Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility.


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Personal Responsibility

Today, I am going to write about something that has been weighing very heavily on my mind. Personal Responsibility.

It seems that everywhere I look these days, people are so busy pointing their fingers at each other that they seem to have forgotten that we are ALL responsible for the circumstances in our lives.

God doesn’t MAKE us sin.

We CHOOSE to sin, and the consequences of our sins are NOT His fault or His design.

In fact, as I look back honestly over my lifetime, I can see very clearly how God loved and sustained me through the years that I was wrecking havoc in my life with my sinful choices.

It is my hope today that I can present this problem in a manner that will enable those who are suffering hardships due to their own

choices find the courage to OWN their problems.

And begin to tell the truth to themselves about how they got where they are, and why they are there.

Because then and ONLY then can they find their way out of their trials.

I have learned from experience that failure to accept responsibility for things in my life that make me unhappy  almost always leads me to make endless excuses with no progress towards my goals.

Often these excuses involve placing the blame onto other people or situations when in reality I AM in charge.

You are 100% responsible for how you choose to respond to the events in your life.


When you can finally learn to respond to problems that arise as if you are responsible for the

results in your life, then you will often discover choices that you would not have discovered otherwise.

Accepting responsibility frees up so much room in your head,

Let me explain it like this…

For instance, if you take responsibility for a failed test, 

You may realize that you did not do everything possible to ensure that you received a passing grade.

Perhaps you did not speak with the teacher when you didn’t understand the material

or seek help in the learning center.

Perhaps you did not spend very many hours studying,

instead you decided to go out with friends and have fun.

As you begin to think about the failed test and evaluate your responsibility for it,

the wiser choices that you could make to prepare for the next test become obvious.

You are then more likely to choose one of those options next time you are preparing for a test because you took 

some personal responsibility for the failing grade.

You didn’t just make excuses or blame it on someone or something else.


“Personal responsibility is the willingness to both accept the importance of standards that society

establishes for individual behavior

AND…to make strenuous personal efforts to live by those standards.

But personal responsibility also means that when individuals fail to meet expected standards,

they do not look around for some factor outside themselves to blame.

The demise of personal responsibility occurs when individuals blame their family,

their peers,

their economic circumstances,

or their society

for their own failure to meet standards.

The main areas of personal decision-making in which the nation’s youth

and young adults most need to learn and practice personal responsibility are…



Sexual behavior


And work.”

Ron Haskins

savage chickens










One of the best ways to begin to take control of your own life is to eliminate as many negative emotions as possible.

Negative emotions depend entirely on your ability to blame someone or something else for situations in your life that you are not happy about.

You kill the negative emotion the very instant that you choose to change how you react to the situation or person.

It takes a great deal of self-discipline to refrain from blaming others for your problems and take personal responsibility for your responses to the problems in
your life.

It requires you to take conscious control of your thoughts and choose to make them positive and constructive regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

Our society is inundated with people who are living off the system.

(The people I am referring to are the ones who are completely capable of working and contributing to their own families, but choose not to work.)

Families are being destroyed by selfish fathers who believe that they have no financial responsibility to their ex-wife and children.

Employers are suffering because of the entitlement issues of their employees.

Churches are going broke because it’s members are neglecting their responsibilities to sustain their church.

Decay and destruction are running a muck in our society

because nobody wants to accept responsibility for their bad choices.

We see it everywhere, adults making poor financial decisions and then instead of simply saying that they are clueless as to how to manage their money,

they spin tales that make them a hero for their choice to file a bankruptcy and lose everything.

They become a burden to their families and society in general, all the while pretending that they were innocent and did nothing to contribute to the state of their  finances.

Today I want to call you out of the closets and BEG you to stand up and accept that you are where you are in life today because of YOUR choices.

Not because of the Lord bringing you here.

Or because of your family.

Or because of any number of excuses that you stay awake at night trying to invent.

Stop wearing yourself out trying to figure out who to blame for your situation and start figuring out how to solve your own problems.

It is not the Governments responsibility.

It is not your families.

Or your church.


GODS responsibility to fix this for you.

YOU got yourself in this situation…now it is time to be an adult and get yourself out!’




Does LIFE LIVE you, or do you LIVE YOUR LIFE?

Have you ever watched the TV show, “Joan of Arcadia?

There was a scene in one of the episodes where Joan is resisting God’s suggestion that she get her driver’s license.

(This episode made an impression because I remember my son going through similar fears.)

As  Joan and God are discussing her reluctance, it eventually comes to light that Joan’s fear of HURTING is not directed at herself…

She’s fearless on her own.

Her fear is coming from the fact that her brother was paralyzed in a car accident.

Joan is scared she might hurt other people in the same way that her brother was hurt.


Gods response to Joan is what I want to write about


He told her, “Being an adult isn’t merely about risking your own well-being, it means risking others’ – in cars, in love, in family – hurting others is always a possibility. That’s what’s difficult about being an adult: facing the harsh fact that you may hurt others even when you don’t want to.”



