Warning…this post could have consequences.

There is no reality except the one contained within us.  That’s why so many people live an unreal life.  They take images outside of them for reality and never allow the world within them to assert itself.              Herman Hesse

That quote from Herman Hesse is a special one to me. 

I am a Christian woman, who believes strongly that I have a power that resides inside my soul that is unbreakable, unchangeable, and eternal.

This power is the source of my strength, my joy, it is my lifeline.

I read a study once that attempted to prove that no two people experience reality the same way.

They showed color cards to 200 people and had them describe the color to them.

As would be expected…the color blue was not seen the same way twice. They all identified it as being blue, but that is where the similaritys ended. When asked to further describe the color, the answers were varied amongst the participants.

The truth is, we are all unique.

We even see the color blue in our own unique way.

So based on the findings of this study, why would you ever try to conform to someone elses idea of who you should be?

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was content with being part of the “Herd” so to speak.

I did what everyone else did.

I wore what everyone else wore.

I went to church where everyone else went.


I was suffocating in my own life.

For those of you who know me personally, I have a HUGE personality. I can walk into a room full of people, (and if I want to be) I can be the center of attention in under 5 minutes.

In fact, that is actually my comfort zone… the center of attention. 

(Ya, I am one of those people…;) )

But for over 10 years, I had allowed that part of me to lie dormant. To all but disappear.

But when my husband left us, I had no choice but dig deep within to find the strength and courage to raise my family alone. 

He forced me to go inside…to find my power.

That is why I strongly believe that even in the darkest hours, we are held up, sustained and supported by a power that is beyond our human comprehension.

And that power is not going to be found outside of yourself.

It is an invisible force that requires a quiet mind and heart to communicate to.

It requires Faith.

I don’t know if it even matters what name you call this inner power. I think that a true, honest and genuine connection with it goes beyond it needing a name, or assigning any religious beliefs to it.

It simply requires an act of faith that God really is there. That he has always been there, and always will be, no matter what.

My personality is stronger than ever now. I am back to being the person I was in my childhood. But I am no longer a child.

I am a woman.

I am a mother.

I am an artist.

Even with a life that includes new love, art, and true vocation I must continue to choose, as I did in my youth to rage against mediocrity.

To dare to dream the unreasonable dream.

To dedicate my life each and every morning to the Lord.

To give him permission to move “ME” out-of-the-way so that his work can be fulfilled in my life.

So that I can be a light that shines through the darkness that surrounds me every day.

I choose every day, to take up my stand against the settling in, settling down, being normal, and even concepts like ‘doing my best’.

Can we talk about the tryant knows as, ” Doing our best” a minute?

I didn’t, and don’t want to do my best nor shall I promise it to anyone.

More than winning or besting, I wanted to discover and be me.

This is a very different feeling quest than ‘best’.

What does BEST even mean?

Who is the person that defined BEST anyway?

It is not easy for any of us, as you know, to discover our own true holy meaning of self in the best of circumstances.

But when you add to this quest  the pressure of other people’s ideas of greatness you are setting yourself up for pain and failure.

This is a system of living that I want NO PART of.

I only want greatness that is specific to my own gifts.

This life is not about giving my best, which is usually someone else’s interpretation of what a good job is.

The work of becoming unique at first doesn’t appear outwardly to others as ‘doing one’s best’.

But ‘best’ isn’t performance based when…you are an artist on the inside.

I have created many paintings that to someone else may have appeared to be  haphazard or messy or not of service to anyone but my own soul.

But when they were completed, I was also a more complete person.

So for me they were extremely powerful, and they were absolutely PERFECT.

Becoming yourself is messy work (at best) and others looking in might wonder if you have gone mad.

