slip this horse over the COAT RACK.


carousel horse mounted up close






Here is the finished Project. Tomorrow after the glue has had time to set up, I will paint it black and you will never know it was there.

Then this horse will be taken to our shop where he will available for sale.





Here is the second Carousel Horse we re-painted today.

This one is a much smaller version. I will be a nice bedroom decoration. The basket will be perfect for catching that clutter that seems to accumulate on the top of your dresser.


basket horse 1


This horse started out white and very boring.  I thought it would look nice with and aged tourquoise look.





basket horse 2




I painted a basket to match the horse.





basket horse 3




And then I mounted them all together on a stand.





Let me know what you think of todays projects in the comment section below.






Carousel Horses.

Valentine Porch Decorations For Our Shop.

We have had so much fun designing

these bright and cheerful porch decorations.

They will be a really great way to Welcome

Your guests into your home during this season of LOVE…

valentine porch decor background



This is the first coat that I put on the backgrounds to make them look hip and funky.






valentine porch decor 1st beginning





Here is the base coat on the hearts.






valentine porch decor 3rd base coat



Here is another one of the boards with the hearts base coated. I did 4 total and they are all different.







valentine porch decor 3rd finished 1




Here is that same board with the details painted onto the hearts.






valentine porch decor heart balloon finished






All Finished.







valentine porch decor 1st middle heart up close

valentine porch decor 3 hearts finishedvalentine porch decor 3 hearts door hanger

Here is the 2nd board all finished. To add a little EXTRA fun,

I made a door hanger that exactly matches one of the hearts on each board.










valentine porch decor welcome finishedvalentine porch decor welcome heart door hanger


Here is the third set.











valentine porch decor floating hearts finished



valentine porch decor floating hearts door hanger

Here is the fourth set.








Are Good Men REALLY Like Unicorns???

It is my opinion that we are literally surrounded by

Good, Honorable men

who’s deepest desire is to make us women happy.

They want more than anything to be our heroes,

To be our Anchor…

To be our World.


They have been “taught” by us women to be afraid of stepping up

and assuming the leadership role that they were created to fill.

Lets remember ladies…

We were created to compliment the man, not rule over him.


I recently watched a video where former Mrs. America, Sheri Rose Shepherd was discussing her book,

She was talking about Gods view of men and women, and the role of leadership.

Now as a divorced woman whose husband decided to “Jump Ship” and leave the entire responsibility of the raising of our children to me…

I am not a big fan of trusting men.

I have learned from experience that if I want a job done, I have to do it myself.

I was raised by a wonderful, honorable man of God who took his responsibilities very seriously.

He loved my mom and us kids deeply.

He sacrificed to make sure that we had the things we needed.

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past August.


I am not completely ignorant to the POSSIBILITY that a man is capable of leading his wife and children,

I just have not had that privilege in my adult life with my ex-husband.

This is the very reason that I study and read these types of books.

I really wanted to find a man who is worthy of my devotion. 

Who I can trust with my children’s very lives.

And I am happy to report that the search is over, and I have found that man I will share my children and my life with.

(I love you Jeff)


So today, I want to share a few of the things I have learned.

I want to speak truth back into the world because I am the mother of two boys.

Someday, my sons will become a husband and a father.

That is a HUGE responsibility.

What kind of example and legacy are you leaving them?

If you doubt the reality of what I am saying, just think about your mother in law…

How has she influenced your husband?

How does she continue to influence him today?

How do you want your future daughter-in-laws to feel about you?

Think about those questions as I re-tell the story that former Mrs. America, Sheri Rose Shepherd told on stage.

In the video she pulled out this old ratty umbrella.

It was ripped and torn, and had definitely seen better days…

She opened the umbrella and put it over her head and said,

“Ladies, this is your man.

He is your cover,

and your protection from the elements in this world.”

Then she took this huge butcher knife and started to cut holes in the already tattered umbrella.

Each time she sliced the umbrella she would say something like,

” You NEVER help with the kids.”

