The importance of an open mind…

prayer quote
I have been working on another big mural job for the last two days, and haven’t had time to prepare a post, so I have once again dun into my archives and “refreshed”one of my earlier posts.
I will post pictures of the mural soon.
Until then…enjoy this short story about “Unanswered Prayers.”

There was once a man who was sailing in the middle of the ocean and his ship sank.

He was floating in the deep water with no land in sight, so he prayed to God for help.

Almost immediately a boat came by and offered him help.

He declined, saying that he had faith that God would save him.

So the boat left him floating there all alone. 

boat rescue










 Soon a helicopter flew over and seen him struggling in the water.

They lowered a rope to him, but again he declined saying his faith was great enough and that he would wait for God to rescue him.











He floated there all day, finally as night fell, he became to exhausted to stay afloat any longer and he drowned.


When he got to Heaven he immediately asked God why he didn’t try to save him.

God simply replied, ” I sent you a boat AND a helicopter, but you refused to help yourself.”



The moral of this story is…Keep your mind open when praying for help.

Most times the help will come disguised as a person who felt inspired to contact you,  a book that caught your eye, or even a song on the radio.










God can only help those who are willing to first help themselves.


So keep your heart open so your eyes can see the answers to your prayers in whatever form they come to you in.


Happy new Year, and My wish for you.

The goal of the batter is to “Hit the ball.”
That’s why we are always telling the batter  ,”Don’t take your eye off the ball.”
Then when we get older, Our goal becomes a successful,and  joyous life.
So we are told to, ” Keep your eye on the Prize.”
I have come to realize that the first, most important step we take toward any goal is the most crucial step we take. That first step is the one that sets us on a path in a certain direction. That is why some of us wait years, if not our entire lives before we ever take that first step.
Our minds are amazing machines filled with the capacity to take us in whatever direction we choose to go. If you are constantly worried about failure, or looking foolish, your life will be a life of FOOLISH FAILURES.
My wish for you this year is that you find the audacity to live your life as if a happy ending is guaranteed!
Go for your dreams.
Take every chance you can.
Read every book you have wanted to read.
 Paint every picture you ever wanted to paint. (or call me and have me paint it for you.;) )
The first step does not have to be scary. When I am beginning a mural, I project the image onto the wall with a faint chalk line or pencil lines. Then after I make sure the image is correct, I block it in with paint. Then I start to add the details. I keep on adding, and sometimes subtracting, from the painting until, finally at last, I step back and can see that my work is finished. Then I gather up all of my supplies, and tools. Pack them neatly in their designated box, and start planning for the next mural I will get to create.
My prayer for all of you is that you follow this same process, and start to sketch out a life of your dreams.  A life that will bring pleasure to those who gaze upon it.
When you complete one dream, I hope that you  will continue to gather up your “inner” tools and keep on creating more and more beauty in your life.
Thank you all for the love and support you have blessed me with this past year. My business is growing faster than I could have ever imagined it could grow. I have gained such wonderful insights and friendships while working in your homes and businesses.
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.
Melanie Miera