If you don’t appear to have lost yourself in order to find yourself you might need a new shovel. 
First let me say…
If we do not choose to fall in love with life,
to be AWAKE to the awe and beauty that surrounds us daily…
Then  I am afraid the temptation to go to sleep and give in to ‘comfort’ will be to great.
And falling asleep in the middle of this incredible journey would be a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions.
What are the ways one can keep themselves truly alert and engaged?
My breakthrough last night was about paintings, and the innate power of creation.
I was painting a heart that a customer had ordered for Valentines when it hit me…
Besides “service work” where I am giving to others the gift of my talent… Painting is also one of the ways I can FEEL and stay connected to myself.
Much of the time we are numb,
hardly feeling,
grateful to cry,
pissed off at the ‘system,
(but not pissed enough to cause a revolution.)
We are tired.
I am no exception,
that is the reason I choose to fight it with fists and brushes.
Here is my breakthrough:
We can CHOOSE to walk the blade of life…
We can really be brave and walk our own personal edge. 
So why is this a breakthrough?
 Because usually trauma and life circumstance force us to the edge and then we have to walk it.
BUT we can CHOOSE it consciously,
but you have to be willing to be extremely uncomfortable in the process.
This is what I have witnessed hundreds of times.
When I am painting,  I am brought to the very edge of misery and pleasure by own brush.
There is an awareness that happens right there as I sit in front of the canvas working to manifest a vision I genuinely want to see come alive.
 And yet usually, it won’t…
(not the way I want it to look anyway.)
So I am forced to walk to that edge of being challenged…
literally brought to the point of tears sometimes,
confronting myself and my insecurities,
my demons,
my skills or lack of skills, (whichever the case may be)
And that is when I begin my battle with the canvas.
I close my eyes tightly, willing the picture to life with my thoughts.
I persist until the picture emerges, fully and completely alive with vivid colors and its own personality.
I am once again victorious.
That is why  Intentional Creativity, is such a powerful agent of transformation.
It brings you to your personal edge.
It is like years of therapy coming to head at the tip of your own brush.
It is wild to say the least.
Even as a very creative and active person, I have to choose this aliveness – I choose daily to move away from the gradual deadening of mediocrity.
 I know painting, poetry and prayer have something to do with staying awake – and the paradox is that this kind of awareness is also very nourishing for the “rest-parched soul”.

The surest cure for deadness is to discover how to fall in love with everything.

To let everything touch you.
To be intimate with the universe.
I am not saying this is easy.
Talking to trees and getting something out of it is not as easy as it sounds. There has to be a fair degree of insanity, and desire, coupled with surrender if one is to listen to trees. 😉

In the most basic way – mediocrity can be fought with creativity.

So go get creative, and fall in love with your life this weekend!
Falling In Love detail
Have you had any breakthroughs that you want to share..feel free to share in the comment section below.

The sky is NOT my limit…I am!

“The devil’s happy when the critics run you off.” 
― Criss JamiVenus in Arms


I love that quote.

There is truth contained within that sentence that holds the key to real and lasting power in life.

Never let your critics have the last word. 


Never, Ever, for any reason, allow YOUR  life to make the devil happy.  

This quote has given me the visualization needed to stick to my dreams, and never allow the opinions of others to decide my future.

Life is an adventure.

We are all on a  journey, and during that journey we will walk through many valleys and climb countless mountains before we reach our destination.

You’re going to get tired.

You’re going to be hungry.

You’re going to feel lost.

Some nights will be cold and filled with scary things.

Some days will be long, hot and without comfort.

The difference between success and failure is literally how you handle these things when they show up in your life –


They Will.

I promise.

When they do show up, make sure that you are Taking time, even when it’s hard, especially when you don’t feel like it, to stop and look back to see how far you have come.

Look at your life in awe at least once a day.

List the things that you have accomplished.

Remind yourself that you have the ability, the grace and the wisdom to continue moving forward.

In between those tough times remember that your life has been filled with love, joy, laughter and bliss.

When times are hard, don’t give into the fear and depression. Instead you can simply close your eyes and choose a magical moment that filled your heart with joy.

Surrender your mind completely to that memory until the fear has passed. Then open your eyes, get up, and GET BUSY!

You have already overcome so many obstacles in your life. So you know for a fact that know it is within you to do it again.

Believe in yourself.

Trust yourself.

And know you are never alone because we are all connected.

You are only a thought away from love. All you have to do is utter the name of Jesus, no other words are even necessary. He will know your needs, just utter his name.

