Christmas Booth at Balance Rock Eatery In Helper Utah

Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic has been asked to set up a Christmas Booth at Balance Rock Cafe in Helper.

Why not make your life easier this Christmas…
AND let us do the decorating for you?

All of our Decorations are base coated with outdoor paint and then top coated with polyurethane so they are durable and you will enjoy them for years to come.

These are the items we currently have for sale,

we are working on more so check back often and see what new things we have created together.

balance rock 1

balance rock 2

balance rock 4

balance rock 3


Stop Running From the Unsettling Sounds of Yourself [Writing]

Learn what it means to let life shape you — let God shape your life, your soul — until you’re in direct relationship with life.

via Stop Running From the Unsettling Sounds of Yourself [Writing].

I am just an Artist…What do You want From Me?

“The Earth’s most precious natural resource is truly a rare find.

As it changes by the second

It is that of our time.”

– Shonika Proctor

I am just an artist.

I started a small business doing the thing I love to do…Painting.

But by most standards you could say that my business is really nothing special.

It’s still very small.

The income is unpredictable at best.

But I really enjoy the work.

Some people may think it’s a silly way to spend my time…

fussing with a bunch of paint colors attempting to create something beautiful that others may or may not even appreciate.

photo 4





Sometimes I wish I would have been good at something else, like being a psychiatrist, or a lawyer…Somone who actually helps other people.


But man… Do I love to paint.

I have always had a knack for it.

So I do my best to create something beautiful

that will make people feel really good,

fully alive when they see it.

But I know that my painting cannot change the world.

I know that I don’t really make that much of a difference.

I’m just an artist.

What do you want from me?

But then I stop and wonder…

Maybe my painting does make a difference.

Maybe when I change the look of a home, I am actually able to change the experiences inside that home.

Maybe when I am interacting with my clients, my words and attitudes are showing them Christ.

Maybe I am making a difference with my talent.

Maybe it is touching people in ways that I cannot even imagine or understand.

Maybe the friendships and connections I have formed through my art have changed a few lives as well.

Because although I am just an artist, everything I do, I do it with all of my heart, I do it as unto the Lord, not for human masters.


How have I used my talents and gifts

that God wired me with

to live a life that is a blessing to others?

How can I make a difference in the world…

When I am just an artist?

How can YOU use your very own unique set of gifts and talents

to change the world?



We all have things that we love and know how to do.

They are there for a reason.

How can we use those things to Honor God?

What is your life costing you?

Do you serve only safe people


Bless only those people who are already blessed?

Sometimes I think we feel that the only way to serve the Lord is through missionary work, or some other sort of big sacrifice in our lives, but is that true?

You may not need to go to Africa..

Or sell everything you own and donate it to the church to be on MISSION.

I bet you that there is already a person in your life right now that could really use your friendship and love.

The problem is…they are probably the person that drives you crazy. 

Is there someone in your life that you have made certain assumptions about?

Someone that you assume is just clueless and irritating, and you know that if they would just try harder their life would be better?


Heres where the rubber meets the road:

Do you REALLY know their story?

Do you know the real reason that they seem to not care anymore?

Maybe they are struggling with  big issues and feel all alone in the world.

Maybe they have an addiction and are praying for someone to care enough to help them get clean.

Maybe they are overwhelmed with debt and have no clue how to handle their money so they live in constant fear of their world collapsing around them.

The truth is…

We Just Simply Don’t Know!

Have you ever considered the possibility

that God put them in your life for a reason?

Maybe they need your unique gifts and talents to show them the truth of who and what God is.

As an artist, and a Christian, I may never know how my talents are changing hearts…

Maybe I don’t even need to know.

Validation isn’t always necessary…

That is exactly when faith needs to be applied.

We need to simply live a Christ filled life on PURPOSE!

We need to be willing to bless those people who are strangers to us, those who may feel unsafe or scary.

We need to be willing to have those difficult conversations with our loved ones, and to make sacrifices when called to do so.

People struggle everywhere.

Mother Theresa said ,

“There are three kinds of needs in every community in the world,

Physical – Emotional – Spiritual.”

If that is true,

then you may not even need to leave you neighborhood

to find your mission field.

I wonder what would happen if we all lifted our eyes up and tried to imagine ourselves living INTENTIONALLY; Exactly where we are today.

What if we all started to take a deeper look at our neighbors and tried to see them through the eyes of the Lord?