“You NEVER listen to me.”

“You are terrible with money.”

“You love your job more than you love me.”

By the time she was finished her umbrella was shredded and her point was well made. 


That umbrella would not be able to protect her from anything.

It was junk now.


Then she quoted a scripture:

Proverbs 14:1  

“The wise woman builds her house,

but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”


Take just a moment to let that sink in…

And ask yourself, if the men in your life are tattered and torn like that umbrella in her demonstration?

In 1Corinthians 11:8-10 we read,

8For man does not originate from woman, but woman from man;

9 for indeed man was not created for the woman’s sake, but woman for the man’s sake.

10 Therefore the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels.


I think that the reason that there are no good men around anymore is because we have usurped their leadership.



We honostly believe that we can do it better, faster, and with less stress.

So we don’t allow them to rule over us as we were commanded by God to do.

We as women have tremendous influence over men.

If you doubt this lets just loook at King David.

He was a mighty warrior who had slayed Goliath as a child and had ruled over armies that had conquered nations.

Yet he was rendered powerless by the mere sight of a beautiful woman bathing on her roof top.

How did they conquer Sampson?

With a woman.


And wasn’t the first sin committed when a woman convinced a man to eat a piece of fruit?


We have power ladies…

Power beyond our wildest imaginations.

We don’t need to steal his power too.

We have plenty of power on our own.

I am a mother of two wonderful boys.

And as the mother of my boys I try to speak to the man I see them becoming,

NOT the rebellious boys they sometimes are right now.


I take them on dates and let them honor me.

I let my sons pick the food and then place the order when the waiter comes.

I let them open my door, and pull out my chair.

I am the first woman in their life,

The things I teach them will become the reality

that my future daughter- in- law

and grandchildren will live with.


I want to ask a question now…

If your future daughter- in- law talked to, and treated your son, the way you treat their father,

How would you feel about her?

Do you honor your sons father?


Do you shame him in front of your son?

I think that we as women have the power and responsibility to raise up good and honorable men who are ready and capable of leading us in a manner that would be pleasing to the Lord.

If you have been tearing your man apart, start today to repair the damage by giving him the one thing every man NEEDS…Respect.

That is a mans love language.

Here are a few simple ways to communicate respect to a man:

Ask him his opinion.

Ask him to pray over you and your children.

Tell him how safe he makes you feel.

and most importantly speak to the leader you want him to be, not the tattered man he is right now.






Why do We Break Our Own Hearts?

On a daily basis, I pause, put my hand on my chest and whisper,

“I will not make war against my own heart.”

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I have many opportunities to practice…

 I make many mistakes during the day. 

I have one of those personalities where I speak first and think later.

I am more of a “feeler” than a “thinker”

This is GREAT when it come to my art and creativity…

NOT so GREAT when it comes to day to day life.

Each time I say something that is misunderstood, I want to jump on myself.


 Each time I have to stop and ask myself this question…

Do I judge myself


Do I let it go?


This is literally an act of courage for me.

It completely goes against ingrained habits I have had for years of beating myself up.

Learning to pause and ask that question

each and every time

I catch myself in the JUDGEMENT MODE

And I am able to STOP and be GENTLE with myself…

It’s an opening,

an embracing of all of life;

an embracing of all of me.

It is unconditional love.

It’s not easy.

The human mind loves to judge.

To label.

To should all over us. 




I absolutely love to reach for perfection.

And that includes self perfection.

I have convinced myself for years that this is a worthy cause,

because it’s trying to find ground,

a place where I feel like I am enough.


Our culture teaches that perfection is the key to inner peace.

If only we’re spiritual enough, thin enough, wealthy enough, pretty enough, successful enough… then, then we’ll arrive.

It is false hope.

As poet Danna Faulds says, “Perfection is not a prerequisite for anything but pain.”

So for years I chased this illusive dream we call PERFECTION…

But was a complete failure when it came to achieving it.

This left me depressed and angry.