Forgive yourself.

Accept who you are and accept your brilliance.

Remember that challenges are opportunities to show yourself what you have within you.

And believe me, you have it in you.

Most importantly, laugh.

Laugh because you know, “This too shall pass.”

Laugh because in laughter you will find the wisdom to know what to do.

Laugh because people will love you for it.

Laugh because you will banish the monster of fear to a far off place leaving you with an open heart.

An open heart is a heart that is connected to you own unique potential. The potential that God intended JUST FOR YOU!

Breathe and be patient.

Quiet your mind.  (This is the one that is hard for me. I am neither patient or quiet. So if I can do it, anyone can.)

It is when you create silence that you will see the beliefs and programming that have been holding you hostage.

Ask yourself, “Are they serving me?”

Start  immediatly, as soon as the realization appears, to let go of what is not.

When you let go of your old beliefs and programming about what you think you know, suddenly new ideas, new dreams can come to you.

Make the space for these dreams – they are within you, just waiting for you to open the door of your soul and welcome them in.

You can do it – I believe in you.


The Sky is NOT the Limit,  YOU ARE!


Are you Satisfied?

Are you satisfied?

What would it take to satisfy you? …


Have you taken the time to consider what thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions you would need to choose in order for you to be satisfied?

It’s a lot of work.

What do you really want?

In your life?

Your home?

Your relationships?

What qualities do you want in your mate?

In your spiritual life and community?

In your finances and health?

In your work and educational endeavors?

That’s a lot to consider.

Why does it matter?

We are conditioned to think in terms of mediocrity. From a young age we are trained to conform, and fit in. Don’t cause a scene.

So really think about it.

Patterns or habits could be keeping you right where you are.

When you were a child, were you enthusiastic, daring, energetic, and a risk-taker, ready to raise your hand as soon as a teacher formed a question? Back then most of us were:

Outgoing. Confident. Tenacious.

What happened?

Even if you were more introverted, there was probably an inner knowing that pushed you to try things, explore and ask questions, until you were satisfied with the results.

Yet, one day, somebody might have said,

“Children should be seen and not heard.”


“Do as I say, not as I do.”


How about just “NO!”

Those experiences taught you to CONFORM.

We are living in a world of MEDIOCRITY.

How can anyone be satisfied with that?

For the past two days I have been talking about CHOICES and RESPONSIBILITY.

Today I am asking if the choices you have made were responsible choices to make?

Have you made the decisions that have created the life you dream of?


Is it still that, a dream?

It is my wish and prayer that each and every person in my life, and all of my readers will acquire the skills to create THE LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS.

So please choose!

Choose your attitude – it will make you OR break you.

Choose the thoughts that will put a smile on your face (you’ll look and sound better!).

Choose your feelings about yourself, abilities, and your current circumstances (emotions are temporary, feelings are where you live) and reinforce them with what you actually want.

Choose your actions – “With practice and a plan, I will get the results I really want.”

Are you willing?

Think about one thing you really want –

perhaps it’s confidence,


or love,

just choose one –

and focus on that one word every morning seven times, and every night seven times, in your mirror for seven days, and imagine the gifts YOUR LIFE will reveal.

I started doing mirror work last February when I was told how bad my health was.

I knew that in order to make lasting changes in my body, I was going to need more than just a healthy diet and exercise. I was going to need to love myself too.

So I started doing mirror work.

It changed my entire attitude.

We have all heard people talk about our “Inner Child”, and that we need to work with that part of ourselves and heal the child, now that we are adults.

That is exactly what mirror work did for me.

I began to slowly re-capture that precocious little girl that I used to be.

I began to ask questions again.

To take risks.

To crave deep soulful experiences like I did when I was a child.

So, if you take all of the tips and information that I have written about for the last three days, and put them into practice, you will have a really solid base to work from to begin to create an OVERFLOWING LIFE.

A life filled with laughter, love, prosperity, and genuine joy.

But the first step has to be becoming aware of your thoughts.

Responsible for your choices.


Believe that you are POWERFUL.