Have you ever sat and wondered why God placed you where he did?

Why were you born into your particular family, with your parents to lead and guide you?

Why did he form certain gifts and talents inside of your soul?

Why have you had the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today, in this very moment?


It is my belief that we were sent to our life…

NOT to stand in judgement of it.

NOT to remain separate and secluded in our safe little circle…

BUT to stand tall and proud. 

To go out in the world and meet new people, and have new experiences.

And by our very existence to proclaim to the world the truth that “The Tomb Is Empty”

We were born to be a light.

A leader.

A Comfort.

To create Beauty.

To be an answer to someones muttered prayer.

Who has God placed around you today?

Who can you show love to?

Which one of your neighbors is in need of a friend, or assistance?

What can you do for another person that will let them know that they are

welcome with you?

 Safe With you?

And that they belong in your life?

Answering those questions can be the catalyst that has the power to literally change the way we experience and share the Good News with the world in our generation.

And that my dear friends..

Is how a simple artist like me can make a difference in the world!




Happily Ever After… And Other Such Nonesense!

You don’t need anyone to complete you…


Your “ME TIME” is the most important time of your day…


You can Do it ALL- Be it ALL- and Have it All…

These are the messages we receive.

These are the LIES we believe when we forget to FOCUS.


The truth is…

We are all a mess!

Some of it is LIFE.

Some of it is OTHERS.

Some of it – Much of it is OUR OWN MAKING.

We all would like to believe that we are the Princess of our very own Fairy Tale.

Waiting to be Noticed

Waiting to be Appreciated

Waiting to be Elevated.

Waiting to be LOVED.


But sometimes the problem that gets in the way of our “Happily Ever After”

is the fact that we are often more like the Ugly Step-sisters.

We become them when we participate in bad habits such as…




And Striving to place ourselves ahead of others.




Maybe we are more like Fiona…

Wild haired and freckle faced.

Trying desperately to be brave as we struggle with the definitions and constraints of a polite society.

Or perhaps you are more like Sleeping Beauty…

Living alone, depressed and isolated.

Allowing yourself to remain captive by your belief in the misunderstandings of your past,

and the silence that you have chosen.


But then along comes your fairy Godmother…

and POOF!

Your dreams all come true with the simple touch of her magic wand.


In our real life, dreams can and do come true

when we are finally able to realize that we are loved so completely by God.

He loves us…



and Flaws.

When we can accept the love of our Father,

              We are finally  able to realize our beauty is nothing without the overwhelming beauty and grace of Christ transforming us.

We can discover that it is OK to disappear.

To Empty ourselves and become so much like Christ

that when we look at ourselves,

we see a reflection of Christ looking back at us.

A true Princess knows that she must transform









A princess must be willing to Change her struggle to BE

Different from others 


A struggle to make a Difference

FOR Others.


When we FOCUS on the truth

We become the beautiful Princess,

transformed by the magic wand of the Holy Spirit.



We can finally set out bravely on our quest to discover the path that Christ has laid down for us.


My entire childhood was very homogenous.

I was surrounded by people who looked like me. ( literally, I grew up surrounded by cousins that I spent most of my time with)

They acted like me.

The believed the same religious dogma that I believed.

We even ate almost the same foods.


So later when I was in my early twenties, I became a Correctional Officer, and the diversity at the prison came as quite a shock to me.

I learned something extremely valuable at the prison.

I learned that sometimes the worst sinners can make the biggest difference in our lives.

For me, that sinner was a man on Death Row. He has since been executed, but he will live on in my mind and the mind of my children because of the impact he had on me.

We were both very artistic, and through that medium, we developed a sort of friendship.

He would always have a joke for me, and a story behind the art project he was sending out to be mailed to his daughter.

The moment that changed my life came when I was about 5 months pregnant with Arminda. He asked me if I was going to name my baby after him.

I told him that in no uncertain terms would I be naming this baby after him.

He said I should because me and him were the same person.

I disagreed, but he stopped me mid-sentence and said,

” You and I have both had our souls touched by a monster that we thought loved us. I let go of my light, and became that very same monster. You held onto your light and defeated your monster. Never, ever let go of the light that you have glowing inside of you. It is your power, your beauty, your very lifeline Melanie. Protect that light.”

WOW… Talk about

Since that day, I have been tempted to let go of the light, and the struggles that come from being a Christian…

But, I was warned by a man behind bars,

literally living in a cage,

waiting to die

“To NEVER let go.”

