What if….

What if…..


What if….

Today, I encourage all of you to join me in resigning myself  to a new way of behaving.

I am going to start enjoying the simple things in life.
Instead of overextending myself, I will overextend the love I give.
I will soak in the joy of friendship and family.
I will focus my attention and efforts on the things that matter most.
I will take deep, relaxing breaths, and focus my mind and heart on God.
I will stop living my life from the perspective of the past, or the uncertainty of the future…and will live it fully as it is TODAY! Today is the only thing that is real, and therefore, the only thing worth thought or effort.

Lets repaint the way we create our lives. Lets paint a world full of focused, positive people… and lets start with ourselves!

We have added a facebook online Craft Boutique

We have recently added a new dimension to the business that I am so excited about. I have added an ONLINE CRAFT BOUTIQUE to my painting business.

You will now be able to go online to my facebook page under the same name as the web site. humptydumptymuralmagic@facebook.com and order holiday and home decorations directly from our facebook page.

We have just posted 15 Valentine projects that are available to purchase now, or you can wait for the Auction that we will be hosting the last week of January. We will be updating the products weekly.

If you have a birthday, wedding, or any special occasion such as a new baby coming, let us know and we can custom create any gift you can imagine. We are so excited about this addition to the business and hope to see lots of friends there.blue shutters4dans pic3