Open your heart to possibilities, allowing the light of God to give you what you need.

You can have plans;


you must allow space for surprises, delights, connections, and the time it takes for things to unfold.

Hope comes from the head and heart, through the soul and the spirit.

Don’t get stuck in a ‘little idea’ of you.

Find freedom in knowing that beyond you, there is a force working to pick up the pieces in the darkest hours, the brightest days and even through confusion and healing!

You simply need to get on your knees and ask for his help.

There is a four-letter word that has allowed all of us to be here today.


No…Not that four letter word…

The four letter word I am talking about is the word…


Whatever thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions we have had have caused us to be right where we are.

And right here is exactly where we are supposed to be.

Start believing that,

trusting that,

accepting that,

and FEAR will lose enquêteits hold on your life.

So go out today and be FEARLESS.

Only then can you answer YES to the question I asked at the beginning of this post…



CHOICES? Yes its true, it really is all your fault!

We are never closer to realizing the next level of our own higher possibilities than when, by the light of a new awareness we see some old darkness within us, and then agree that we can no longer be that which we have been.

Guy Finley

Yesterday I talked about my relationship status, and how that does not need to effect happiness, or lack of it in life. Today I want to expand a little on that discussion.

The ability to enjoy an overflowing life REALLY does not depend on anything that resides outside of ourselves.

We alone are responsible for the life that experience on a daily basis.

The temporary feeling of being trapped in any negative experience is part of your lack of understanding of a simple principle:

It is easy to sincerely feel as though your choices are limited.

This is simply not true.

There is always a choice.

The problem is that most of us insist that we are right in all of our choices.

It is extremely important that you begin to see a simple truth:

Our present experience of life has been determined by the choices that we have already made.

Why run in circles around the same choices?

We already suspect that it will yield no real harvest of happiness, and now we must confirm this suspicion.

Nothing bad will happen! In fact, only something good can occur once we stop clinging to useless ideas.

If the life you are living is empty, pointless and without purpose or meaning…

Make no mistake…its because of your choices.

That’s right!

It really is all your fault.

The minute you accept that harsh truth, is the exact same minute that you acquire the power to change your life.

We live in a world that is determined to assign blame.

And when there is nobody or nothing to blame for our pain, instead of looking inward,we begin to seek a magic potion, or a powerful guru, or any number of victimizing ideas or practices.

There is only one solution to the problem of a lifeless life:

Accepting the responsibility for the life you have created by your choices.

You could say that your new choice is to stop choosing for yourself from yourself.

This is the first necessary step for changing your experience of life.

Here is something to help you see the wisdom of your new and higher choice.

If your choices so far have left you feeling dissatisfied and incomplete, you must stop blaming your selections and see that the problem lies with the chooser — you!

We CANNOT change other people, or the way that their individual choices affect us personally.

We can however, choose to walk away from the situation, or if walking away is not a choice, we can change the way we internalize their actions.

We can let go of the guilt and blame we feel and realize that just as our life is a result of our choices, so is theirs!

To further illustrate this point, I am going to share a story from my days as a Correctional Officer.

We had a man on Death Row. He was for all intents and purposes a Monster. He had been raised in a home with a mother who was a drug addict. She paid for her habit by prostituting herself and her family. She was violent with her children. In a word, she was a monster.

So, did one monster create the other?

Logically you could answer that question with a resounding YES!

It would be natural to assume that the inmate on Death Row was a product of his environment.


What about his older brother?

He came from the EXACT same environment, in fact one could argue that his childhood had been even worse, because as the older brother, he suffered all the same abuse, but was also responsible for his younger siblings.

So did he also become a monster?


He became one of the top Guardian ad Litem attorneys for the state of Utah.

The point I am trying to make here is simply this…


One brother chose to follow in his mothers footsteps, the other did not.

But each of them had a choice.

Neither could blame the mother for the outcomes of their lives.

They each made personal decisions that landed them where they were. Neither brother was forced at gun point to choose a life of crime, or a life of success.

They were both equally free to create their own reality…

Just as we all are.

You and what happens to you every day are the reflections of your understanding of this concept. If you understand the power of choice, your life will reflect that by the ease and simplicity of your nature.