The memory of his words that day burned into my soul so deeply that it has carried me through some really tough times.


What I learned at the prison was this…

Sometimes God wants us to sit with the sinners and listen to their experiences.

Sometimes the worst people are sent to teach us to be different.

And the biggest lesson I learned was that I was just like them, maybe my sins were different from theirs,

but we were both humans trying to figure out where we fit into this crazy world.

We both have struggled with our identities.

We both lived with regrets.

We both longed for the past to be different, and to have the chance to just move on.


When love gets  skeu-wompous we become messy people.

Our Christian lives are help up by two pillars.


1: the Love of God.

2: our need to be Loved BY God.


When that gets messed up.

When we don’t really love God,

When we are just trying to Please Him, or to look good to the people in our circle.

When we misunderstand or fear God…

We become messy.

Our pillars develop cracks in them that make them extremely unstable.

We forget just how much God loves us.

We behave toward others with fear.

We become people who are feared.

Faith becomes something to be defended or proven.

Christianity becomes a contest.

Gods sacred word becomes a bludgeon.

Learning to accept the Love of God, and to return that love to him has freed me to let go of the fear that I had something to prove to the world. That I was somehow never good enough.

By dropping the need to constantly “grind the Axe” we become the beautiful Fairy Tale Princess.

We step into our power and can finally show the world the beauty and majesty of our royal heritage from God.

I challenge you to love all of the people in your path today.

Let’s follow the example of Christ and sit with the sinners, let’s create a space where they can simply belong with no ulterior motives on our part.

My life was forever changed by a man on Death Row…


So open yourself up to the possibilities

And perhaps you just might reinvent your idea of what

happily ever after


Looks like.




The Love I have For My Children Mirrors the Love of God

I KNOW that I am loved by God.

Everything inside of me bears witness to that truth.

It’s exactly like He says in the Bible…

The Holy Spirit somehow, from deep inside causes me to cry out “ABBA, Father.”

Through the filling of the Spirit I find the security to call him Father, and to know that I am a beloved child of God.

I know that I am loved by Him,

but I struggle because I don’t know how to explain that.

I desperately want to be a disciple for the Lord,

but I am very insecure when it comes to explaining the  to strangers.

So I prayed about this.

I pondered in my mind what words to use when I speak of my Father.

I wanted to know exactly how to EXPLAIN,  How I know God loves ME.



The main reason this is difficult for me is because in the past,

when I have heard others share their testimonies,

I would  find myself feeling that my relationship with the Lord was somehow lacking.

I think that unless I am feeling what they feel,

and doing what they do,

That my relationship with the Lord is all wrong.



I never want to make anyone feel that way.

I want to share my testimony.

To tell them that God is real, and that He loves them,

but I worry that I will shut them down the same way I have been shut down in the past.


The thing that I want everyone to know is simply this…

Each and every one of us will experience His love for us differently.

The Holy Spirit will cause all of us who are children of the Lord

to call out to Him, 

but the ways we call out will look different for each and every  Christian.


So after I prayed and pondered the question,

” How do I explain Gods Love,

the perfect answer came to mind for me.

By relating His love for ME


The love I have for my Children.

When I look at my four children

and the relationships I have with them,

I can see more clearly HOW God is able to speak personally to His children.

My four kids are all so different.

It is almost weird for me at times to realize that they all have the same parents,

the same environment

and same set of rules that they live by

because they are so very different from each other.


Tyler is my firstborn.

How does a parent even begin to describe the feelings

they have for the one person who made you a parent.

That first baby changes everything about your life.

They teach you how to be a parent.

They teach you about unconditional love.

They bring so much quality to your life.

Tyler is very special to me.

He is my rock.

My son.

My friend.

Now that he has finished highschool, I am enjoying watching him look ahead to all the possibilities his future holds for him.

He is standingon the threshold of his dreams.

Tyler and I have so much history together.

We are as close as any two people can be because of our experiences together.

He trusts me and I trust him in ways that very few people will ever be able to trust.


Then there is my 2nd child, Arminda.

She is my beauty.

My sweet, sensitive little flower.

Now that she is a teenager our relationship has changed.

It is becoming more of a friendship and less about authority.

She is not just my child any longer…Now she is also my friend.

Arminda is the person who first opened my eyes to the wonder and beauty of Gods love for His children.