When we choose to welcome personal transformation,

we “become an adult” as the God character described

to Joan.

This is also when our actions are no longer only for


They affect the world.

When we change our lives we are putting ourselves

AND others at risk.

Three years ago I decided to follow a prompting that I had been given.

That prompting was to organize a fitness challenge in my area.

I have never done anything like that before, but I jumped in with both feet, and spent 5 months organizing the 1st annual Zombie Fun Run in our area.

It was a huge success.

But the biggest success that came out of it was the

changes in me.


Up to that point in my life, I had been letting





That is a reward that was only possible because I was willing to be an “adult” and put myself and others at risk.

 There are three areas of risk that I want to

talk about today.

In my opinion these three areas are

the most important ones in our lives.

#1:  Being a loving parent is a risk to our children.

I have 4 children and that means that I make many decisions

that will affect the rest of their lives.

It’s inevitable as they all grow up, that they will have some (hopefully not too many!) issues with how I raised them.

My oldest already wishes I had been more strict with him about homework and grades.

He said it would have made going to college easier.

I thought that I was doing what was right by not adding to his already stressful and overloaded life, but I was wrong.

I can’t go back, and he is amazing and understands that.

His only request was that I don’t repeat the same mistake with his younger siblings.

 Does that make me a bad mother?

Not at all.

I’m an incredible parent, deeply conscious about how my words and actions affect my children, and I am always looking out for the big picture.

Still, if I’m not willing to risk hurting them every

once in a while, I shouldn’t be a parent.

I won’t be a perfect one, that is not even possible, but I do believe that I am a great parent to them.

Part of what enables me to be such a great parent is that I am willing to take conscious, calculated risks, for the betterment of their lives.

Some of those risks I already know they will thank me for when they are adults, and I’m grateful I took them.

Some of them have yet to come…

 And some, I am sure they will resent me for, but as long as they know my intentions were always for their highest good, it will all work out in the end.


#2: In love, we risk hurting the people we care about.

It’s an inevitable consequence of getting close, being vulnerable, and sharing the deepest parts of ourselves with another human being.

With so many deep-seeded subconscious issues that come up in relationships,

conflict is inevitable.

Sure, we can learn tools, techniques, and do

inner work to handle those conflicts with more


but nothing can ever change the simple fact

that conflict creates the opportunity

to hurt one another.

Still, if you aren’t willing to risk hurting your closest partner, then chances are you’re both staying too small… unwilling to rock the boat… unwilling to reach for the experiences in life that will be most fulfilling to you.

 I think that is the thing I love the most about my relationship with Jeff. We both agree that transparency is the #1 priority in our relationship.

Transparency means that sometimes we are not going to like what we see or hear, but we are OK with that because it means that we are growing together.


#3: In leadership, our decisions affect others.

Every time I write a blog post, I take a risk that I might lead you astray.

What if my advice is bad?

What if you misinterpret what I said?

What if I meant one thing and accidentally wrote another?

What if you totally get it, but then in communicating these ideas to somebody else they get led astray and cause harm to another? (or even to you?)

I’m not perfect.

I will make mistakes.

And those mistakes actually put YOU at risk as long as you continue reading my blogs.

And yet I still write.

And you read.

And together we are transforming the world.

The reason I choose to keep writing is because at least


to both you and I,

the risk of me possibly hurting you

is worth the reward

of co-creating the kind of world we both want to live in.

A world that we create rather than just




The sunrise within

What great wisdom to begin the day with.



Keep silent the speaking mind
With hearts like the rising sun
A beauty so splendid it blinds
What is human but sacred light?

Never will you cage the sun
How has the darkness come?
Hiding in the shade
It is we who make our tombs

Escape from the shadow of doubt
If you wish to know your truth
Climb the ladder of Being
You’ll become what you are

On the journey from truth to truth
Let virtue live within
Let beauty spread around
Let prayer make you move

Thoughts only distract you
Everything should move as one
The way of peace and balance
Knowing the truth of things

Having knowledge of the sun
Knowing it waits inside
Born to displace the night
Quietly watch the miracle

The sunrise within

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HE LIFTS US UP: Broken Vessels

The day I finally learned to speak my truth and ask for forgiveness, was the same day I found my worth in His eyes.
This poem was so powerful, I wanted to share.


Broken vessels
all cracked and worn.
Many abused
thrown and scorn.
Like cracks and crevasses
to a broken bowl…
many are hidden wounds,
deep to the soul.

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Day 6: Becoming God’s Canvas : Effort and Synchronisity

For todays post we are going to be

examining the story of the Roman Official

in John 4:46-54.

In this story we meet a Roman Official who seeks out an audience with Jesus.

His son is sick and he has heard about this man who turned water into wine, and believes that this man can heal his son.