A soul at peace… is peaceful to be around.

We are wrongly led to believe that life makes us into the kind of person we are.

The truth is that the kind of person we are and our awareness of our choices is the thing that makes life what it is for us!

This is why nothing can really change for us until we see that our unhappiness isn’t connected with the event.

The unpleasant or unhappy condition is NOT the event…

BUT our reaction to it.

What does this new knowledge mean to you?


Best of all, it means you can let go of the impossible and unbelievably self-punishing task of thinking that you are responsible for the way the world turns.

The only world you are responsible for is your inner world:

The world of your thoughts and feelings, impulses and desires.

I frequently tell my children to, ” Get over Yourself. You aren’t that important.”

That may initially seem like a very cruel thing for a mother to say to her children. And taken out of context it is cruel. But what I mean when I say this to them is simply, that you are NOT the center of the universe. People do not wake up in the morning and plan ways to make your life impossible. If someone hurts your feelings, chances are, they aren’t even aware that they did that to you. So do yourself a favor and accept the apologies that you will NEVER receive and CHOOSE not to allow their insensitivity to ruin your day.

By teaching my children this truth, they are learning that life is a result of your reactions to it.

And the good news is that they have the POWER to choose their reactions.

Your experience of life is determined by how clearly you can see into this inner world.

This new kind of seeing is safety and ultimately the root of all self-success, because when you know where not to step, your walk through life is a safe and happy one.

So, decide today to STOP looking for someone to blame your problems on because…

it really is all your fault.driver-seat

Accepting that truth IS the magic potion you are looking for.

It gives you all the power and authority to CHANGE the way life is showing up for you.

It shifts you from the passenger seat of life into the drivers seat…INSTANTLY!


Missing Out? I don’t think so…

Today I want to talk about relationships.

Relationships are among God’s greatest blessings.

Imagine for just a minute that you are stranded on an island with no one to speak with or collaborate your survival with.

Your life on the island would be empty, lonely, terrifying.

Relationships are the source of our greatest triumphs, and our deepest tragedies.

In my adult life, I have been a wife… and I have been Single.

Both situations have had their share of challenge and blessing.

So, are those of us who are single missing out on a higher quality of life?

Seven years ago, it seemed there were no beginnings left for me.

Only endings.

My world appeared to be crumbling all around me as my marriage ended abruptly on a saturday morning.

That day started a journey for me that began with a brand new wound that needed to be cared for.  I was being forced to face my own shortcomings, and I was going to need to learn to forgive, myself, and my ex-husband.

I remember feeling like I had just been sentenced to living out a consolation-prize life, now that my marriage was over.

But, I was wrong.

The ENDING of my marriage would mark the BEGINNING of a truly magnificent life for me and my children.

There were times when I would feel, as I am sure many single people do, that I was missing out on something special. Worse – I had been married so I knew personally just what that something special was that I was missing.

In time however I did discover that nothing…absolutly NOTHING has the power to derail my life except ME!

God really does use everything in our lives,

every circumstance,

every relationship,

to make us into the person we have the potential to become.

He is able to bring good out of every set of circumstances, no matter where we find ourselves in this journey of life.


In those months following my divorce when my identity was so shaken, when I was no longer a wife.

no longer a daughter-in-law.

No longer the step mom to my two little girls…

I began to realize that I was NOT these bits and pieces of identity.

They were secondary to who I really was.

I began to learn that because, they were secondary, they made a poor foundation for an overflowing life.

When those layers of my patchwork self were peeled away by divorce, I was left with the only identity that mattered.


It is during these difficult seasons of life such as divorce, that we must cling to our true essence like a lifeline.

Doing so has the power to disarm every single insecurity that will surface during the healing and recovery process.

When we venture into conversations about singleness or marriage, we touch raw places of the soul for many people who have been beaten down by the storms of relationships in their lives.

I am writing today as neither a single person, or a divorced person, but as a healthy and whole person, no matter what my relationship status may be.

What I want to share is not my status, but how I moved from pain to healing as a person who had lost the only identity I had known for years.