Her testimony came to her at a very early age.

It saved her life when she lost her big brother to suicide,

and when shortly there after, her dad left us too.

Every day she amazes me with the conviction of her faith.

No trial is to big for her to face because she knows her God is bigger than any problem in life.

I saw in her what a Christ-Filled life looked like.

She was only 6 when she lost her brother and her father, but the maturity she exhibited was way beyond her years.

Now at the age of 13, she continues to inspire me.

She showed me how to trust God.

She taught me that I was worthy of His love.

She is the very image of Gods Love.


Then there is my 3rd child, Russel.

He literally stole my heart the instant I laid eyes on him.

He is my HERO child.

He wants so desperately to make life safe and happy for those he loves.

The thing that is unique and wonderful about my “Bugsy” is that he has this unbelievable capacity to forgive.

He never holds a grudge.

He is somehow able to always see both sides of a conflict,

and therefore rarely stays upset for long.

Russel has taught me to look before I leap.

To listen before I speak.

And to always remember that everyone is fighting a difficult battle, and to therefore be gentle with others.

I am beginning to glimpse pieces of the man he will someday become.

He is so protective of his sisters and me.

He wants so bad to have a daddy.

My heart breaks for him sometimes because he has never had a dad that was there to show him how to be a man.

Russel tells me often that when he grows up, he will NEVER leave his kids and make them wonder if he loves them.

He says he can’t wait to be the one to kiss them every night and tell them “Sweet Dreams”

He is brilliant.

His IQ is off the charts.

Maybe that is why he can see things so clearly.

I love the view of the world that Russel has shown me.

Russel is my heart.


Then there is my baby girl, Sarah.

She is my surprise from God.

She came after surgery to prevent any future pregnancies.

I thank God every day for my little girl.

She has saved me in every way that one person can save another.

Sarah is an artist with an imagination that never sleeps.

She is silly and loves to make people happy.

She has a deep love and concern for animals and wants to grow up and care for them someday.

Knowing Sarah literally makes you a better person.

She has taught me to see beauty everywhere,

and to”love so hard that it hurts.”



So what does all of this have to do with being able to explain Gods love to others?





Tyler loves to have deep, meaningful conversations about science, politics, games, everything.

I show Tyler love by listening and participating in his conversations that I love him, and that he is important to me.


Arminda loves to be spoiled and pampered.

I show her love by doing her nails, putting on mud masks, and going shopping together.

She knows I love her when she comes home from school and there is mint M&M’s on her makeup table.


Russel likes to just be close to me.

I show him love by taking him for a ride, or going for a walk.

Anytime we can just be together makes him feel loved.


Sarah likes to cook and make projects with me.

She knows I love her when I share my love of art with her.


A good parent is a lot like God.

They  know their children personally, just like He knows me.

He does things for us that speak to our own unique love language.

His messages of love are personalized just like mine are to my children.

Today, look for the many ways that God shows His love to you.

Our weekend projects. 11/9/14

Brenda and I have been painting all weekend.

We had two big projects that were special ordered.


Enjoy the pictures…

grinch finished














This Grinch stands over 6′ tall. He is going to a very special home where he will be stealing the lights off of the house so that the couple doesn’t have to hang up so many lights this year.



green santa















This vintage Santa was a custom order. He stands 5′ tall and will decorate the front porch of our customers home.


My Life and the Impact it Has… is NO Accident!










Your life should be lived in such a way that when your

gone, your legacy remains.

When you die, will your dreams and ideas remain in the hearts and minds of your children and grandchildren?

When we have a dream for our life, it should connect us to other dreamers.

A dream that is real will never disconnect or isolate you from your loved ones.

Real dreams unite people and inspire them to create things that make life better.


I have found a bullet-proof way to stay focused on a dream…

I focus on the end result and work backwards from there.

Even the bible counsels us to do this.

Isaiah 46:10

Declaring the end from the beginning,

And from ancient times things which have not been

done, Saying, ‘My purpose will be established,

And I will accomplish all My good pleasure”

I have dreamed since I was young of someday writing a


That is the end result that I work toward every day.

It is madness when we fail to plan for the end of our lives.

I have made the choice to leave a positive legacy behind for my children and their children.

How do I plan on doing that?

                     On Purpose.

My life and the impact I have is no accident.

The choices I make will impact my family for generations.