Jesus assures him that his son will live.

Later the Roman Official discovers that his son was cured at the exact moment Jesus told him that his son would live.

It then goes on to tell how this official and his entire household were converted on that day.

This story is such a beautiful illustration of how

synchronicity can change your entire perspective

on life.

When you experience synchronicity in your life, you can gain deeper insights into what you intuitively know to be true by taking a closer look at the event in question.

You have to wonder in these moments,

“Is the universe trying to tell me something?”

It happens to people all the time these days.

Something prompts you to look at a digital clock at exactly the same time of day or night 11:11 for example.


You think of someone and soon thereafter that person contacts you.

Or you’ve just read an article, you get into your car, and while driving along you notice that the numbers and letters on the license plate in front of you reflect the subject or article you’ve just finished reading.

The odds against such occurrences are so great

that when we notice them,

they tend to stop us DEAD in our tracks.

These moments are like a scenes of exquisite beauty,

They take our breath away.

And upon closer reflection, the only conclusion that you can come to is the fact that such perfectly choreographed events cannot happen randomly.



That is when we are like the Roman Official and our hearts are opened

to the influence of God in our lives.

A God who can see directly into our heart.

Can heal our limitations,

And even change a hardened heart into a heart filled with love and reverence for Him.

Have you ever had a moment in your life when like the Roman Official, you could not deny Gods Handiwork in your life?


I love this benediction by the former U.S. Senate chaplain, Richard Halverson:

“You go nowhere by accident.
Wherever you go,
God is sending you.
Wherever you are,
God has put you there.
God has a purpose
in your being there.
Christ lives in you
and has something
he wants to do
through you where you are.
Believe this and go in the
grace and love and
power of Jesus Christ.”
— Rev. Richard Halverson

Last month when Jeff and I went on a guided tour to Range Creek.

I met the most amazing woman.

We spoke like we were life-long friends.

She shared her wisdom and experiences with me, and I shared mine with her.

She called our meeting a “divine appointment”.

I love the sound of that.

Have you ever experienced a Divine Appointment?

I believe that God often speaks to us through

these types of encounters,

synchronic events,

and intuitive feelings.

These types of occurrences are literally like little SUB-PLOTS in the story of our lives.

They become a bread-crumb trail that we can follow to make sure we are on the right path.

In this story, Jesus heals the son INSTANTLY and from a great distance.

Most of His miracles were hands on, so the fact that this was a long distance healing makes this miracle different.

It showed us that Jesus really does have mastery over time and space, and it was also a very dramatic illustration of the actual scope of His authority.

He was able to create a perfectly choreographed

synchronicity that would open the heart of the

Roman Official.


Another thing about this story that I find interesting is the fact that a Roman Official would even seek out Jesus in the first place.

In 1st century Jerusalem, Roman Officials, and the Jews ran in very different circles.

They actually avoided each other at all costs.

So that leads me to the conclusion that this particular Official must have been very desperate; and as we all know desperate times call for desperate measures.

His son was near death, so He sought out Jesus to have a conversation,

and not just any conversation either, he was going to ask him for a miracle.

The thing that really impressed me about this official is that he could have pulled rank on Jesus and commanded him to heal his son, but he doesn’t do that, he approaches Jesus with humility.

God does not respond to blackmail,

He does, however respond to a humble plea for help.

And that is exactly what this official does, when he comes before Jesus and asks for his help, he addresses Jesus as “SIR”.

We should be just as humble when we approach our Savior in prayer.


The other thing that this official did was travel over 20 miles to find Jesus.

Sometimes miracles require some sweat equity on our


You cannot EARN a miracle,

but that doesn’t mean that some EFFORT won’t be required on your

part either.

Miracles often require us to go that extra mile so that we can get close

to Jesus.

For example…

The woman with the blood issue, who fought her way through the crowd so she could touch his robe.


The four men who lowered their friend through the roof, so that Jesus could heal him.



The woman with the alabaster jar, who boldly crashed the dinner party with the Pharisees to show her worship.

The thing that I have learned from this story is that I

should not WAIT for the miracle…




Pursue it.

Brenda and I have a sacred place that we go to pray together.

We have had many of the prayers that we shared together in

that spot answered in miraculous ways.

It’s hard for us to NOT have faith when we go there to pray

because we are literally sitting on what is to us,



When we pray in that spot, I can’t help but wonder…

Did David ever go back to the Elah Valley to remember and pray?


Did Moses return to the spot where he witnessed the burning bush?


Did Peter row his boat out to the spot where he walked on water?


Did Lazarus ever put flowers on the grave he spent four days lying in?


We all need to return to the place of our own



We need to FIGHT to be near the Savior.


Today spend some time in reflection on the times in your life when you listened to your intuition and avoided an accident.

When has synchronicity, intuition, or personal effort brought about a miracle in your life.

I would love to hear your story. Please share in the comment section below.