I had to learn to live in the exact same world, surrounded by the exact same people, but as a single woman, instead of a married one.

My divorce has blessed me with so many personal insights and revelations that it is hard for me to look back on it with any regret at all any more.

I honestly look back at it, and if  I had to put a label on it, the label would read,

” The moment God gave me back my life.”

Before marriage, I was a confident, beautiful person. I knew who I was and what I wanted in life.

Marriage took most of that away from me.

Divorce has given it all back.

It was a steep and winding hill to climb, but one that has been worth every struggled step.

I have met and dated a few men along the way. Each and every one of them blessed my life with insights and lessons that served to further strengthen my personality.

Each one of them had a life lesson to teach me.

I am now a successful 41yr old woman who feels intense gratitude for my full and amazing life. I am content without a husband, and contrary to many well-meaning friends, my happiness is NOT on hold while I wait for wedding bells.

I have freedom to give my time and resources to the people in my life that I deem worthy of these gifts.

Neither being married or single defines the good life. There are a thousand ways to be happy.

Trials and blessings are not divided along a line of married or single, we all receive both in life.

It was only AFTER, I had matured and truly understood these things that I had the capacity to enjoy a healthy relationship with a quality man like Jeff.

Seven yrs ago, I would never have been able to recognize just what a unique man he was.  

I probably would have never given him a second thought.    

That is the very reason I feel so strongly that we need to give ourselves the time needed to heal. The exact amount of time needed will be different for everyone, but for me it has taken me seven years to reach the point of contentment in life no matter what my relationship status was.

I love Jeff. Not because I NEED him. 

I love Jeff because I WANT him in my life.

He honestly makes me thankful that it never worked out with anyone else before.  Because if it had, I would never have been given the gift of his love and friendship in my life. Loving him has been the easiest and most natural event in my life since I became a mother.      

So, if we can find happiness no matter what our relationship status, why do we seem to segment ourselves in ways that perpetuate a false notion that the two categories are entirely distinct, almost as if we lived on two planets.

The truth is:

What binds us together is far more comprehensive and profound that what sets us apart.

Our unfulfilled desires.

Our bursts of joy.

Are not fundamentally a result of our status as married or single but rather because we are human.

We ALL know brokenness.

We all know Blessing.

Each and every one of us long for friendship and companionship.

And each one of us has had those hopes crushed.

I have learned a very beautiful truth, my happiness does not depend on a wedding ring, or a friendship. My happiness is an inside job.

It is MY responsibility to create my own happiness.

Once you discover that for yourself, you will be well on your way to your very own happily ever after love story.

Mineromatic-night-with-beautiful-moon is just beginning and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Jeff and I.

We have many adventures ahead of us, and we are both excited to get them started.

Let me know how you felt about todays BLOG. Leave your comment below.                                                                                                                                                            

My Delicious Reality…Want a taste?

You were born to win.

How did you feel the instant you read that sentence?

When I read that sentence I feel energized.

Like the universe just gave me a big “HIGH FIVE”

Put that sentence in a prominent place in your home and read it daily.  Allow the power of it to penetrate deep into your heart.

You can achieve what you believe.

And the first place to start is conceiving it in your mind.

Your thought pattern gives birth to the life you were destined to live.

You get to decide how you are going to live out the rest of your life.

You have been predestined for greatness and now is the time to go to the next level, leaving a legacy for those who come behind you.

Every new thought you have can bring about a new reality.

When you think positive thoughts, you can hear the call of wisdom. Wisdom is the pathway to lasting happiness.

It is precious and a tree of life if you take hold of it.

Be open to the wisdom of God because there is absolute security in it.

In life we will all fall flat on our face at least once…


It is not the action of falling down that is the problem.

It is the inaction of not getting back up and on track that will leave you with feelings of inadequacy.

This statement about falling down makes me think of one of my favorite characters in a movie. Dudley  in the movie Wild Hogs.

He is this smart, computer geek, who has a Talent for crashing on his motorcycle. He is the guy who is so strange that it never even occurs to him that he is different. He is so comfortable with his identity that nothing stops him from going after his dreams.