I try to remember that when I make decisions and am in pursuit of a dream.

In the Bible in 2 Kings 20, we read about king Hezikiah.

He was wicked and selfish.

The Lord spared his life and gave him 15 more years to live, but warned that his sons would be captured and forced to become slaves with no possibility to have sons.

King Hezikiah was not worried at all about his children’s future, he only cared about himself.


We are living in a Hezikiah Generation.

A good parent will beg to have the punishment placed on them and spare their children.

They will do anything in their power to provide a good life and future for their children.

Selfish parents only care for themselves and their comfort.

If you doubt that we are living in a Hezikiah Generation, simply look around you.

*We have a 13 trillion-dollar debt and yet we just keep spending like the money will never run out.

*We set aside the very laws that were established to ensure this Nation would be great so that we can please a small minority of people.

* More and more people are CHOOSING unemployment because it is so much easier to collect a welfare check, which is adding the amount of debt our nation carries.

The moral foundations of our society are collapsing so that we can have our desires fulfilled in our lifetime.

We act with little or no regard for the impact our choices will have on our children.

As a single mother, I work very hard to provide for my children. I do not receive assistance of any kind. I do not say this to brag, or to judge anyone, I just say this to illustrate my point.

I have made the choice to NOT add to the debt our Nation carries.

I have chosen to roll up my sleeves and work hard, to go without most of my “WANTS”, and to persist no matter what until my children were raised and established as adults.

The greatest dream of my life…

The dream I hold most dear

Is that my posterity will be blessed- not cursed because of me.

I have 6 questions that I ask myself often.

I am going to present those questions to you now.

As you read them I want you to answer them as honestly as you possibly can.

These are powerful questions that can really have a positive impact on your life.

What will they say at my funeral?

At my grandmothers funeral there was not enough time to tell all the good stories.

We all laughed,

we cried,

but mostly we thanked God for the blessing she was and continues to be to us all.

That is the way I want my family to talk about me at my funeral.

 In one word…What will my legacy be?

Think about it.

When you hear the name Ted Bundy, for example what word comes to mind? Murderer.

Sister Teresa? Mercy.

Jack the Ripper? Monster.

So when your life is over…What word will those who knew you use to describe you?

Godly-  Generous- healer-friend-loyal…


Cruel- Selfish-Sick-Abusive-materilistic.

 Am I Spending my life…or Investing it?

That one is pretty self-explanatory.

Are you wasting time WISHING

or are you WORKING to make your dreams a reality?

Will there be a legacy left behind when you leave,

or just a bunch of people who are really glad your gone?

Do I give any thought to how my actions will affect the next generation?

The things we do will affect our children.

It is up to you to decide if the effects will be positive or negative.


What habits am I cultivating that will ensure that I have a legacy to leave my children?

Am I teaching my children the habits that healthy, contributing members of society possess?

Am I teaching them to be responsible?

Do they know how deeply loved they are?

Have I made a difference in their lives?

Do you have faith in your dreams?

Faith sees. It sees the things that are not seen.

Faith speaks . Do you talk to others about your dream?

Faith steps. Real faith requires action, are you taking steps toward your dream?


As a mother, I have learned that I MUST live my life by faith.

If I stand back and wait for the dream to happen I am SPENDING my life, and there won’t be anything of value left when I am gone.

I believe in my dreams.

I speak of them often.

Every day I take steps that will ensure that I will


I know that I will be remembered when I am gone. 

I know this because every day I CONSCIOUSLY INVEST in my life. 

I love my children deeply. 

I am a good and loyal friend, sister, and daughter.

I love Jeff completely and deeply.

I do those things that matter, and I do them often!

100 years from now I want the things I did, and the person I was to still be blessing my posterity.

Christmas 2014 Orders…Time is Running Out!

Time is Running Out

to place your custom orders for all of your Holiday Decorating needs.

We are well known for creating Custom, One of a Kind Yard decorations that will be the talk of the town.

We also make gifts to give to your friends, co-workers and family members.

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We can’t wait to create your perfect Holiday Home.
Below are just a few of the orders we have already sold this year.

If you like what you see, or want to have us create a custom decoration for you, just let us know before November 30,2014

Melanie Willson Miera's photo.
Melanie Willson Miera's photo.
Melanie Willson Miera's photo.
Melanie Willson Miera's photo.
creamer snowmen finished-1

Centerpieces #4






mural brochure2 073