My Facebook Life vs My REAL Life…Can you relate?

This quote pretty much sums up today’s thoughts.


Have you ever spent an entire day cleaning up your house?

You organize the closets and cupboards.

You sanitize every possible surface in the bathroom.

You polish and shine, clean and organize till your house look like a magazine cover…

You run to grab a camera so that you can “POST A BOAST

on Facebook, and show everyone how Perfect your house is…

And… in that few minutes it took you to grab your camera,

The kids have dumped out all their toys and the entire house is ONCE AGAIN a MESS!


So in frustration, you sit down in front of your computer and open up Facebook to relax for a few minutes.

And what do you see GLARING back at you?

Your Nemesis looking perfect in her spotless living room, Dressed up like a runway model.



Or don’t you love it when you open up Facebook and seen a post showing the most amazing bouquet of flowers that “HER” husband sent her with the comment, ” I am married to the most amazing man in the world. He loves to surprise me with flowers…JUST BECAUSE!”


You think to yourself, “WOW, I would be grateful to just have him put the toilet seat down for me once in a while…

That would be a huge romantic gesture for him.




Then as you continue to scroll down the page…

there “SHE” is again with the latest family portrait.



Her family is all dressed in matching outfits that look amazing.

They are in a gorgeous location where the sun is shining perfectly on her hair making it glisten like a “Hollywood A-Lister”.

They are all positioned on these props that you just know cost a fortune, and…

You find yourself wondering why your family pictures can never look that good.




Then just because you aren’t already feeling inadequate enough,

You open up Facebook to see a picture of the dinner “SHE” cooked her family.

It is a super healthy meal with all the right portions of everything, artistically arranged on beautiful dishes, that are set on a table with…

YEP the bouquet of flowers from her romantic husband.




Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why are we so addicted to these “PRETEND LIVES”

 That we are constantly attempting to capture in staged pictures that we rush to post on Facebook.

What are we trying to prove?

That we have a perfect life?

Lets imagine for a minute

what is probably REALLY

happening over at “HER” house.


She probably has a housekeeper,

Her “romantic husband”  probably walks in from work and asks her who sent her those flowers,

Her kids are having a fit because they want pizza for dinner not this weird-looking stuff,

And the family picture session took hours and cost her a month wages.


I honestly believe that in todays ONLINE orientated world

We tend to create these “Picture Perfect” moments in order to produce the cold hard proof that our lives are filled with romance,

culinary expertise,

a spotless home decorated with all the latest trends..

that We make ourselves..

(I have the step by step pictures to prove it!)



We all have children that are neat, polite, straight A students (who color you loving pictures daily)

They always show you respect and live to make you smile.




What would happen if you pulled on the thread that is holding your “PICTURE PERFECT FACEBOOK” life together?

Would people see the truth?

Would they see that your family is exactly like theirs?

Your home is NOT always clean.

Your kids sometimes fight and ignore you.

You have “fend for yourself night” more than you care to admit for dinner.

Family picture day is scarier than the scariest movie to ever come out of Hollywood.

And you can’t even remember the last time your husband did anything romantic, let alone take the time to order flowers “Just because”.

When the thread is pulled and your life started to unravel, what would people really see?

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves?

Most of the women I know (myself included) live their lives believing that if we can just work harder,

find success outside of the home and make more money,

faithfully fulfill our church callings,

raise polite and smart children…

while looking perfect

then we will finally feel fulfilled and happy.





We may be able to put on a perfect face, but the truth is…our real lives are a lot messier, and a little bit more shallow than we would care to admit.


It is so interesting to me that with all the advantages we enjoy in America, we still find ourselves wanting more.

What are we missing here?

Why is the abuse of prescription drugs so prevalent in our society?

Who are we trying so hard to impress that it justifies

destroying our very own peace of mind?


For the next little while, I am going to be exploring the stories in the Bible that we have all heard since we were children.

I am going to be relating them to me personally.

I am going to do this in an attempt to show you how I have learned to find peace in Gods Word.

How I have discovered the beauty in Gods creation thru his stories.

How I have come to understand trials in a different way because of the miracles in John.

I would also like to encourage any of you that would like to participate in this with me to share your very own experience of the Bible coming alive for you in your life.

So I will start this series on Monday with the story of the “Woman at the Well.”

I hope you will all follow me on my next journey of understanding and healing.


3 thoughts on “My Facebook Life vs My REAL Life…Can you relate?

  1. You are amazing! I had to chuckle at the “Facebook perfect” life…I have been there a few times in my past. Now, if we take pictures, I encourage the kids to “find a clean spot”, or simply crop out the mess….it’s still there. On Facebook, I unfriended everyone and started all over again-only the authentic need friend me!

    1. Good for you! It took a lot of courage for me to STOP posting only my “perfect” pictures and to start posting the ones that showed us in all our beautiful messy glory.
      As a single mom, my life is ANYTHING but perfect. It is busy, never glamourous, and usually we operate on the premis that good enough is…GOOD ENOUGH!

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