I remember the day when I came across a quote that changed my attitude the instant I read it.

I will share it with you now:


Can you see why it had an instant impact on my attitude?

To stop the war, I had to be willing to let go.

I had to adopt an attitude that allowed me to practice unconditional love – loving myself “AS IS”.

It became a declaration of who I really was –

I was enough.

Right now.

Here is another of my favorite quotes.













Think about it:

It’s not unconditional love if it’s conditional.

For the last eight years, this has been my path: loving myself unconditionally.

It’s what I most want for you;

for every person alive today.

For years, I hated, blamed, and shamed those tender parts of me that didn’t fit my definition of perfect:

This put me on a permanent diet where my yo yoing weight was destroying my health.

I was frequently irritable.

I had money troubles.

I was full of self-doubt, judgment, and jealousy.

It wasn’t until I read that quote by Michael Law that I was able to see the truth

That it was FEAR..


PERFECTION that was controlling my decisions.

It was the way I kept myself separate from others.

I had developed a very effective form of self-protection, and it was destroying my life.



I now live with a new and improved form of self-protection…

This new form of protection is something wiser and it whispers, “Enough.”

It is this voice that calls me home:

It gives me permission to

Love my tender humanity.

To Love my imperfections.

To relish in my sensitive soul.

It has given me the courage to say:

“No more will I hate you.”

“No more will I blame you.”

“Beloved, I will care for you.

I will hold you kindly.”

With this perspective,

I hold loosely onto that list of “faults.”


To forget them would be utter foolishness.

For then they would grow out of control and once again take control of my life.

So I choose instead to care for them with wisdom and compassion.

Instead of hating myself because of them, I now see them as stepping stones that need to be crossed.

I still stumble sometimes and get my feet wet…

But I no longer hate myself for that mistep..I just put on dry socks and continue on my way…

I have learned how to detach a bit –

I’m not the sum of my challenges;

nor my mistakes.

Why should I feel ashamed for being human;

for needing love and forgiveness like everyone else?

I breathe and let go.

I exhale and feel space.

I come home.

The heart is big enough.

Please join me in this return home.

Acknowledge that your need for perfection is really just Fear.

Embrace yourself, today, as you are, and begin to awaken to the beauty that resides inside your heart.

God Bless!

Vintage Game Boards

I had so much fun creating 6 vintage game boards this weekend for our shop at the Balace Rock Eatery and Pub.

 I have some very fond memories involving these old game boards.

My dads mother ( Grandma Willson) used to have a bunch of them at her house.

During family get-togethers, all of us kids would get them down and sit around her kitchen table and spend hours playing board games together.

So as the weather turned cold, I was reminded of these cold days at Grandmas house, and couldn’t help myself. I had to make some for our shop.

Here is the checker board from start to finish.

vintage game board checkers base coat



In this picture, I have penciled in the graph that will become my checker board,

and added some red to the areas that will become the border.




vintage game board checkers finished





Here is the finished Checker Board.







Next The Parcheesi Board

vintage game boards sorry base coat




Here it is with the design base coated, and a few of the details started.





vintage game boards sorry finished





Parcheesi Boad Finished.






Now for Chinese Checkers.


vintage game board chinese checkers pattern



In this picture, I have sketched out the overall design so I can start to paint.






vintage game boards chinese checkers base coat




Here it is with the base coat paint finished.





vintage game boards chinese checkers finished






All Finished.







Next was the BINGO board.

vintage game boards bingo base coat



Here is the BINGO board with the graph penciled in and the boarder painted burgandy.






vintage game board bingo finished


















The next game board I painted was the game TOCK.

vintage game board base coat close p



Here it is base coated.







vintage game boards x base coat






Here it is with the color details.





The last board is a game I do not know the name of but the graphics on the board were stunning so I made it anyway. 😉


vintage game boards ofline base coat



Here it is base coated.







vintage game boards some details












vintage game boards 3 finished












vintage game boards three more finished
















Here they are on display

and ready to sell.

vintage game boards at shop














If you are interested and would like to purchase them, you can go directly to the Balance Rock Eatery and Pub in Helper, Utah,


Leave your name and shipping information below and I will send them out.