My favorite line is right after on of his spectacular crashes,  He jumps up with a big grin on his face, throws his arms in the air and proclaims, “I’m fine, I just hit my butt.”

He says this as if it is a great accomplishment. He hardly even notices that he just crashed his motorcycle. He is just so proud that he can get back up!

He epitomizes to me the statement that it is not the FALLING DOWN that will frustrate your dreams, but your inability to get back up that will throw you into a tailspin.

Another piece of wisdom that I like to share is about the power of SPEAKING UP for ourselves.

Your tongue is the rudder of your life.

Its sole purpose is to steer you in the direction of your destiny.

Your words are connected to what you have and what you experience.

It has the power to do two major things:

Direct where you go


Destroy what you have.

Use your words to call forth good things.

Choose your words wisely.

My life is DELICIOUS in large part because I live with the attitude that…



By adopting that attitude I have acquired the courage to walk up to a complete stranger and start a conversation.

When I see someone who interests me, I will always start a conversation with them.

I have met some of the most amazing people this way.

My kids joke that I have a friend everywhere I go, because even if I am alone, I will talk to the person standing next to me as if they are my friend.

This is something that I choose to Model for my children.

Being kind to everyone. 

You never know where you will find you next new friend, so take a chance and say HELLO


The things in life that really matter are the EXPERIENCES we have…

not the THINGS we own.

And my life if full of delicious experiences.

Every day in my life is a banquet feast. Full of decadent deserts and savory main dishes…

They are my family.

My friends.

My talent.

The kids at the school where I work.

The beauty that I am surrounded with in my hometown.

The books I read.

The movies I watch.

I guess the point I am trying to make today is simply this…

Your Life is a Delicious as you will allow it to be.

Your imagination is like the Chef that prepares your food.

With that perspective in mind…

What calibre of Chef did you hire today?

Did you get a teenager from McDonald’s?


Are you like me and you have a famous Chef from a five Star Restaurant cooking up your imagination.

I would rather partake of the food from a chef who has the ability to take several different ingredients, that seemingly have nothing in common, and mix them together in just the right proportions to create a magnificent dish.

This is why my life is so delicious.

I don’t limit myself to the “ingredients” (people and things) that I am familiar with.

I welcome the chance to experiment with new ingredients.

Just like in cooking, sometimes, I try out an ingredient and I hate it. It might burn and hurt my mouth, but it doesn’t cause any REAL harm to me, I just now know that I won’t use it in the future.

Our lives are exactly like this.


We need not be any more afraid of new people and experiences than we are afraid to try out a new recipe.

This weekend, I would like to challenge all of you to get out a recipe book and find a dish that looks and sounds amazing, one that has at least one ingredient that you have NEVER tried before.

Then I want you to go purchase the food to make that recipe.

Then make it and EAT it.

See if you can survive the experience, and if you can…

Apply this little experiment to your everyday life. my delicious life blog pic

Find someone who looks interesting to you and say HELLO to them.

You never know, they just might end up being that missing ingredient to YOUR life.


With that sentence in mind, go out and find your winning team.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts about today’s blog. I am beginning to interact with some really amazing people who I would never have even know existed if I didn’t write this BLOG everyday.

So todays BLOG is dedicated to all of the AMAZING new friends I am meeting through my BLOG.

Thanks for following me.

I look forward to sharing more “WORD FEASTS” with you in the future.

Art is endless like a river flowing.

My Loving Art Project

I recently discovered the work of this very talented film director and wanted to share with you this piece. I love the way poetry, film, and music all become one to convey this important message of love. There is a place for art to inspire us to be more and to connect to something that is greater than ourselves. I truly believe that art and nurturing our creativity is the answer to finding greater meaning in our lives. As artists, it is how we can offer hope to those around us.

I hope you enjoy. Have a great day and let me know if you like this too! We need to share the artist’s vision of a more loving world.



Poem & Voice: Jorge Luis Borges
Directed & Edited by Neels Castillon –
Shot by Kévin Michel & Neels Castillon
Music by Yann Rouquet

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