We have priced them at $25.00 ea.

(If we ship them there will be charges added for the cost of shipping.)















Each and Every time I start the New Year, I always find myself determined to;

“Be Better”

“Do Better”

“Have more time”

“Make More Money”

“Lose those last ten pounds”


I don’t believe that I am alone in this mindset either.

As you were reading that last paragraph, I bet you were shaking your head in agreement,

and thinking of all the things you This year.


How did you do with those vows last week?

For many of us we started the week with long lists of things we wanted to accomplish to kick off our New Year.

Were you productive?


Were you “busy”?

Everything we do is a choice including being “busy”.

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know that being “busy” is not a choice I choose to make for myself.

I don’t have time to be BUSY, just for the sake of BUSY-NESS.

My time is a precious commodity,

And I am extremely protective of it.


People are constantly asking me…

“How do you find the time to do everything that you do?”

They are genuinely interested in the answer to that question…


Not so genuinely interested in the answer I give them.

Because they are not willing to STOP THE INSANITY long enough to make a “BUDGET” for their time.

I have made a “TIME BUDGET”.

My time budget functions much the same way as a budget for your money does.

That budget is literally the secret to my success!

I have learned how to say “NO” to people and things that I don’t REALLY want to give my time to.

I have made a list of my priorities, and give my time according to the value I place on a person or project.

In short, I have learned to “SPEND”

my minutes on my NEEDS,

not my WANTS.

Sure, we all have a lot to do…

but prioritizing what we will do when and even if we have to do something,

is a key ingredient to finding a work/life balance, And… truly being present in your life and work.


Simply Put:

Rather than being “busy”,

I choose to be productive.

As you look back at last week,

Or forward to this week…

Become aware of where you are making yourself “busy”,

What things you are saying “yes” to

Or adding to your to do list that aren’t necessary.

By raising your awareness, you can start making changes.

This didn’t always make sense to me either, however. There was a time in the not so distant past when I too was always “Busy” but never seemed to get anything “Done”.

I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and depressed.

My health was suffering.

My relationships were suffering.

My finances were suffering.

And my business was suffering.


I have had to learn the hard way that I NEEDED to have a plan.

Just as it is way to easy to fall into debt if you don’t make plans for how and when to spend your money…

The same thing happens to your life when you are spending your time foolishly.

By taking the time to first and foremost decide WHO deserved my time the most, I was able to repair my relationships.

The stress levels in my life went WAY DOWN, and that improved my health.

By focusing on the time necessary to make my business successful, I was able to generate more income and success in that area as well.


The Lord wants us to be debt free.

Both financially and with our time.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is the amount of time we waste on inanimate objects.

We have no problem telling our kids we are too busy.

But have you ever even considered shutting down Facebook for a week?

Think about that…

Ten years from now, will the details on your Facebook Timeline even matter?

How about your kids…Will they still matter to you ten years from now?


By asking yourself these kinds of questions, and becoming aware of the things that REALLY matter in life, you too will be able to BUDGET your time in a manner that will get you out of debt with your schedule and create security and joy in life.

I also firmly believe in taking advantage of good vitamin supplements,

utilizing proper nutrition,

and finidng other similar types of products that can enhance your overall quality of life.


Earlier this month, I made an offer to share a three-day sample of a product that has really been a blessing to me in helping to keep my mind alert and my energy levels high.

I would like to reiterate that offer again today…

Send me your name,

phone number

and address

in the comment section below and I will send you a FREE three-day supply of these amazing fit sticks to try for yourself.

When you find something that works this good for you…

you want to share it with everyone!


So please feel free to request a FREE sample and I will rush it out to you A.S.A.P.


Make the time today to sit and REALLY decide what people and things deserve your time and attention.

It will literally REVOLUTIONIZE your entire life!